A remedy for polarization

September 2, 2021 | 34 comments


Polarization seems to be running rampant in the United States these days. Voters get divided into the red and the blue, the liberal and the conservative, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

In praying for a way out of feeling polarized, I found inspiration in these words written by Mary Baker Eddy:

“This material world is even now becoming the arena for conflicting forces. On one side there will be discord and dismay; on the other side there will be Science and peace” Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 96.

As I studied this passage, I thought, “I want to stand on the side of ’Science and peace.’ This is the cure for polarization.”

When one stands on the side of “Science and peace,” he is not judging his neighbor critically according to their political views or medical choices. He beholds the child of God that listens to divine direction and acts per heavenly guidance.

To stand with “Science and peace,” is to be a peacemaker, not a conflict maker. It’s to show respect to others, even those with different opinions. It’s to see the good in others, to seek out common ground, to look for ways to work together as one, and to work for the common good.

To stand with “Science and peace,” is to not stand with anger, self-righteous pride, narrow-minded outlooks, or stubborn opinion.

To stand with “Science and peace,” is to rise above material mortal polarization, and unite with the one Mind that brings everyone together as one.

To stand with “Science and peace,” is to stand with God, with divine Love, and to be a positive influence and presence in all relations with other people.

To stand with “Science and peace,” is to choose to not stand on the side of “discord and dismay.”

With God, there’s only one side to choose, the side of “Science and peace.” That’s the side that sounds most attractive to me.

Where do you choose to stand today?

34 thoughts on “A remedy for polarization”

  1. I looked up the word “stand” in a dictionary, and one of the definitions was
    “an act of holding one’s ground against or halting to resist an opposing force:”.
    In Science we come to understand that there is no real opposing force against
    the Lord. He is always maintaining peace – and this peace is all powerful.
    So knowing that, in spite of what the material senses are presenting to us, we
    can stand confidently with Science and peace.

  2. It’s been a real lesson to me to see that the word “man” means “all men.”.
    There are not “good” people and “bad” people just children of God..
    To divine Love there are no enemies..
    In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek..
    We are one. And I can have only ONE concept of man and that is GOOD God’s reflection.

  3. This is the best blog yet. I needed this. I’m finally grappling with the painful thoughts I have had about negative exchanges I’ve seen in the Church over the years and the bullying that happened to my son in a CS youth program. We ALL belong to God. I can’t deny that. Thank you for this.

  4. Thank you, Evan, for this important message to wake up to the ways mortal mind would divide us. If we as Christian Scientists choose Science and peace and practice all that entails within our own churches, we then can choose Science and peace to help heal the world. True practice begins as we examine the thoughts coming to us to choose Science and peace right within our homes, our churches, and with our neighbors! Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Roberta,
      I went to the site and couldn’t find his talk. There were several other very interesting sounding talks, however. I especially like to listen to Dr. Lawrence Doyle and he has one.
      Thanks anyway.

  5. This is so good. It did not come to my mailbox — I needed to come to the site to get it. I did not get The Daily Lift either this morning, and need to go to JSH on-line to get it.

  6. After reading this morning’s heavenly note … I now stand on the side of “Science and peace” … I already feel peaceful with this higher view … thank you Evan!

  7. Yes, I choose Science and peace as well. What a gift! It is a privilege to study and learn more about it each day. Thank you for reminding us of Mrs. Eddy’s words on this subject.

  8. Thanks to Evan and all.
    I strongly second Roberta’s recommendation of Mark Sappenfield’s
    talk. Dare I say spiritually brilliant!

  9. It reminds me of what MBE wrote about her politics.

    “What are your politics?” I have none, in
    reality, other than to help support a righteous government;
    to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself. ❤️

  10. I will listen to Mark’s inspiring talk sgain. It IS SO INSPIRING. Go to Peace Haven’s website to find it.

  11. Woops- “again”. Good reminder to proofread “my” thoughts before accepting them as authentic and sharing them!

  12. I find this brilliant Evan.
    Thank you for your wonderful, needed thoughts.
    Wish they could be amplified and shared across the planet.
    From one who used to find myself very opinionated and often recognizing how those strongly held opinions often change throughout the years, I pause and acknowledge how this lesson would have been a wonderful guiding light for me early on in my life.
    Now is as good of time as ever…
    So again, endless gratitude❣️

  13. Found it and printed it out. will listen and read it along.. Yes to “Science and peace”
    Thanks for todays subject. for conversation.

  14. From an article I just read, “ And Love’s unifying law, divine Science, or the Holy Ghost, operates throughout all space to maintain the harmony and cohesiveness of being—to maintain infinity as an indivisible whole, thus “forbidding” any possibility of opposing, conflicting forces, of one component of creation at odds with, or able to victimize, another.”
    The article is God’s Harmless Creation by Barbara Cook Spencer Apr 2006 CS Journal.

    I try (as much as possible) to stay out of the “what side are you on” thinking. There are never actually two sides, there is only one side — God’s side. I try to have compassion for everyone, we are all doing our best, according to our highest sense of right.

  15. Here it is late evening now. Of course I love to choose the one and only side there is with God, the omnipresent Good, the side of Science and peace. Today, I must admit that I struggled a bit with me, to be peaceful. And in the evening i longed for a helpful truth thought. The following thought came, which I also passed to CS facebook friends: ” Man is spiritual and therefore healthy because health is spiritual.” That is a short but clear Truth. I am very grateful to Mrs. Eddy that she gave us the Science of Christ healing, which she practised over and over herself so as Christ Jesus did.
    Thank you very much dear Evan for your today’s very helpful spiritual views on the above topic!
    So many wonderful comments are given here so lovingly. Thank you all very much!♡

  16. To strengthen the sens of unity instead the sens of separation. Very helpful to me. Thank you, Evan, and all of you! ♥️

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