17 thoughts on “A rule for living”

  1. Oh wow that is the most amazing picture! I can’t stop looking at it. No fear there at all. The cat showing gentle caring and the mouse showing perfect trust. Brilliant.

  2. Thank you, dear Evan, for all this lovely, elevating and helping thoughts, almost every day.
    What stroke me today is
    «  At all times »: that really means not stopping watching our thoughts, even for a moment.
    And «  under all circumstances » : even those who seem « humanly understandable » , rejecting firmly whatever is not Godlike, good ! like this beautiful cat , rejecting its desire to play dangerously with the mouse, and the mouse rejecting its fear to be in the presence, more, the contact with the cat !!
    Thanks deeply.

  3. Thank you Linda and Monique, you are hitting the nail ! The most important is said by you! 🙂

    How important is that truth sentence of our loved Mary Baker Eddy.
    Because sometimes there have been circumstances where I havn`t been watchful enough about my thinking the godly thoughts. And, uups, there developed a false inharmonious situation I could have prevented by being more patient and loving towards that person. Oh, how unhappy am I afterwards. But then I pray and trust God leading me to the right ideas, to heal that situation !

    Utterly sweet above loving picture – thanks a lot Evan.

    Am I grateful for Christian Science, being the Science of Love!
    Cannot thank enough for your really wonderful, helpful and healing SpiritView blog, dear Evan!

  4. Love Mrs Eddy’s admonition, love the picture of the cat & mouse, & love all the precious feedback from fellow followers of Spiritview. Thank U all.

    1. Love that picture, Evan and the words of wisdom that goes with it! I have seen many trans species get along who would normally be prey/predator, when Love is expressed in it’s entirety. I have seen cats get along with guinea pigs, being best of friends, bunnies with dogs and other pictures and videos of wildlife relationships.
      What inspiration for mankind to get along with each other and our surroundings on a personal, local and global basis… so needed today. I, too, love the feedback of SVers with added insight and loving shares and appreciate all of the spiritual thoughts on these wonderful topics.

  5. I do like the quote. a daily message. I don’t know how you got a picture of my longhair cat Doug.
    As for mice, he brings them in alive. Saved one from a Doug dunking in the toilet. We got to the good part eventually.

  6. My life
    is your Life, Lord…
    My heart is
    your Heart, Lord….
    My mind is your
    Mind, Lord….
    As I stop dreaming
    the more I see
    your face in
    all beings…..

    1. Wow! Maximo thank you ♡

      Evan, thank you for all your inspired sharing.

      Fellow Spiritviewers, such a precious group, led by One

  7. Though having chosen the path of Metaphysical Christianity, I enjoy your blogs Evan and this struck me as a great “urban update” visual for Isaiah 11 – the whole point being “Knowledge of the Lord.” It has been ignorance which has hurt and nearly destroyed us, but in the “holy mountain” of higher consciousness where Christ has dominion over all things, knowledge of the Truth of our Being, of God, and what we are in him, will set us free from the chains of error with which ignorance has bound us.’

    Although I must admit the furrowed brow on the cat has me wondering if perhaps he is asking “how did we get here??”

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