You are far more than a physical body

October 27, 2022 | 33 comments

People often get hung up on the physical body, believing it is the end all and be all of existence. But individuality is far more.

You have a spiritual individuality that lives forever. It never dies, expires, ends, or gets sick. It is made in the likeness of God and is above anything the material senses can comprehend.

The cool part is, that the more you identify with your spiritual individuality, the better things go physically, for in truth, you have only one individuality, your spiritual existence with God.

What is called a physical body is a finite view of man held in mortal mind. It’s not another you, apart from your spiritual individuality. It’s a temporal concept. It’s like believing the Statue of Liberty embodies liberty. It does not. It’s a symbol, not the substance of liberty. Liberty would not cease to exist if the Statue of Liberty ceased to exist. Likewise, physicality is never a threat to your spiritual individuality. Your individuality in Spirit is forever safe.

As Jesus Christ proved, the more we understand spirituality, the more dominion and authority we can exercise over physicality, to straighten it out and bring it into line with spiritual truth.

Physicality is a false concept of man begging to be rectified with a right spiritual understanding of man.

Focus on spiritual individuality, rather than physicality, and you’ll find more dominion over the body.

“Rightly understood, instead of possessing a sentient material form, man has a sensationless body; and God, the Soul of man and of all existence, being perpetual in His own individuality, harmony, and immortality, imparts and perpetuates these qualities in man, — through Mind, not matter” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 280).

33 thoughts on “You are far more than a physical body”

  1. For me, this is such a clear concise explanation of our starting point in order to bring Christian Science teaching into every day life and understanding. So. Thank you so much Evan for a beautiful summary of MBE ‘s words. It is a definite ‘ keeper ‘ for me!
    When Christian Science becomes our way of life and not just a way to overcome a problem of the moment, then we begin to understand Gods gift of Life and all the glories that this holds for his children❣️

  2. Dear Evan,

    Your Daily Lift today is the perfect example of what you’ve shared here.

    It is worth a listen and many times over because it is so reassuring.

    Thank you!

  3. A very helpful keeper for me too Evan – and I love your Daily Lift today showing the way you demonstrated your perfect undamaged vision.

  4. Thank you Evan. Today’s article has ministered Truth to me as I have been trying to get understanding of the Spiritual body and it’s an eye opener for me. No more confusing thoughts new..a great reminder!

  5. Thank you, Evan, for all your devoted work for Christian Science in wondrous ways! Today’s SpiritView and Daily Lift are both gems, shining inspiration and blessings on all. I’ll pray, ponder, practice the concepts in today’s SpiritView with gratitude and expectation of healing for “me, mine, all.” Abiding thanks for all your work and its infinite blessings on all.

  6. Thank you so much for your inspiration today, and also for your Daily Lift. Your testimony in the Sentinel which accompanied your Daily Lift was also very inspiring. Thank you, once again to you and to all who contribute to this blog.

  7. As always Evan, great message and also appreciated your recent Daily Lift recounted experience; I never realized that tennis was such a gladiator sport. Seriously, another helpful example of the practicality and certainty of Christain Science.

  8. I look forward to getting the SpiritView e-mail each morning. I feel it’s a treatment and so helpful. Probably most of you are already aware but thought I’d mention that this site does accept donations.

    1. That’s always a good reminder Sheila, that we have the opportunity to donate to the upkeep of this community that is precious to so many of us.

      To donate go to the About page on this site and scroll to the bottom to find the Contribute button.

      Blessings to all and thank you Evan for the essential reminder that we are not bodies, but only the perfect deas of a perfect, loving God — regardless of the constant messages to the contrary that we hear every day. Nothing can change the facts of BEING, spiritual being.

  9. Evan, the Statue of Liberty metaphor is so clear and helpful. Thank you for this sharing and for the Daily Lift you shared today. You have shown how to address the false mortal concept by understanding our innate spiritual identity.

  10. Thank you, Evan! This is the clearest, concise explanation I have heard explaining our spiritual individuality Vs. the physical. Each SpiritView is a blessing.

  11. Dear Evan, I too thank you so much for today’s blog message as well as for the wonderful Daily Lift recounting the healing of your eyesight. I’m so appreciative of all that you share with us.

  12. Evan, -I join in this deeply felt appreciation for your clear elucidation of the truth of man and body,…”What is called a physical body is a finite view of man held in mortal mind.” So clear and helpful! Also your shared experiences, like in today’s daily lift, invariably instill a great confidence in the healing power of Truth. How blessed we are to have your example!

  13. I had giving up. By listen to the daily lift today It’s a God’s gift telling me. ” Maria I am here with you don’t give up.” I do believe and Trust in our Father Mother God ‘s healing.
    I am spiritual not material . I will keep on saying that.

    22 years ago wen I was healed I used need eye glasses all the time after one month of faithfully going to the First church of Christ scientist 2 hours a week. Read the Bible lesson twice a day sang Hymns I didn’t need pills or eye glasses. When God heals is forever.

  14. Dear Evan, what a blessing and inspired message. And so helpful to share with those who know nothing of these concepts. Thank you always.

  15. Dear Evan

    Bless you for such a clear picture of our true spiritual identity. The Statue of Liberty example is so “on target” and I will be sharing this explanation with others. I am so grateful gif your insights and straightforward explanations

  16. Thank you Evan. There is only one body. This body only acts as Mind acts. There is nothing it does on its own. Once we notice that we are acting contrary to the ten commandments, to say the least then we need to pause and wait on God. Therefore we must be vigilant and watchful about what we say and do.

  17. Tank you deeply, dear Evan for these wonderful spiritual views. Such a lovely wave of gratitude goes through all these commentations today. Am also very grateful for your SpiritView and feel blessed by it as well as by the comments!
    I Love the forelast paragraph, Evan, where you advise us to focus on spiritual individuality instead on physicality in order to find more dominion over the body, which is so needed and important for healing and progress in our spiritual understanding of Christian Science!

  18. I do not use Pay Pal. May I please have a P.O. Box or address where I may send a check!

    Thank you for your wonderful presentations. They are so supportive!!

  19. Your daily lift and related testimony and Spirit view was a God send today ! I can not thank you enough !!!

  20. Thank you for this Evan. We have a friend about to pass on (not CS) and as I pray for him and his family, this is so uplifting knowing that his awesomeness goes on infinitely.

    Bless you.


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