A happy face

August 15, 2023 | 22 comments

A glad heart makes a happy face.

~ Proverbs 15:13, NLT

Let your heart gladden with inspirations of Truth and Love, and your face will brighten with joy and delight. You’ll have a happy face to share with others.

22 thoughts on “A happy face”

  1. On our local C of E bill board…
    ‘If you see someone without a smile on their face….give them one of yours!’
    Thank you Evan…perfect❣️

  2. I heard this one time and I really appreciate it:

    “You’re not fully dressed unless you’re wearing a smile.”

  3. YES!…and it comes back at ya…..when you have times it seems hard to smile, and someone gives you one of those glad smiles, your heart feels the inspirations of Truth and Love, smiles; healing moments.

  4. I wrote this poem a few years ago, and a copy was placed in the local doctor’s waiting room!

    SMILE! SMILE SMILE! https://kencooperpoetry.com/just-smile/ The PDF version referred to has the most beautiful baby smile!!

    A stranger drew a random smile:
    Flew off my face – no distance spared!
    It lit his face with warmth and joy
    To know that someone truly cared.

    And his returning smile just spread
    And lit up all the space between, –
    A smile once given’s never dead,
    But catches all within its sheen.

    Oh let’s give thanks some things are free:
    Once given true contagion breaks!
    Dear friend, with never-ending smiles
    Just see the constant joy that makes!

    Make someone’s day, – just give a smile,
    The more you give the more you have!
    A smile does not exist alone…
    For it is born and lives in love.

  5. SMILE
    You’re never fully dressed without
    a smile. Martin Charnin



    What a wonderful way to dress.
    Melissa Baker

    I wrote this last week after seeing
    the quote on a poster. It was in the
    movie, Anne

    1. Thanks Melissa, I love your clever representation of SMILE, I will write that one down to keep. I too thought of the musical Annie, when I read Maddie’s quote above, and I shared a YouTube link to the song.

      Thank you Evan for focusing us on small things like smiles, which are really not small. A true smile from within or a look of joy in someone’s eyes just naturally pours out when resting in spiritual truths, spiritual reality of God’s continuous good.

  6. Thank you Evan – this is a healer. And thank you Barbara, Maddie and Rosalie for your
    uplifting quotations – I will make a note of them. And I always love your poems, Ken – what a
    lovely idea to put it in a Doctor’s waiting room – I am sure it was really appreciated and helped
    people lift their thoughts above their problems.

    1. Thanks a lot dear Maggie; I love your setting of S M I L E very much. It’s an expression of Soul and Mind!♡

  7. Thank you Evan. Thank you all. One afternoon while I was plaiting my hair, one little child sat in a shop adjescent the salon. This child kept on looking at my direction through an open window , I noticed that when I look at the child he puts on a broad smile. The drama continued for sometime, then I decided to smile back at this child. When I did , the child returned with a broad smile portraying a kind of satisfaction.. The child was surely satisfied that I have smiled at him or that he has made me smile. A smile brings
    comfort, reassurance,
    Simplicity of life

    1. Thank you very much Grace for this lovely, innocent reflection of Love, Soul and Mind. You are both so loving children of God!♡

  8. Such a precious little girl with such a sweet, joyous smile! What
    a lovely way to start the day with all of these smiles! Thank you All.
    A smile is the Soul rejoicing. Some thoughts to bring a smile:

    “Most smiles are started by another smile”

    “Use your smile to change the world,
    Don’t let the world change your smile”

    “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile
    can do” ~ Mother Theresa

    “Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you”

    : )

  9. Thank you very much, Evan; that lovely Foto makes me smile brightly!

    I like to smile at babies and little children they often smile back! I also like to greet people on the street or just smile at them and they smile back, too. A kind smile to someon can absolutely be a healing aspect as it is an expression of God!
    And when that person gives me a friendly smile back, I feel very happy!
    I am happy and thankful that God is Love and Soul and Mind and all the other synonyms as there are Principle, Spirit, Life and Truth which are all represented by Man, the loved image and likeness of our Father-Mother God!♡♡♡

  10. Thank you Evan and all. What a joyful time. I love the picture. It shows pure joy and fun. The Video was special, Rose. Thank you for sharing it. I too always love your poems, Ken, and love the PDF version with all the smiles accompanying it.

    This reminded me of “Let a Smile be Your Umbrella”. Here are links to 2 different versions :

    Perry Como: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9hYv3fDukc

    Andrews Sisters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iSStxG_pEA

    It also reminded me of a time when I was out walking during my lunch hour. I met a homeless man on the way and as we passed he said “Keep smiling.” I wasn’t even aware that I was but that made my day, and, I believe, made his as well.

    God has a sense of humor or he would not have made us able to smile and smile back.

    Keep smilitng!!

  11. The smiles shared here today kept bringing happiness to thought. ( From the article,
    “Recognizing Substance in all we See and Do” that J shared with us … Thank you, J : )

    “The substance of a genuine smile – one motivated by joy, tenderness or
    wholesome humor! The real essence or substance of a smile is the
    expression of God-derived qualities behind it. The substance of such a smile
    is it’s real originator ~ Love, God.”
    [And Where can we go from God/Spirit/Love? Nowherre, because God is
    Everywhere.] … And also from the article,
    “Mrs. Eddy says ‘The only intelligence or substance of a thought, a seed,
    or a flower is God, the creator of it”.
    Actually when I was looking through quotes on smiles to share today, I
    came across this one, which wasn’t as relevant then, but after reading
    the article is, …
    “Thoughts are like seeds,
    So what you plant in [your] mind …
    Can be flowers or weeds”

  12. Many thanks to you all and Evan for these precious
    Thoughts in smiling; just thinking at this very moment
    Of Buster Keaton who apparently never smile, but I know something deep inside was there , although not apparent on the surface. I thought his sensibility was high and didn’t
    Have the need to external his smile . Can we say there is different ways to smile ? I’m sure Keaton had plentyGod’s qualities to express, even if his outside face didn’t seems
    Reflect it.
    I loved the way all contribute to this topic, bringing
    A natural, inspiring flow .

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