You are already there

September 27, 2017 | 27 comments

Are you waiting to get somewhere better than you already are? Maybe waiting for a health problem to resolve, a new job to appear, another relationship to form, or peace of mind to settle in. If so, wait no more. You’re already in the best place you could ever be—at-one with God.

God is the solution to any problem you face.

God is the health you’re looking for.

God is the Employer the puts you in your right job.

God is the Mind that solves every challenge.

God is the best company you could ever have.

God’s Mind of Love forms the happiest relationships and forms the healthiest bonds.

God has the truth that brings everlasting peace of mind.

God is all the good you could ever hope to have. And God is right where you are now!

You don’t have to wait for something better to come along before you can progress. God has what you’re looking for and God is with you.

Go to your Source with open thought and readiness to receive heavenly blessings. They are not afar-off, but within.

You are already in the best place you could ever be—in a spiritual place with God where abundance abounds and lack is unknown.

27 thoughts on “You are already there”

  1. This is very comforting. A gentle reminder of Love’s omnipotence and omnipresence. Just be quiet, listen and follow. Thank you, Evan

  2. What a lovely ideas you shared Evan…”You don’t have to wait for something better to come along before you can progress. God has what you are looking for and God is with you.” “You are already int he best place you could ever be – in a spiritual place with God where abundance abounds and lack is unknown.” Thanks so very much. I feel so comforted and extremely blessed by these lovely ideas.
    Yes yes total bliss is, where God is, and we are always in His healing presence. We are inseparable from God and our unity with Him is intact. Our very home is in the consciousness of God and so we dwell in peace, bliss and harmony. “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation for God is all in all.”
    Thank you so very much Evan for keeping us connected with our divine source, for uplifting our thoughts and bringing us closer to God each day.

  3. Thank you, Evan for this wonderful daily inspiration. Know how much your good work blesses all. Just what I needed to begin my day. Thank you!

  4. I heard that a scientist said it was impossible to “go” from point A to point B because there were an infinite number of points between. The only way to arrive at point B was to acknowledge you were already there.
    “Man reflects infinity,” says Science & Health. So this makes complete sense. I LOVE these tender truths of all this implies, Evan. THANKYOU. We need to recall them often!

  5. Correction: Don’s article is entitled Being There. It’s really really good on this subject of already being where we need to be (in thought).

  6. An unseen hand
    is always there
    to lift us out of our
    self made despair

    A presence who’s
    Methods and plan
    are beyond the knowing
    of the most imaginative man

    1. Dear Maximo, may I ad one verse to your perfect poem please?

      and this unseen hand
      and great presence is our GOD,
      who loves us more than we can
      imagin !

  7. Oh Thank you, Evan.
    Your daily SpiritViews are always wonderful, often spot-on, as is this one.
    I am especially grateful for this particular one today, as it lifted me from a dark place I hadn’t shaken.
    Love to you

  8. Thank you very much dear Evan for today`s SpiritView.
    And I fully tune in to the last sentence of Nergish, which is absolutely true.

    Thank you awfully, Grace for the link to Don Adam`s article in the September Journal. As I only have the German Herold subscribed I could not open the article of the link.
    But as I buy the Journal in our reading room, I just read this wonderful article “being there” from Don R. Adams. It is so gorgeous that I recommend you a l l to read this highly inspiring article. This is a wonderful preperation for tonight`s Wednesday testimony service.
    Oncemore, thank you so much dear Grace for the link! 🙂

  9. Thanks so much, Grace, for including the link to the article by Don Adams. I was greatly impressed the first time I read it as well as this second time.

    “God is the best company you could ever have.” This is so helpful, Evan, when feeling the lack of personal friendships. We are always in our right place surrounded by God’s Love – what more could anyone want?

  10. Dear Evan,

    I have a question, but if it takes more than a couple of minutes of your time to answer, please don’t bother with it. I know you’re busy.

    Somewhere in S&H, Mrs. Eddy says that she hasn’t told her students everything that’s ahead for us. She said she wants to spare us because it might be too difficult to bear. I have Concord, but I can’t find the page where she states that. Do you happen to recall her wordage? Even a word or two in Concord will bring it in.

    I’m looking for this statement by Mrs. Eddy, because a friend says she has never read anything like this in S&H.


    John Beebout

    1. Hi John Beebout,

      within the SpiritView Blog of 25th September you posed the same question.
      And Evan did answer you that it was Christ Jesus who said that (not Mary Baker Eddy).

      Look up in the bible: John 16: verses 12 + 13; and there you will find what Jesus said with respect to your question.

      Hope to have helped you.
      with love. 🙂

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