You are saving lives when you pray for others

March 30, 2020 | 49 comments

If you wonder what more you can do to help humanity out of its struggle with the Covid-19 virus, take heart. There is something you can do. You can pray for their health and safety.

I love the promise found in these words from Mary Baker Eddy:

“Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited” (Miscellany, p. 210).

“…all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited.” Wow!! Think about it. There are millions of people suffering in fear of the Covid-19 virus, hundreds of thousands struggling with infections, and hundreds, perhaps thousands, dying every day from exposure. The number of people available for you to pray for is enormous. If your prayers reach just one of those people and save their life, isn’t it worth it?

To know the omnipotence of God on behalf of your fellowman benefits them. To know the powerlessness of the virus to harm your fellowman benefits them. To know Christ is present within every man, woman and child on earth to strengthen, protect, inspire, help and heal them, benefits them.

What are you waiting for? Your prayers for others benefit them and contribute to stopping the spread of the virus.

Your prayers may be the exact prayer that saves someone’s loved grandma in Italy. They may save a parent of young children in New York City. They may save a young child in India. You will never know who your prayers touch and how many lives are saved. But one fact is for sure, they will benefit someone. People will recover and lives will be saved because of your prayers.

There is no time to waste. You have work to do!

49 thoughts on “You are saving lives when you pray for others”

  1. I loved this reading. I had just awaken in the night thinking how I would make lots of little vegetable gardens in my yard. I began by mowing an area. Tomorrow I will rototill a little. Then I will look for any seeds that I might have. Then I will plant. I am going to leave space for trails that I can mow and care for. I am very excited to do this.

  2. We are asked to keep washing out hands for at least 29 seconds each time. This apparently equates to singing Happy birthday twice!
    Here is my alternative version of the usual words:
    It’s over for you
    You never were true
    Flush away Covid 19
    Good riddance to you

    1. I love the idea of singing healing! I often made up little ditties to be sung as reminders of important ideas or tasks, both for myself and for others, like learning Bible Golden Texts for Sunday School . One of our most used was my buckle up song which I used with my grandchildren when they rode with me in my car or when I was with them in another car until it became automatic!

    2. Can’t tell you the tune.
      I remember singing this as i took my girls to school.
      “Thank you for this perfect day.
      Truth and Love point out the way.
      Calm and exulted each morning we pray.
      Thank you for this perfect day. ”
      I think it would work as a hand washing prayer.

      1. Thank you for the words to that song… I remember it from my AU Ranches days and was trying to remember it…Answer to my prayers!

  3. Dear Evan , what a beautiful and uplifting Spiritview, so full of love. Jesus second command was to love your neighbour as yourself, – how important to include both ourselves and others in our prayers, and how apt the quotation from our Leader.

  4. I LOVE this post, Evan. It is so loving and ‘boosting’. I wondered if may prayers for the world could have an impact in the face of all the fear. And you answered my question with this precious post! I shall continue to pray every day for the world, knowing that my prayers can help someone.

    The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. -Vincent van Gogh, painter (30 Mar 1853-1890)

    I get a word a day email with a thought for the day. This is today’s.

  6. I put my Christmas candles back up in the window. They are a symbol of hope for myself and I hope for others that ride by.. I pray for them all that fear be removed. And the world strengthened again with God.

  7. Thank you Evan,.
    Gail, it starts with one light. Let’s all put the light in our window as our prayer and symbol for hope to the world. We too, as Evan says can be a hope to others with our prayers and as we go through the day be a light to anyone that you see out walking near you or that you see in a distance. Yes, we have work to do.

  8. I love this Evan. To awake and not feel powerless and know I can participate in the most important activity in the world right now is comforting to me. Thank you for the reminder. I love all comments as usual and will return here to see more for my news.
    I have ongoing gratitude for SpiritView❣️

    1. I love the thought of praying for our universal family. I also love what you wrote
      Susan, about “returning here to see more for my news”. What a great alternative
      news site that shares the Truth, rather than constant fear mongering and doom and
      gloom. I, too, keep returning throughout the day for such wonderful comments added to the collective prayers of other’s helpful sharing. This kind of news is the very best kind! : ) Love to everyone…

  9. Like Anne, I had the thought of planting vegetables to share. I had thought of giving that up this year, but will follow that idea as God directs.
    I have been taking time each afternoon to pray for all those most affected. Knowing that each of us is exposed only to what Mind is imparting , and that is purity, strength, and health.

  10. When things seem overwhelming, I remember something that we learned when going through Christian Science class instruction – to “always balance evil in the scale of nothingness: one times nothing is nothing (1 x 0 = 0) – 4 billion times nothing still equals nothing – if you know it!” This is such a simple but comforting and powerful idea right now and is something I’m including in my prayers for the world! Thank God and Mrs. Eddy for giving us an understanding of reality/of what is True! Thank you Evan for sharing your wonderful, helpful inspirations! Seeing Love over, under, around and in ALL!

  11. Thank you Evan..I needed this reassurance about how effective my prayers really were. Also I loved Sharon’s thoughts on 1×0=0 it really turned on a light for me.
    Todays blog really is filled with such healing and uplifting thoughts.Again thank you Evan and all of you

  12. Thank you, Evan, for the love and hope you’re expressing about the infinite healing power of prayer, individually and collectively.

  13. Evan,
    Thank you for the call to action. Yes we do. And, not just for fear of a virus but also for the future predictions of fear for those who are confined and those who have lost their jobs. Those predictions stated on Sunday simply are not true. In fact, it is fun to see all the ideas that people are incorporating as they are confined and hear about what they are grateful for. Some are posting pictures of the activities they have done in the past and talking about the ones they are looking forward to doing. Some are teaching and mentoring others while they have extra time on their hands. Some are putting out calendars with links to activities on each day for kids to learn or watch educating videos. They have found purpose by sharing ideas with others. Love is spreading, not fear. The desire to help is spreading. And, right here we have a community of prayers working for the world! How wonderful to be a part of Spiritview! Thank you! 🙂
    In Retrospection and Introspection by Mary Baker Eddy in the article “The Great Revelation” she says;
    “Science saith to fear, “You are the cause of all sickness; but you are a self-constituted falsity,-you are darkness, nothingness. You are without ‘hope, and without God in the world.’ You do not exist, and have no right to exist, for ‘perfect Love casteth out fear.’”
    God is everywhere. “There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard;” and this voice is Truth that destroys error and Love that casts out fear.
    Christian Science reveals the fact that, if suffering exists, it is in the mortal mind only, for matter has no sensation and cannot suffer.
    If you rule out every sense of disease and suffering from mortal mind, it cannot be found in the body.”

  14. I love Kirsten’s comment and sharing from “The great revelation”, rebuking fear. Some threads of my prayer thoughts include considering that Truth and Love and Life are ever-active and disease is not, also the immediacy of Truth — health and wholeness — as ever-present and always true. I am reassured by Mrs. Eddy’s observation that “Jesus required neither cycles of time nor thought in order to mature fitness for perfection and its possibilities.” (Unity of Good). Also, her admonition that we cannot check a fever (or epidemic) if we believe it must run its course. It has no beginning, middle or end, no past, present or future. We can at least ponder this and express in our prayer and actions the creative and beautiful activity of Love and Mind… in the many ways being celebrated every day. So good to start each day with gratitude for all the good we can and do see. From last week’s lesson: should we not be astounded… at the vigorous claims of evil and doubt them??

  15. Thanks for these words Evan “To know the omnipotence of God on behalf of your fellowman. . . To know the powerlessness of the virus to harm your fellowman . . .. To know Christ is present within every man, woman and child on earth to strengthen, protect, inspire, help and heal them . . ”. That’s the unselfed love Mary Baker Eddy wrote about for effective, healing prayer in the first sentence of the first page of Science and Health. This underlies my confidence as I pray – especially to know the Christ is present within each of them, each of us.

  16. Thank you Evan and all! I see a lot of references to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…a U.S. government agency) in the news these days. It occurred to me to be grateful for Christian Science whenever I see one of those references. Through CS we realize God, Love, does not create a disease that needs to be controlled and that understanding is the best preventative for mistakenly accepting the suggestion of disease as a reality for us or anyone.

  17. I read the quote you shared with us Evan every day before I read my weekly lesson. It is very powerful and I so enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Ty, Evan and all who share their highest idea of good. At first, I sang the “Happy Birthday” song when washing my hands, but now I sing “Shepherd Show me how to go…”. I too especially enjoy today’s photo. The thoughtful sharing of quotes is always a plus…my gratitude to each loving idea expressed.

  19. Wonderful, as always!
    I read – so far- ideas of 9 “ activities” or positive actions we may all do, and there are more ideas which will flow forth.
    Presently in this one blog:
    Pray, Sing, Multiply, Plant, Teach, Find purpose, Rebuje fear, Express Gratitude, Love and Know God…
    Lots to do!

  20. I appreciate these posts. This one id particularly beautifully written and so meaningful. I have been praying in various ways, as I feel led. One thing that comes often is that the Christ is ever-present. I have been thinking of hymn 229 from the CS Hymnal, words by John Greenleaf Whittier, adapted. Here is the whole hymn.
    O Love divine, whose constant beam / Shines on the eyes that will not see, / And waits to bless us while we dream, / Nor leav’st us though we turn from Thee. / Nor bounds, nor clime, nor creed Thou know’st, / Wide as our need Thy favors fall; / The white wings of the Holy Ghost / Stoop unseen o’er the heads of all. /

    O Truth which sage and prophet saw, / Long sought without, but found within, / The rule of Love beyond all law, / The Life o’ercoming death and sin, / O shine on us with light which glowed / Upon the waiting shepherds’ way, / Who saw the darkness overflowed / With tides of everlasting day.
    (The Christian Science Hymnal, No. 229:1, 2)

  21. This is great! What a blessing to realize our prayers are so effective all through the world. Wonderful and helpful comments. Thank you all.

  22. Thank you so much Evan and all who have shared their inspiration with us.

    “In heavenly Love abiding,
    No change my (our) heart shall fear;
    And safe is such confiding,
    For nothing changes here.
    The storm may roar without me (us),
    My (Our) heart may low be laid
    But God is round about me (us),
    And can I (we) be dismayed?”

    {Definition of dismayed
    : experiencing or showing feelings of alarmed concern or dismay : upset, worried, or agitated because of some unwelcome situation or occurrence.

    Yes, we have work to do…pleasant work, loving work, joyous, fruitful work! Onward and upward! (=

  23. Thanks for reminding us how far reaching our prayers are.
    Mrs Eddy gives this promise in Science and Health p 494
    “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every
    Human need”. I am praying to know that society cannot be
    Blinded by evil…….including news reporters. …who have a job
    to do.
    I shared this quote with my sister who is confined in a Seniors
    Residence and encouraged her to get out her copy of Science
    And Health to support her from the fears that seem to surround
    Us. I was so grateful to have the courage to do this and felt that
    She responded. She has not been studying.
    Christian Science for years but I insisted that Our Father Mother
    God was still in action. Keep up good work Evan.

  24. Thank you, Evan, and all in Spiritview online community which, like a beautiful spring bouquet of fresh thoughts, is affirming each one’s loved , valued, and indestructible (un-invadable, uncontaminated, ) healthy, and eternal identity securely maintained in God’s stable and peaceful government.

    I love all the ideas shared each day, Today’s “bouquet ” is especially inspiring.
    The little song parody contributed about hand washing (20 second routine , to tune of “Happy Birthday to you” suggested by the CDC or other health care folks) was helpful, and soon another verse popped into thought …( to sing to myself as i look in mirror and wash face/ hands each morning or for sharing with young children?!)…

    “Good morning to you…
    God’s love is what’s true!
    It guards, guides, and governs
    And hugs me and you!”
    (* or could sing, “keeps safe me and you.”)

  25. An article titled “Infinitesimals” by Helen Wood Bauman addresses praying about viruses. It’s helpful to me to take ideas which jump out at me from articles on a topic, or truths from the Bible and S&H using the Concordance, and write them on one side of an open notebook and on the other side use the spiritual facts to write out a treatment on the situation. You get fresh and lively inspiration from our Pastor and spiritual thinkers to pray deeply about a situation, Here’s an excerpt from “Infinitesimals”:

    Physicians believe that some of the most destructive diseases of our times may be caused by minute organisms or agents called viruses. But Christian Science explains the virus in a unique way. Mary Baker Eddy says (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 12), “Hate no one; for hatred is a plague-spot that spreads its virus and kills at last.”

    Hatred needs to be denied existence wherever virus is concerned. Hatred is a false quality, having no identification with man and no reality. Paul described the carnal mind as “enmity against God” (Rom. 8:7), and enmity is the opposite of Love and its qualities. Because the virus is up for human consideration to a marked extent, the Christian Scientist is wise to reverse its claim to existence, to see it as the carnal mind’s misconception of the infinitesimal, and to deny its presence or its ability to develop destructive diseases.

    One who understands man to be the reflection of Love cannot be host to any embodiment of hatred. He realizes that in man there is no mortal mentality upon which a false organism can prey. He knows himself as, in truth, the pure idea of Mind, and this gives him authority to rule destructive concepts out of his consciousness and their seeming effects out of his experience.

    Christian Science reveals spiritual infinitesimals to be the manifested ideas of divine Mind, and they embody the incalculable energies of Spirit, God. In “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” Mrs. Eddy describes God’s creation as consisting of the unfolding of spiritual ideas, and she says (p. 503), “These ideas range from the infinitesimal to infinity, and the highest ideas are the sons and daughters of God.”

    1. Thank you Linda. There does seem to be a lot of hate expressed today, particularly between political parties and even within political parties. I’ve even noticed myself being tempted to avoid certain neighbors due to their opposite political ideology, but I realized that was wrong. But tonight I’m going to do specific work to realize the falsity of hate in God’s creation. So thank you again for your comment!

      Below is a link to the Infinitesimals article for those that don’t have JSHOnline subscriptions. I haven’t yet had a chance to read it but I will read it later.

  26. Géd bless you, Evan, and all you SpiritViewers. What a blessing you are now and always. So many wonderful ideas-SUBSTANCE-to live and thrive by.

  27. Wow! Thank you, Evan. And, thank you, Linda!
    When teaching Sunday School I had a bulletin board on which I posted this poem
    “Each day is a garden where thought flowers grow.
    The thoughts that you think are the seeds that sow.
    Each kind loving thought bears a kind loving deed.
    Each bad selfish (fearful) thought is like an old weed. We watch all our thoughts every minute each day.
    We pull out the weed thoughts and throw them away,
    And plant loving seed thoughts so thick in a row
    There will not be room for the weed thoughts to grow!”
    As some of you gardeners plant, you may enjoy this poem.

  28. Oh yes, Evan, there is no time to waste and I will go on with my prayers for all my brathers and sisters needing help in the world. I find that the Lords Prayer given us by Christ Jesus and the Daily Prayer given us by Mary Baker Eddy are very effective and suitable for praying for the world!
    Thank you dear Evan for cheering us up so lovingly during this time of trial to pray for us all. The world needs our prayers! It is a wonderful SpiritView again today, am grateful for it!
    Thank you all, lovely SpiritView friends for your inspiring and interesting and helpful comments!
    We are all so much blessed that we understand Christian Science and are able to help and bless others with our loving prayers – thank you dear God!

  29. Thank you, Evan. I so enjoy all you do. I will not fear. Our Father-Mother God is in control and caring for each of His Children.
    You have given me inspiration tonight and I thank you. God is so Good.. He is All in All . He is Love and does not make anything that could ever harm His Creation.. We are safe.

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