A key to happiness

July 6, 2015 | 5 comments

I haven’t done a scientific study, but it seems that the happiest people I know are some of the most generous in heart, mind and soul. They are quick to give, to offer help, and happy to be of help.

They don’t give out of a feeling of obligation. They don’t give because they want to be sure they are following the proper moral code. They don’t share to look good in other’s eyes. They simply want to help. They like to help. And they do help. They want to be sure others around them are getting what they need to prosper too. And they are often, if not almost always, engaged with some type of activity that is unselfish. They are giving people. And it makes them happy to give.

On the opposite side, it seems that those who struggle with unhappiness are more often than not, worried about themselves. They fear lack, they often don’t see how they can give to another because they feel poor themselves, charity is weighed in terms of what they personally will gain rather than in terms of what the person they help gains, they may spend a lot of time complaining about life’s unfairness, and even feel mired in loneliness.

But the generous soul is never alone. They are too occupied helping others, spreading around their joy and lighting up the atmosphere of thought they inhabit. They are thinking outside of themselves, finding their good in their neighbor’s good, and happy to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them. Their cup runs over and they are glad to share the bounty. It makes them happy to give in whatever way they are able.

It seems totally backward to the selfish mind how giving to another can result in a positive gain because the selfish mind measures gain in material terms. It wants to see something it can acquire, a concession granted, or an honor received to merit giving.

But the benefits of giving unselfishly do make sense in divine Science.

In divine Science, God supplies all of man’s needs. All that makes a person truly happy comes directly from God, and the person who figures this out ceases looking to others or to the world for their happiness. They find it in their relationship to God. They don’t need concessions from others to be happy. They don’t need another possession. They already have happiness! And that’s why they can give without wondering what they’ll get in return. They don’t need anything in return. They already have the best life has to offer—an understanding of their completeness in Spirit.

So, don’t fear to give generously. It just might bring a bit more happiness your way today.

“Remember this—a farmer who plants only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who plants generously will get a generous crop.”
~ 2 Corinthians, 9:6, NLT

“The good person is generous and lends lavishly.”
~ Psalms 112:5, MSG

5 thoughts on “A key to happiness”

  1. Thanks Evan for giving us the beautiful key to happiness.
    Its very true that a person who is always preoccupied in thinking about how to make others happy, is seldom sad. His focus moves away from himself to others. Secondly such a person is never depressed.
    It has also been observed that the generous people are not necessarily very wealthy people. But they do get the wealth of happiness by being generous.
    “Giving does not impoverish us, neither does withholding enrich us, in the service of our maker.”
    Since childhood I have seen, that whenever one gives anything out of love and compassion and without any ulterior motive, one gets back in plenty. But the motive behind giving, must be selfless and pure. Giving from a loving heart brings boundless joy for sure, along with many other graces from God.
    Giving need not necessarily be in cash. You can give a patient listening to a friend who is troubled, or moral courage to the discouraged one, or impart education to the needy, appreciation to light up a morose face, encouragement to boost the drooping spirit, forgiveness which is most needed, a smile to cheer up some ones day, or even pray to bring about a healing.

  2. This is such a valuable lesson….one I’ve had to relearn several times. Thank you Evan!

    A wise CS teacher once said to me, “Circumstances don’t produce happiness. Happiness produces circumstances.” How true is that!

    As an example, many years ago, in the city where I was then living, the local newspaper held “Old Newsboys Day”, a yearly charitable event in which volunteers, from different businesses, would stand at roadway intersections to collect donations from drivers on their way to work in the morning. The newspaper then gave those donations to local charities. The driver would receive that day’s newspaper in return. As a volunteer, it was so interesting to me that the drivers in the oldest, most dilapidated and run-down cars would always give the largest donations! They also smiled the most!

  3. The Nurse Aide, Gaitree Rancharitar, from Gayana who is now a citizen of tha USA is such a person. She gave up all of her desires to take care of me, her family, her desire to be married, vacation and sick time. All that to make sure that I live a better life with the physical difficulties that I go through. I have 3 other aides who are also dedicated. I am blessed and so are they for the giving of themselves as much as much as they can. But appreciation by others besides me, NO, not as much as they should and this is because of the selfishness of the material, mortal man.

  4. Thank you, Evan. This prompted me to share this on FB in order to express gratitude for all the loving and giving people in my life.

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