A cure for boredom

May 23, 2018 | 10 comments

Do you ever battle boredom? Are you looking for interesting things to do, but coming up short? Perhaps it’s time to look at life from a more spiritually inspired point of view.

One truth I’ve learned over the years is that when one is seriously engaged with spiritual sense, there is not a dull moment in their life. Boredom is a phenomenon of looking for happiness through the material senses, and not finding it. In spiritual sense, there are so many interesting truths and spiritual vistas to discover, investigate, explore and grow with, that boredom is an utter impossibility.

When I was a young child, I remember frequently telling my mom that I was bored. With 5 children under her wing, she had her hands full, but would list off a couple of activities I could engage and quickly moved on with her chores. She expected me to figure out how to keep myself entertained. And I would, but it took me a few years to figure out the cure for boredom.

As I grew older, I found activities to engage my mind, and never grew bored. I was on a quest for truth, and I saw so much to learn that finding enough time to delve into the realities of being became the challenge, rather than finding something to do with my time.

Looking back on my early childhood, I can see that it was material sense that was bored. I was trying to find things to do with my hands and feet, rather than with my mind, and the options I saw never satisfied me. I was really craving deeper spiritual engagement. And that’s what I do today, loving every second of it. I can’t imagine becoming bored. It’s a foreign concept to me now.

Boredom is a sure sign that a person is trying to find happiness through the physical senses and coming up empty-handed. Since there is no real happiness in matter, the effect of boredom, in this instance, is no surprise. The cure is to seek spiritual reality, to grapple and wrestle with spiritual truth until it is fully understood and demonstrated in one’s experience. This type of pursuit requires a full-time effort and is extremely rewarding.

Don’t ever settle for boredom! You can do better. Life is God, infinite good, and phenomenally interesting.

Engage with Life. Seek Truth. Expand, grow, progress. It’s a choice you can make. If done, boredom will become inconceivable to you.

10 thoughts on “A cure for boredom”

  1. I believe Eddy says, I’m trusting my memory: ” what am I? I am able to impart truth health and happiness this is the rock of my salvation and reason for existing”. It would be interesting if others expanded on that thought. It seems Evan is telling us that the Endless Quest for Spiritual understanding shouldn’t bore us. I think the subject needs further elaboration.

  2. Your mom was a good thinker. My mom would always give me a dust rag if I ever used the word bored. I, in turn, taught my children that “being bored “ is each of our own responsibility
    As adults, I haven’t heard them use that word
    Always having good to reflect is a full time work. Thank u for another blessing, and pointing it out!

  3. I love these thoughts and the picture you posted with it. Thanks for reminding me that tuning in will bring more rewards than material existence.

  4. Important topic, Evan! Richard, what a great quote by Mary Baker Eddy! It reads, “… may each member of this church rise above the oft-repeated inquiry, What am I? to the scientific response: I am able to impart truth, health, and happiness, and this is my rock of salvation and my reason for existing.(My. 165:16)

    Now contrast this with the definition of ‘bore:’

    “To weary by tedious iteration or by dullness; to tire; to trouble; to vex; to annoy; to pester.”
    Turns the mirror on the bored one! The bored one is witnessing this error, and that is malpractice.
    MBE said, “Mental malpractice is a bland denial of Truth.”(Mis. 31:2-3) [Which is also a bland denial of Life and Love, a denial of who we are as God’s blessed ideas.]

    So if I’m in a classroom, a long meeting, in the middle of an interminable task, I can be lovingly alert to Truth and Love, whose atmosphere is forever imparting goodness, health and happiness.

  5. I know Mrs. Eddy writes about mortals becoming tired of seeking Happiness in matter and (to paraphrase) says that when we’ve had enough of that we will turn like tired children to the arms of Divine Love and find true satisfaction.

  6. Hi Evan,
    Good for you for disciplining yourself early in life to “grapple and wrestle with spiritual truth until it is fully understood and demonstrated in one’s experience.” I still have a ways to go. Perfection does not come easily, but it is a lovely blessing to work on.

    My mom taught me when I was a youth the seeming magic of believing the Truth, which can, with time, transform one’s world into being the kingdom of heaven.

    I appreciate SpiritView.

  7. Thanks Evan this helps explain why I have never been bored. In college I loved philosophy and there was always a book to read. And Wow since Christian Science came into my life there is always more of Truth to understand.

  8. Thanks, Evan, and all. Yes, as my dear CS teacher was always saying, “Your thinking determines your experience,” we know we never need to entertain the thought of boredom. God gives us glorious ideas to explore and “chew” on. He directs our ways, that’s for sure, and they never lead to being bored.

  9. thank you Daphne, very true what you said.

    thank you Evan for lovingly sharing your experiences with us.

    I cannot remember having been bored. And I am grateful for my sundayschool teachers who taught me to understand God and Christian Science, so that my interests shifted from mere material to more spiritual ones.

    MBE says in SH as I remember, that all interests are united in the one Divinity.

    Thank you Evan that you cause us to think more thoroughly about your inspiring topics!

  10. Mortal mind sure is borrrrringgg! Who wants it!

    Our only true Mind, God, (and there is no other, really)
    is vibrant with ideas! Ever-active, full of goodness and joy!

    Hey…Sounds like a description of our SpiritView Family!!


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