A plan of escape

November 27, 2017 | 12 comments

The best way to escape evil, is to pursue good.

12 thoughts on “A plan of escape”

  1. Yes, Evan, that is a blessing for everybody, the giver and the receiver.

    And yes, Anne that is an axcellent plan. Since I heard that once from the scouts, that this is their motto, I try to do it also, at least a helping hand to somebody. Or to be kind to one who was not so kind to me . šŸ˜‰

  2. good morning Evan and group. Thank you for reminding us of today’s slogan, it is substantial. How wonderful everything would be in the world if we respected and practiced The Golden Rule (Matthew), and Love towards “enemies” (also from the Bible). I think Uta in his comment is based on this too. To me one of the things that most satisfies me is to say hello with a smile and a kind word. Sometimes this simple thing changes the day to who receives it because it perceives the Love that we reflect of Love. It does not matter if it is a stranger or someone aggressive, without doubt the message comes to him. Blessings to all and excellent week!

    1. Thank you Gustavo for your good comment. By the way, I am a “she”.

      Thank you all below for your wonderful comments. I do also love the Hymn 58.

      Blessed day to all – in Germany it is late evening, nearly bedtime. šŸ˜‰

  3. What if there was
    one thing you wanted
    more than anything else….

    And this desire was
    the highest, most
    Majestic idea you
    could imagine…

    Can you imagine
    how beautiful life
    would appear…
    as it responds to
    this desire…?

    When this opens
    and touches you
    it whispers…
    ” I have always
    been here…
    We are One…
    This is what you
    truly are….”

  4. Wonderful! I always think of Hymn 58, 3rd verse: “In Thy house, securely dwelling,Where Thy children live to bless, Seeing only Thy creation, We can share Thy happiness…” Our mission is to bless! We escape evil by blessing others.

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