Seek the most important knowledge of all

November 28, 2017 | 14 comments

The highest knowledge is knowledge of God.

People often spend a substantial portion of their time in a seeking mode. They seek knowledge of how to operate their smart phones, how to earn money, master a software program, please their boss, or entertain themselves. We need knowledge to conduct our daily lives intelligently, but sometimes, the human mind gets so preoccupied with temporal goals, it forgets the most important pursuit of all—understanding God.

In the Big Picture of Life, it’s not how much tech savvy you have, money in the bank, body pounds lost, or vocational knowledge that keeps you happy and healthy in the long run. It’s your understanding of God that brings the greatest joy.

God is Life. The grandest pursuit is knowledge of how God governs and empowers you to stay healthy and free of burden no matter what happens on earth.

To know God is to know Life. There is no higher place to go, no greater accomplishment to rejoice over than knowing God.

God is Love. There is no greater comfort to feel than the all-enveloping love of God that meets every need without fail. Understanding God is key to finding this comfort.

With all your seeking, seek the highest knowledge of all—a knowledge of God!

“’God is Love.’ More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

14 thoughts on “Seek the most important knowledge of all”

  1. Good day Evan and loving group. Today’s topic is essential. He refers me to Matthew 6:33, first seek the kingdom of God and his Justice and the rest will come in addition. It seems simple, but … it requires consecration, purity of thought, to replace the ideas of the carnal mind with the ideas of the Soul, and thus flood the conscience with the Truth. Friends, good week.

  2. Night time descends
    The grace of peace
    with waters so calm,
    The loving silence
    brings her gifts
    from beyond

    ”Tis is where I found
    The Presence within,
    Now life is a song
    and the words a hymn

    1. Hi dear Maximo,

      I just got another idea to add to your lovely poem:

      and all t h a t is GOD
      for every man

  3. Good evening dear Evan and loving commenter family.

    I am very grateful indeed for today`s so important lesson which you give us with your above SpiritView! It is indeed our greatest aim as Christian Scientist to get deep knowledge of our so good God.

    I go totally confirm with what Shirley says, i.e. First lesson in Sunday School was that God is Love, only Love and no evil in Him. So about I learnt it. I am still very grateful for the SS where I learnt the first lessons, when I was about 10 years old. And what Evan says today is so so true, thank you very much for it 😉

    I would like to add something to that true sentence from SH what MBE says – I do that everytime when I read this i.e. at the end after “… farther we cannot go” I put these four words behind it “… more we do not need” For me this is the ultimate of the richness of God!

  4. A sentence in Science and Health stood out to me the other day: “During his night of gloom and glory in the garden, Jesus realized the utter error of a belief in any possible material intelligence.” (P 47: 31-1) Understanding God and being led by His/Her wisdom is the wisest course of action, the one that will bless ourselves and the world. Much thanks to Evan and to all those who post – and read – on this page.

  5. Complete and beautifully written!! Thank you and most grateful to all who follow these most
    inspiring articles. To know and love God and feel His presence daily – We have it all, lacking
    absolutely nothing. Thankful!!

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