Month: September 2012

No end in sight

September 14, 2012 | 5 comments

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today.   It’s already tomorrow in Australia.   ~ Charles Schultz   If you ever get worked into a frenzy of fearing “the end is near” for your career, your money,

Don’t smoke the cigarette

September 12, 2012 | 11 comments

This post will make sense to anyone repulsed by the idea of smoking of cigarettes. If you like to smoke, you’re welcome to read it too! But it might not resonate with you the same. If a stranger walked up

No need to be embarrassed

September 10, 2012 | 30 comments

If one has practiced Christian Science successfully for years, even decades, and then finds him or herself under extreme circumstances that causes him or her to seek temporary help from the medical community, should they feel embarrassed or like they’re

Dancing fun around the globe

September 7, 2012 | 4 comments

  Are you ready to smile?  You will after you watch the below video. The happiness and joy shared by Matt and his dancing friends around the globe is sure to put a big grin on your face. It’s liberating and