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  1. Yes, Evan, thank you very much. That is so true what you affirm us today, and we can be very comforted and happy with it!

    The Daily Lift from TMC today also affirms us that we can never be out of His Love, whatever seems to try to make us believe the contrary.The Bible confirms us the unfailing Love of God to all His children, yes all His creation – wonderful!

    Oh, am I grateful, because I prayed these days for our government, which struggled very much to find a solution in the situation of the huge amount of refugees coming to Europe. The negotiations between the two Christ Democratic parties where very tough and hard.
    My main prayer was that in any case God is in complete control of the matter and that there is but one law, the divine law which governs all negotiations.I am grateful that last night they came to a mutual consent, that both parties can work with now.

    Yes, we are never out of control, for God is a l w a y s in control – thanks a lot, Evan!

    1. Thanks Evan for sharing this power statement. God is in control always.
      thanks Uta for sharing how you prayed for your Government to find a way to work together. It will be a blessing for the migrant people who need a new, safe home, and for your Government to work together in peace, strength, and harmony.
      Love fills all space.
      All are God’s family – His/Her children — no matter what country!!!

  2. Thanks Evan, as every day. Each one hits the mark in some way. I was also touched by Uta’s comment and helped in a funny way by her comment that says in part “…God is in complete control of the matter….” Right now I am dealing with an infestation of insects. The knowledge that God is in complete control of what seems to be the unwanted matter, the insects, was both funny and comforting to me.

    1. Hi Curran,

      Actually the insects are valuable for the nature, but not in the form of an infestation. Perhaps we could see it like that: the insects cannot do you any harm, b e c a u s e God is in complete control of the whole matter, and therefore we are never out of control, as Evan says.
      Would that also be a good Idea, I think so.

  3. Thank you Evan. When one gives control over to God, good. All the requirements will be met in infinite detail where no human could possibly work them out by plan. I’ve witness this many times and marveled at its majesty smiling within expressing spiritual joy.

    1. Yes Josef…I love the moments of marveling, being in awe of His hand of perfection in our lives. Great reminder Evan that no matter what appears to be happening, God is indeed in control and our job is to not interfere (enter fear) into the picture!

  4. Thank you Evan. About 2 weeks ago I realized just how many suggestions of “chance” we hear daily. We hear things like “there is a 1 in 5 chance of getting some disease”, “there is a 50-50 chance every marriage will end in divorce”, “the odds some candidate will win the election are very high”, and even the weather report will mention a “percent chance” of precipitation.

    While reading the Christian Science Bible Lesson on the subject of “Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?” a few weeks ago it brought out so clearly how God is in control. That truth really resonated with me in light of my recent realization of the need to protect my thought from suggestions of “chance”.

    My hobby is gardening and there had not been rain for a few weeks at my house. It was so dry that the ground in my garden actually had started to crack. I have rain barrels that I use to collect rain water for watering the garden and I had used all of the water in those barrels. The forecast for a few days called for a high chance of rain, but all we got at my house was 0.04 inches. The future near term forecast did not call for any additional rain. But in spite of those weather reports, I just held to the fact that man is not subject to “chance”, but instead is controlled by God. Every time the thought occurred to me how much rain was needed, I just revealed in the knowledge of God’s loving control of his creation. Well I’m happy to say we got two nice unexpected rain events a few days apart that totally refreshed my garden and filled all of my rain barrels. But the new found peace of just knowing God is always in control was the real benefit of this right thinking on the topic of “chance” and that right thinking has brought me peace in regard to all aspects of my life, not just in regard to getting rain for my garden.

    1. thank you Brian for your inspiring comment.
      I also love gardening very much, and we have nearly the same condition presently. Had two days lot of rain and now every day sun and no rain, and it will last the next time. But Hamburg has a lot of ground water, and I get the water out of our tab in the evening to water the garden.

      You are right there is no “chance” in God, as God is really in total control of everything happening to us. And this comforting truth is really the greatest benefit God gives us lovingly!

  5. Once read all fear comes from the belief that something other than God is present or has power. Could say something other than God is in control of us and our experience. Sometimes ask myself when frightened or confused, “Did something take God’s place? Often abates the fear or persuades me to let go of the controls.

  6. Thanks for this clear reminder! I’ve had the tendency to be concerned about what others are thinking in relation to what I am doing, and it has caused me to be nervous in front of them. I am learning to let go of that false sense of self, and know that God is indeed in control of all of us. We can’t react to anything; we can only respond to what God knows of each of us, and that is only good. God is the only one we need to be concerned about pleasing.

  7. Thanks again Evan for getting the conversation going! Lots of good ideas in the responses. Thank you all. (=

  8. Wow, what is there left to say? A wonderful and helpful SpiritView – thank you yet again, Evan – and so many interesting responses. – thanks to all of you!

  9. Wonderful comments – so timely for me! They help me affirm with greater conviction that perfect Love, Intelligence and Wisdom is in complete control and perfect harmony in and through me right here, right now. Thank you all!!

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