What you say about others tells a lot about you

August 15, 2018 | 17 comments

I found this quote very thought provoking…

“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.”

~ Leo Aikman

17 thoughts on “What you say about others tells a lot about you”

  1. Thank you Evan, very interesting.

    I myself experienced situations, where I noticed that humanly it might look as if Leo Aikman is right.

    However, spiritually and loving our neighbor as ourselves, I totally tune in to Josef`s comment – thank you 🙂

  2. A very good reminder for me this morning. What are my thoughts, and what are they leading me to do or say? I need to talk to a fellow church member about a situation where he might, emphasis might, have not followed through in expressing my all thoughts in an important situation.

    When I think about how to approach him, I find my internal temperature rising. Matthew 5: 24, 25 keeps coming to my thought: I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment:

    Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath aught against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.

    To me that means consider carefully what you should do, and only do it from a standpoint of love/Love. Watch how I am thinking of others!

  3. Thank you Evan. This quote can be interpreted a lot of different ways. Recently I was listening to an old Christian Science lecture entitled “The Truth that Heals” by Jules Cern. Mr. Cern was describing an instance where Christian Science treatments had failed to heal his wife. He was puzzled because he had seen so many instances where Christian Science brought healing and he wondered why in this instance it wasn’t working. He then said:

    “When mortal discords do not respond to affirmations of Truth it means that somewhere along the line of thought we’re still believing something we shouldn’t. It means we’re still believing there’s some mind, some power, some law, some quality, some condition, or someone unlike or besides God.”

    For some reason the words “or someone” caught my attention. This was a wake up call to me that if I want my prayers to be effective, I need to watch my thinking not only in regard to myself, but also in regard to others. I need to ensure I only see others as God sees them. Consider that next time you read a news story or watch the news on TV or think of people in so many other ways.

    The statement above is not in the written text of this lecture that I found online. But it is in the audio version of the lecture you can access using the link below. This statement occurs at approximately 45 minutes into the audio. If you go to this web site you will have to scroll down to find the “The Truth that Heals” lecture. It’s a great lecture…I highly recommend it.


    1. Thank you, Brian! I have been so very helped by Mr. Cern’s insightful, inspiring lectures. I will listen to this one, for sure.

      The subject of criticism and judgement and fault-finding, and etc., in our interactions with community, our families, friends, and especially church members (who we may be expecting to be perfect, because they know better, and “know the truth”), is a huge one, I feel. Sometimes these interactions are a hotbed of animal magnetism, let’s face it. But we serious students of CS know how to handle these serpents…as powerless nothingness! But this must be done, and not passed over lightly in important.

      Agree, folks?



    2. dear Brian

      thank you for.your link to Jules Cern’s audio lecture ”The Truth that heals”

      I listened to it shortly before I departed for Wednesday evening testimony meetIng.

      It is a very good explained lecture – bit nice and funny with the bowl of clear water with two transparent fighting fish therein.

      Am grateful we can help each other – and thank you all for helpful comments!

    3. Hi Brian thank you for the site. The list is so impressive and loved Jules Cern’s Lecture. I’m now looking forward to listening to them all.

  4. Interesting topic! Thanks, Evan! I think we should consider our motive when we are telling someone about someone else. For instance, if we have had an experience where an Automotive Shop has been dishonest with us, overcharging, etc. – I think it would be wise to warn others of this so that they don’t experience the same thing. We never just ignore error or evil, but see it and address it head on! Also, having the courage to confront or “carefront” someone when they have done something to hurt us or others is part of the spiritual path. Jesus, Mrs. Eddy and other spiritual leaders never advocated for not giving a merited rebuke! Love is Principle and Principle is Love!

  5. Oops! I just listened to the Daily Lift and heard an amazing experience of how a young girl changed her thought about Others and then experienced Love from them! Just another example of how everything really does start with our Own Thought and how Healing Our Thought heals Others and our Experience!

  6. I have a listing on my computer of quite a number of C.S. lectures alphabetical by the lecturer’s last name. It’s so convenient. And, Brian, the last lecture I just listened to was “Christian Science, The Truth That Heals” by Jules Cern. I will definitely be listening to his lecture. Thanks so much for the link.

  7. Thank you Brian. Jules Cern was my mother’s favourite lecturer and she introduced him when he gave that lecture. It will be good to read that again!

  8. I can almost hear God clapping right now for all the goodness displayed here. Thank you all for your contributions and joy! You’ve made my day.

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