Live in the present with God

May 24, 2018 | 21 comments

Have you ever had a bad experience that keeps replaying over and over in your mind? Maybe an accident, a confrontation, an outbreak of anger with another, or a poor decision that led to bad consequences? Whatever the negative event was, you are not obligated to hold it in thought, cherish it any longer, and carry it around as if it is still real for you. You can let it go, leave it behind and move on.


By understanding that the only important event happening in your life is between you and God, and that you and God are happening now.

What happened yesterday does not affect what can happen between you and God today.

To be a child of God means to have all of God’s goodness blessing you every moment of your existence. Health, strength, mobility, love, harmonious relationships with others, intelligent decision-making is all yours to express today. You have not lost any goodness in your life, for all goodness is in and of God. You have God as much today as any other day.

What seemed to have happened yesterday that was not good, can be replaced and improved upon today with God’s good that is ever-present.

If you think you lost some health, then look to God today and find it here and now. If you think you lost your supply, then look to God today and find it here and now. If you think you lost a valuable relationship, then look to God today and find the Love that never ends.

Live in the present. Live with God. Live with good on a non-stop basis.

The good flowing from God has never been lost, and never will. Claim it. Identify with it. Rejoice in it!

Live in the present and prosper.

21 thoughts on “Live in the present with God”

  1. That was exquisite ! I have been immensely blessed by your entry today. You can’t know the joy this has brought me, ❤️❤️

  2. That’s me – always hitting the replay button. Thank you Evan for this helpful and inspiring message. I’ve read and listened to a nice German man’s book about living in the now but his voice puts me to sleep – your message wakes me up! I will definitely be more diligent in claiming, identifying with and REJOICING in God’s ever-present Good! “THIS is the day the Lord hath made; be glad, give thanks, rejoice.”

  3. One of our church members shared at a Testimony Meeting that she affirms
    each morning: “This is the Day the Lord has made! I will be glad and rejoice in it!”

    (From Hymn 342, which refers to the Psalm with this thought.)

    Such a good idea, huh!


  4. Dear Evan, So powerful! Now I can rejoice living with the presence of my spiritually good health now!! Not dying with bad health!! Thank you dear one! Lovingly, Nancy

  5. I am always awed by the perfect message our Father sends at just the perfect moment. I am truly grateful. Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much Evan! To leave past errors and live in the present has been a daily challenge for a very long time. I must admit that it is becoming easier as I continue to pray and acknowledge divine Love FIRST thing in the morning claiming “holy ground” as my feet hit the floor for the day. I am so grateful for each glimpse of Truth! Thank you so much for sharing what you are hearing from our divine source!

  7. Yes! The Power of Now!! So important to watch thought and see how it is the mortal mind, carnal mind, ego mind, analytical mind, pain body……that always tries to assert itself and make it’s claim for the Past! Always striving to live out from Spirit, Mind and to Be Here Now! Truly, Time is a “mortal measurement” and can only come from a limited ignorant consciousness. We are expanding into the ever-present dimension of Spiritual Consciousness!!

  8. This relates to yesterday’s post about boredom. You wrote yesterday, “The cure is to seek spiritual reality, to grapple and wrestle with spiritual truth until it is fully understood and demonstrated in one’s experience. This type of pursuit requires a full-time effort and is extremely rewarding.” Could you, in a future post, describe how you do this in 2-3 practical concrete examples with the results? One human life challenge which links yesterday’s and today’s post is the feeling of liking our past better than our present and wishing for it. Maybe the kids were at home and we miss hands-on parenting, or had a great job, or were taking classes and we can’t do that anymore. Maybe we felt we had a great human life, and it all changed – so how have you sought spiritual reality in less satisfying human circumstances and found joy? That might be a helpful post for many. How do you not make happiness the sport of circumstance? A tendency for us may be to use spiritual law to improve our human experience and make it happier. Then hope those circumstances last which they never do. But you suggest using human experience as a lab to demonstrate spiritual law and engage with spiritual reality? The emphasis is different. I suspect many of us need to climb that step and do that. But we aren’t sure how to approach our day doing that – perhaps you could tell us how you think about it and do it in a future post.

    1. Linda, yes of course we use spiritual law to make our human experience happier! Because the divine law is far above human law and is in controll of really everything; it is actually the only Law there is. It is not ment the mortal man, but the human who is rising higher and higher in his spiritual understanding of the law of divine Mind. And that makes the human experience happier, until at last the human fully understands his absolute spirituality. So we learnt it in Christian Science. the teaching of Christian Science is not complicated. We just have to be open for it as a little child, as the bible says. I hope I could you give a helping hand a bit.

      Dear Evan, I thank you for your so simple to understand and yet so profoundly metaphysical SpiritViews – they are so blessing! love them all!

      Yes, the good flowing from God has never been lost and never will. We just have to cling steadfast to God and His idea, as MBE says in SH. Ok, our steady prayer is needed, but also there God is with us all the time.

      Thanks to all for your so good comments. Love to all!

  9. Your Spirit View articles are absolutely wonderful – EVERY one!

    Thank you, Evan, for this nutritious meal!

  10. Thanks, Evan, for a very thoughtful, inspiring and helpful message. Our material history needs to be expunged – not always easy, but definitely necessary.

  11. Enjoyed all the good thoughts. I was in an accident this week . Fortunately I hit
    A patrolman and no one. Was injured accept my right fender. I am surprised at how calm I was. Everyone as so loving and helpful. I felt God was right there with me and I just felt wrapped and blessed.

  12. Wonderful message today Evan, as always. To leave past errors and live in the present is becoming easier as I continue to pray and acknowledge divine Love as soon as I awake. I, too, am so grateful for each glimpse of Truth!

  13. This is a lesson I am struggling to learn and am so grateful for your helpful comments. You are always spot on with your messages. Thank you so much. I look forward to these every day because there is always something in them which I need to know.

  14. Wow ! Evan ! You absolutely nail it EVERY time ! Amazingly perceptive!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

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