A hiking prayer

August 20, 2021 | 27 comments


If you like to hike in the wilderness, hike with God every step of the way!

Start with a clear understanding that the hike is going to be a successful adventure of exploring and witnessing some of the beauty, grandeur, and expansiveness of God’s awesome creation.

See God governing the hike, providing strength to endure, joy to stay buoyant, poise to stay calm, health to stay well, and love to feel peace.

Take with you the companions of faith in good, trust that everything works together for blessing, and expectancy that all is well.

Leave behind all strain and stress, worry and fear.

Hike in Spirit, not in matter. Stay spiritually minded. Seek fresh inspiration, heavenly insight, and expansive views of spiritual reality.

Hike up the mountain of Truth. Stand on the summit divine inspiration. Walk around the lake of spiritual reflection.

Let God lead the way. Let inspiration fill the day. Bring back a higher and better place of thought than when you started.

Let your hike be a spiritually productive event that is memorable for all the new inspiration and revelation from God you received along the way, and kept with you far into the future.

Hike with Love. Hike with Truth. Hike with Life.

Enjoy your hike with God!

27 thoughts on “A hiking prayer”

  1. This is perfect for me Evan as I’m expecting to be away from home for several weeks during October and November. Sounds idyllic , but it will be a challenge as I’ve actually become too comfortable around my home environment this last 18 months. I love how you outline all the positive aspects and enjoyment of exploration . This inspiring treatment is printed off ready to be packed as one of my necessities, although I will probably have it ‘off by heart’ by then! We are always enjoying the harmony of Gods Kingdom. Grateful❣️

    1. Smart idea Barbara to include today’s great advice from Evan in your packing essentials for your trip. This kind of spiritual awareness, kept at the forefront of our thought, may be the most important thing we bring with us wherever we go.

      Today I’m venturing out on a walk today to drop off some items for the Haiti earthquake response which my local police precinct is collecting, then on to a community garden to drop off food and yard scraps to be composted. This garden has a small wooded area and is on a river, so I can sit for a while and appreciate some nature. Grateful for uplifted ideas shared today to take along!

        1. Thank you Susan J and Barbara for your kind thoughts. I am here now at the edge of this small river, just getting lost in the perfect continuous flow, like God continually flowing good to us and through us.

  2. I hike with God along the way. Thank you for your detailed hiking thoughts as spiritually described. It makes for a richer and more Godly experience.

  3. I’m not getting to go on a hike today – but I am heading off to work, which I was dreading somewhat. So, in your wonderful Spirit View today I substituted “work” for “hike” and it works! Even the first line works: “If you like to [work} in the wilderness {the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears, and spiritual sense unfolds the great facts of existence.” S&H pg. 597], work with God every step of the way.” I’m anticipating a much better day at work dear Evan. Thanks so much! I’ll “let inspiration fill the day.” Ever grateful for your inspirations….

    1. Loving all the inspired thoughts here today, including yours Sharon, to expand the idea of an actual hike in nature to include any endeavor we may engage in today — including work!

      Thank you Evan for, “Let God lead the way. Let inspiration fill the day. Bring back a higher and better place of thought than when you started.”

      I bless us all as we “enjoy our hike with God today!”

  4. It’s hard to imagine leaving the ordinary day to simply explore new places. Long ago I used to venture forth finding beauty in nature. Lately I have dedicated time for walking. As as a result I have lost much error. I pray each step rehearsing Mrs. Eddy’s poems as found in the hymnal. All seven of them, and other poems that are memorable to me. Sometimes singing them. This has strengthened me. John 6:63, “It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing:”
    I’m not ready for the Appalachian Trail yet. ( An approximately 2000 mile , 3,200 KM footpath through the Appalachian Mountains from Mount Katahdin in Main to Springer Mountain in Georgia)
    My walk around the block has been a very good thing for me. Perhaps a prelude to more adventurous undertakings. The complete freedom of hiking in new places would abandon stationary limitations. Give wings to thought. Thank you for this encouraging advice this morning.

    1. Oh how I understand David.
      Long ago I had planned on hiking the Appalachian Trail.
      I am having to re-learn how to walk, and enjoy simple steps on my deck with the Blue Ridge Parkway as my view off in the distance,
      Repeating prayers and affirmations…I glorify God while taking one step at a time.

      1. Susan, I have been walk challenged, too. My Sister found renewed walkability by giving gratitude for each step. In this weeks lesson scriptural quotes:
        Proverbs 7:4, Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call understanding thy kinswoman.
        I have been walking around the block each evening now. Not quickly but progress. I pray every step of the way. I try to “Walk with Love along the way” Hymn # 139.
        Love your freedom….
        The Blue Ridge Parkway must be very beautiful and enticing. A dream come true…

  5. The right equipment would seem to me to be The Bible and Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy. ………And your own preferred tents and food. Then watch out or the racoons will steal your donuts at 6 a.m.. Thank you for this beautifully illustrated message.

  6. For a number of years I was an active Volksmarcher here in the United States. Returning GI’s and German immigrants brought the sport here–planned 10K walks sponsored by Volksmarching clubs–and I was a founding member of “Ozark Hill Hikers” in Arkansas. Now, my longest hikes are to my mail box, and from car to grocery store, as well as imaginary hikes taken by characters in the books I write, but I do understand the application of this inspiration! Thank you.

  7. Thanks Evan. Your thoughts remind me of the hymn:

    I (hike) with Love along the way,
    And O, it is a holy day;
    No more I suffer cruel fear,
    I feel God’s presence with me here;
    The joy that none can take away is mine;
    I hike with Love today!

    1. I Love this! In Sunday school, I had a teacher that made sure that we memorized this hymn. I still fall back to it so often. It must have meant a great deal to her. I’m so glad she shared it with us and thank you for your inspiration!

  8. One can embark on an adventure and pack all of Evan’s instructions in order to lighten his load, leaving “behind all stress and strain, worry and fear.” Love the counsel to “See God governing……providing strength to endure, joy to stay buoyant, poise to stay calm, health to stay well, and love to feel peace.” I will take these admonitions with me on my daily beach walks!
    As always, cherishing this group of spiritual thinkers.

  9. Thank you very much dear Evan for this so loving SpiritView with such a nice refreshing hiking picture!
    I also hike only from home to car and later to the supermarket and around there. Or from parking place to our church and later back.
    However when I read your SV a second and third time, it is also, or perhaps mainly meant the spiritual hike with God!

    Although I had the great previlige to join a wonderful. lively uplifting and joyful Associationmeeting yesterday online this SpiritView is so needed to lift me up from a bit seemingly unhappy state of mind today. I havn’t been out as it rained the whole day and does still.
    Helpful was the benediction of Moji Gerne, First Reader of The Motherchurch today, I. e. “You have the Mind of Christ”. Wonderful!

    Oh yes, am longing to hike with Truth, hike with Love and hike with Life, and hiking so with God can only be done with Joy!

    “I walk with Love along the way,
    and oh it is a holy day
    No more I suffer cruel fear
    I feel God”s presence with me here.”

    I love this first comforhing verse of our hymn no. 139

    Am deeply grateful for this comforting, healing SpiritView Blog.
    Thank you Evan!!!♡

  10. This is a perfect prayer to start our day even if we aren’t hiking. We can use this as a way to begin our day and use the same concepts for work, for school, for a meeting, or perhaps dealing with a form of discord , in my case trying to sell a house. Thank you Evan for your dedication to your blog. I’ve been following your blog for sometime. I have saved so many and gone back to them. It’s so easy to use my phone and can read anywhere I am and get some encouragement. I am grateful for you inspiration from the Father, and how you express Him to all of us.
    Thank you!

  11. Thank you, Evan, for your love and inspiration that uplifts me each and every day, and for the SV community. Grateful beyond words!

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