A good attitude may save your job

March 24, 2009 | 3 comments

I came across a great article in the Christian Science Monitor titled, “Be happy and keep your job,” that explains how a bright disposition helps workers navigate darker times.

The piece points out how employees with dour or sour attitudes are likely to be axed first because of the negativity they bring into the workplace. Workers with cheery outlooks and likable personalities were likely to hold their position, even over peers who were more proficient or talented, but less positive.

The article is a useful reminder that attitude and outlook matters and has worth and value.

So, when you dress for work today, be sure to put on your happy demeanor! It might save your paycheck.

3 thoughts on “A good attitude may save your job”

  1. Thanks that is so very important. I hear from many people that most Christian Scientists are always smiling and seem to have a wonderful glow about them.

    They wanted to know if we drink happy water and I said no just Christian Science Punch, H20.

  2. This is so true! I work in a salty dog blue collar place. I mean REAL salty, even the owner of the place. If they know you are a Christian of any kind, you’d never hear the end of it. Often I see coworkers give the foreman lip over work orders or how to do something. Then they rehash it all again between themselves and me, seeking company for their misery. My heart goes out to them not just because they put their neck up on the chopping block but because they seem so bent to make everything little thing a them right- you foreman wrong deal. Plus the same coworkers are the ones out sick a lot, or getting hurt on the job, or laid off. It’s so obvious that all that is not the real them, like a cartoon. It’s only when I lose the compassion for them that I get dragged down by it all. Hope that helps anybody else that likes what they do but works in such a place.

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