A New Year’s pledge

December 31, 2015 | 19 comments


“Ring out the false, ring in the true.”

~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

19 thoughts on “A New Year’s pledge”

  1. Although measuring time is a mortal construct, the end of the year tends to bring an assessment of progress, and thoughts of goals for the future. For myself, the past year was not at all what I’d imagined! The one goal I’d set myself – to get my apartment cleaned up and out – did not happen. Rather than letting myself feel disappointed with that, I so appreciate all I have accomplished in terms of spiritual growth! I have learned so much, and grown so much – much cleaning up and out of thought instead, which is much more important. And, I know the outward progress will catch up to the inward.

    Thank you to Evan, and everyone else who shares this blog (whether you post or not), for supporting each other’s spiritual growth! It means a lot to have online venues for sharing Christian Science, and connecting with like-minded thinkers. And of course the biggest thanks to God for giving each of us what we really need, rather than what we think we do!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  2. I am sincerely grateful for every single one of your posts, Evan !
    The Altanta, Gerogia lecture, “The Healing Perspective of Christian Science”
    was/is just great. Thank you for sharing it here this week, 12/28/15.
    I have passed it along to several others.
    Also thanks to Ellen for her comments….sounds like my very
    own plan, to clean up and clear out! I like the idea that once that is
    done in thought, the human steps naturally follow.
    Thank you for expressing it so well.

  3. Happy New Year! As the others have said, this blog is so appreciated for the messages you give us Evan, and for those who respond. I like what Ellen said about the clean up and clear out of thought which will result in the outward manifestation, and being grateful for that spiritual progress instead of dwelling on what we did not accomplish humanly that we thought we should have. Thank you all.

  4. Out with the old, in with the new! Shedding old tired material thinking and welcoming in new fresh views of man and the universe! What joy and spiritual progress awaits us in the New Year! Deep gratitude, Evan, for your thought provoking blog. A true blessing. 🙂

  5. Happy New Day, Everyone. Happy New Year. Time is a spiritual concept and although it can be measured in some ways, it is really limitless and can never stop us from reaching our true ‘goals’ of understanding what is really important in life… love, harmony, peace, etc.
    We have a clean slate every day, every hour, every minute, every second to pursue what truly makes us and everyone we cherish happy and contented. In keeping our thoughts in line with peace and harmony, we can even help the world. So, Happy Second! Everyone! : )

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR! – To You, Evan, and to All who read this Blog! I am most Grateful for the progress I have made as a Christian Scientist this year and am already looking forward to more progress in 2016! The quality of our Bible Lessons and Journal and Sentinel Articles and Lectures continues to expand and to contribute to the Healing of Our World. So Grateful that Christian Science is becoming more and more a powerful influence for Healing on Earth! Love and Blessings!

  7. I am reminded of Eddy’s statement ” To those leaning on the sustaining infinite , today is big with blessings” That is my challenge moving forward with out fear.

  8. Yes Evan thank you so much for all you share! As a new comer to Christian Science I am grateful for everything you have posted & gave with so much love. My Spiritual growth continues thanks to God & MBE & everyone else who have given their healing perspective!!

  9. Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to Evan for his lectures and daily lifts and this webpage, and thanks to all who respond to the ideas. My past year has also been filled with growth and glimpses, for which I am very thankful. Here’s to a new year of more learning about God and living lovingly to ourselves and our neighbors.

  10. Amen to all of the above comments. I am so grateful for the spiritual growth this past year and anticipating more in the future.

    A Blessed New Year to all!

  11. Sincerest thanks, Evan, for your work, watch, prayer in CS and generous sharing – gifts of healing and blessing beyond words. Love’s blessings ever anew in the New Year all!

  12. Thank you Evan for every lecture, post, video…blog post…I have watched your lectures so many times!!! Your talk in Lake Tahoe which I was so happy to attend was beyond great…as were all the speakers.
    I just want to say how much I appreciate all that you share. It has and continues to heal.
    With Love,

  13. In the future, whenever the idea of time comes to my thought, I plan to consider that it is time to acknowledge God’s, Mind’s, order in my life wherever I am, whatever I am doing. Thanks to all!

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