A change in frequency

June 25, 2012 | 15 comments

To all regular readers of Spiritview…

You’ve grown accustomed to posts every weekday on this blog for some years now. The number of entries is approaching 1,800 posts; quite a bit of writing on this end! 
Because of some other projects I’m working on this summer, I’m going to post once or twice a week for the next 2 to 3 months to free up some time. I hope you don’t mind!
You are such a faithful group, and wonderful contributors to the comment section. I love the back and forth this blog offers for those who have ideas to add.
So, if a Spiritview email doesn’t come into your email box as you’re accustomed to every morning, all is well. Spiritview is still alive and functioning, just sending out posts less frequently.
All the best,


15 thoughts on “A change in frequency”

  1. Thank you Evan. I’m sure I’ve read every one and shared so many by hardcopy for those who don’t have computers. Yes they will be missed but it may make us do more for ourselves too – like going over the old ones and practising them more.

    Love – Denny Colliver

  2. Evan, Thanks for letting us know. Hope you have a great summer! I do appreciate your inspired words of wisdom!

  3. Thanks Evan for letting us know. I do so love your blog. Such a “daily lift”. Enjoy your summer.

  4. And we always have the archive to check on. A friend recently passed on and I am so grateful that you list past posts under topics. I have been comforted, and shared them with others.

  5. Thank you so much for expressing and sharing so much good with all of us! – uninterruptedly! xoxo

  6. Ok, but it sure is comforting to know that Spirit’s angel messages continue to come moment by moment, anyway!! We all love you Evan, and sure do appreciate
    your shared magnification of Good !

    Much love,


  7. Sounds like a “good thing” as a noted lady says.

    You may get to like it, more time for inspiration to bloom. If I ever get my blog off the ground, it will start out as: “Whenever!” ((::

    Have fun,


  8. Evan, your generosity of Spirit in sharing these blogs so faithfully (and frequently) deserves a giant applause! Have a wonderful summer…will be eagerly awaiting your articles when they arrive…we all will! Much love and appreciation…and happy projects!

  9. Wonderful for you to take a break. I really enjoy the inspiring posts and comments and look forward to any in the future. Happy summer to all, Sandy

  10. Thank you – your blogs are so inspirational and have been a great help to me. Have a great summer.

  11. I Tobias A. Weissman have to give many thanks to you for creating Spirit View so that I could express myself and my views on C/S. Reading your initial Views and other comments have helped me enormously to understand C/S.

  12. Sorry to be so delayed in posting this thank you note to you, Evan. While I’ve been reading Spiritview regularly and deriving *such* sustenance from your shared thoughts, it *is* summer vacay time and you certainly deserve a break from writing!! Enjoy our Columbia Basin summer–now that it’s finally arrived. 🙂

  13. Hi Evan,

    Enjoy your summer holidays!
    You certainly deserve a break.
    Thank you for your uplifting posts
    they are fun and encouraging.
    all the best to you.

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