A balance of head and heart

March 24, 2010 | 5 comments

The greatest distance in the world is
the 14 inches from our minds to our hearts.
~ Agnes Baker Pilgrim


I chuckled when I read this quote because it reminds me of times when people take a stand of “It’s a matter of principle!!” And they stick stubbornly to their position regardless of people they hurt, feelings they tromp on, hearts they crush and friends they bewilder. They may have the right principle figured out, but Principle, in Christian Science, is a synonym for Love. They both stand for God, and they work together as one.
Principle outlines what is right, and Love makes it doable.
We need the head and heart elements in our decision-making. The head without the heart can come across callous and mean. The heart without the head can sound rosy-eyed and naive. But Principle and Love expressed together wields a powerful argument that not only states what is morally and spiritually right, but is also filled compassion and understanding that wins over the doubting soul.




5 thoughts on “A balance of head and heart”

  1. Evan, you expressed this so beautifully! I’ve been praying about this dynamic and how I can meet many different reponsibilities. I work in education, where literally hundreds of decisions about other people’s needs and behavior(and my own!) are made daily. I’ve thought things like “a little less letter, a little more spirit” but I’ve really been trying to discern how everything unfolds harmoniously and lovingly, and what a right sense of responsibility for me is in the process. I just love the expression you offer about how Principle shows us what needs doing and Love makes it doable–and harmonious! Throw in there that “Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind” and it’s gotta be a great day!

  2. Evan: At one of your recent lectures, I was able to let you know how much I appreciate Spirit View, and today opening my new computer Christmas present, I discovered so much more in it. Double my appreciation. It will always be my first daily.

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