No FOMO with God

August 16, 2023 | 31 comments

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

FOMO is a frequent topic in the news media. Investors experience FOMO when they believe other investors are making more money than they are. FOMO happens in social media circles when people start believing others are having more fun, living better lives and having better experiences.

If FOMO is indulged, it creates feelings of anxiety and often leads to poor decision-making.

It’s healthy to avoid FOMO!

A cure for FOMO is to see that all the good you need to lead a successful life comes directly to you from God. It’s spiritual.

Success in life is not about how much money you make, how far you travel, or impressions you make on neighbors. It’s about spiritual mindedness, peace of mind, genuine contentment, the ability to listen and hear God’s wise direction when needed, knowing you’ll always have what you need when you need it.

When our primary goals in life are spiritual, we never fear missing out, because we will never miss out on receiving God’s love and care. It comes abundantly and keeps coming without fail.

Other people never have more of God’s goodness than we have. God loves everyone the same equally and unconditionally. Rather than fretting about what other people are doing, spend your time living Life the best you know. Excel and succeed at what God is inspiring you to do. That will bring the best outcome.

There is no FOMO with God. Just IHIA. I Have It All, already.

31 thoughts on “No FOMO with God”

  1. Thank you Evan! I am going to focus on my many blessings today! ( and one is definitely THIS daily gift! ) Very grateful for everyone here!

  2. Thank you, Evan, to talk about something totally new for me as a German.

    Could anyone do me the favor to explain a little bit more what FOMO means, please?

    1. Uta, yes I can. As a currency trader working as a contract trader in the markets. The not so obvious condition is personal bias about which way the market will run and for how long. When a trader opens a position base upon the current movement in them market often time if based upon a news event, the market will run hard in one direction causing the trader to want to join in that direction. That would be a late entry and a fear of missing out on the move. What happens most often because markets move in cycles and there a many type of traders in the market for different reasons, price moves can quickly change. A late entry trader can easily find themselves in a losing trade once the market has decided which is the longer term price cycle. I hope that helps. Fear blocks good decision making in trading. Or for that matter, any activity that a individual is involved. I know you know this confidence in spiritual identity and the surrounding goodness of our creator is best for decision making. I hope this helps.

      1. The market often times. Sorry about the bad typing. If you have any other questions or my explanation is not clear enough. I will be happy to make another attempt. I’ll check back later in the day just to be sure.

        1. Hi Josef, thank you very very much for your explanation. It is utmost interesting. At the first glance I seem to understand it. However it is so interesting that I will read it again very thoroughly. ♡

          1. Es bedeutet: Angst haben, etwas zu verpassen, im Sinne von: zu kurz kommen, alle anderen haben mehr: mehr Spass, mehr Geld, mehr Glück, mehr Chancen etc.

    2. It can be quite confusing, Uta, even here in the US … Thank you for your clarification
      of it more, Josef. IHIA does however, make sense.

      1. Yes, I have it all is the reliance we form we we understand spiritually that God never leaves anything out or half done. It is all complete, loving, ominous. Oh, by the way, I don’t recommend currency trading. It is a lot of work.

  3. What great timing! I was having a conversation with a family member on this topic last night and made a promise to myself that I would immediately address it prayerfully. So helpful – thank you!

  4. Thank you Evan. Thank you all. Although the synonyms you have used are new to me, I will hold unto them as I go on with my daily activities. I will hold in thought that I have it all, IHIA.. FOMO will disappear.

  5. Linda. I am going to assume that when you say *am glad to get it now” that you mean you understand what FOMO means. I don’t mean to be picky.

  6. Thank you, once again, Evan, for such a beautiful spiritual reminder of God’s Allness and our reflection of that Allness.

    It even extends to people in our lives who seemingly have “left us behind” or “ignore us.” God never, never ignores His child and His child can never have less than ALL. When people leave our lives, it can easily indicate we have outgrown them or we are simply no longer compatible. For me, I love to rejoice knowing, as God knows, that I have everything I need — and sometimes the trees of our spiritual vineyard need to be pruned.

    1. Oh, thank you Bob for pointing out this specific area covered by “I have it All (IHIA).” It’s very helpful to me.
      And thank you Evan for bringing this out. I see that this claim of fear of missing out (FOMO) can also seem apparent in seemingly small things such as in holding on to objects (for fear of later lack) or compulsively buying stuff on sale just for fear of missing out on a “saving” (I don’t mean spiritually led purchases or holding on, only FOMO-led activity.)

    2. I love this FOMO, hadn’t heard it before. Bob, your clarifying comments nailed for me what I’m feeling about a family member who seems to ignore me and my mother, even though they live locally. I suppose subconsciously I’ve been fearing that I’m missing out on “family”.

  7. FOMO is a huge acronym for the high school seniors I teach. They want to do EVERYTHING their senior year. They don’t want to miss out on opportunities, parties, events, sports, extracurricular activities…
    Because I teach at a public school, I have to be careful what I say, but if they have already shared their religious beliefs with me, I often try to inspire them with spiritual ideas that God is with them and guiding them at all times. Otherwise, I just tell them to be present in the moment and appreciate what and who they have in their life right now. And everyday I pray for them and myself for spiritual guidance, renewal, and fulfillment.
    One quote I have lived by since I was in high school is Proverbs 3:5-6:”Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

  8. Yes, thank you Evan and everyone. FOMO means to me an example of indulging in covetousness of the good and things our “neighbour” has. Of course, we don’t want to do this as described by Evan and the last commandment.

  9. Bob, thank you for sharing your thoughts about people who have gone out of our lives. They were very helpful to me.

  10. I love Evan’s statement that in turning to God we can know that we’ll always have what we need, when we need it. Reminds me of Mrs. Eddy’s statement in Misc Writing (p. 307) that when you wait on (trust) God, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment.

    FOMO is plain and simply the belief in lack/scarcity, that we can somehow be without something we need or that our abundant good from God can be diminished or withheld. Social media certainly fuels these kind of mortal mind thoughts that others are happier than us and having a better daily life,

    Let’s stick with Truth and a spiritual focus so we can enjoy the amazing simple goodness that is always present and is more than enough. Love to all of you.

  11. This really emphasizes how essential it is to be thankful to God for every good in life. Nature hates a vacuum! Fill thought with gratitude that we choose or it will be filled with whatever is out there–weeds and negativity effortlessly filling thought space we must reserve for God.
    God is ALL IN ALL.
    Nothing else is going on.
    We are His Image and Likeness!
    We reflect perfection of the spiritual One. FOREVER.

    1. Marjorie that is an important point you made, nature hates a vacuum. We do ourselves a great favor by keeping consciousness filled with thoughts of abundance, expansiveness and Good. Otherwise error will just try to come rushing in to the “space we must reserve for God.”

  12. Thanks every one of you who comment’s. each day. In gratitude for all we have. Our hidden treasure. “Hid with Christ forever.” Providing all we need.

  13. I very much appreciate your post, Evan, and everyone’s comments. I like relating FOMO to coveting what someone else has and replacing FOMO with IHIA. This is especially helpful for FOMO of work assignments and knowing that IHIA for a productive, purposeful day,

  14. Thanks for all these great comments and the great subject, Evan!
    Here is another acronym I recently learned: JOMO — the Joy Of Missing Out!
    I have been using this recently to reassure myself that I don’t really want to spend my life pursuing worldly “highs” that make some part of me feel that I am important, that I am popular, that I belong. As it says somewhere in the Bible: “Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils!”
    In other words, we are moving from defining ourselves by social conditioning and what “man” thinks of us, to be defined solely as God’s children. This way we can love our fellow man without needing approval from him/her.

  15. Sometimes we get conflicting thoughts by well meaning trusted others and it is
    difficult to understand which is really the Truth or God-inspired messages for us,
    personally. Like in the morning, if our day doesn’t start out as usual and then we
    sometimes hear things that we question as to what to believe … “mortal” sources
    often tend to embellish how things really are, leaving us wondering what to think.
    In trying to understand and realize our True identity as all being children of God,
    our ultimate goal, of course, I sometimes have difficulty in tuning in to which
    direction to take “humanly”.
    Today, while driving home, I came across two very sweet little fawns who stepped
    out of a corn field very close to the road. Their innate gentleness and innocence
    was so endearing and special and they just stood and we cherished each other’s
    being in peace. It reminded me of the night I had to take my very senior dog to the
    vet to compassionately have her pts. I was feeling very distraught driving home
    and sad and came around a curve and there in the middle of the road was this
    adorable little fawn, frolicking without a care in the world and it happily skipped
    off into the woods. It brightened my spirit (as friends used to say that my dog looked
    like a deer). As if God was showing me at that very moment just what I needed to
    see… that her perfect being was joyous in eternal Life’s Peace. Sometimes I wish
    all of His direction was this defined and clear.

  16. Dear Evan, thank you very much for today`s SpiritView. It teaches us to know that we already have everything we need from God abundantly. IHIA is lovely and funny and so true: I have it all !

    Thanks to Josef’s thorough and interesting explanation, I do understand now FOMO.
    And Nina explained it in German in short; that is very loving and nice of her. Thank you, Nina!

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