Make the most of every moment

October 10, 2018 | 14 comments

Every moment is an opportunity to experience God’s goodness and live a blessed life. Be sure to use every moment to its potential!

To make the most of every moment, focus on maximizing the good for that moment, looking for evidence of good, acknowledging its presence and fully appreciating it. To succeed, put aside any temptation to fret, worry, dither, or grieve about yesterday, and really enjoy the omnipresence of God’s goodness that envelopes you.

The life God has given you to live is filled with endless moments of goodness. This life is not found in a material surrounding. It’s found in Mind. You experience it in spiritual consciousness.

A God-moment is a moment of spiritual inspiration, and you can have inspired moments one right after the other. There is no end to inspiration coming from God.

God is your Life. God is Good! Anything less than good is not your life to claim, and can be left behind.

Have every moment be a God-inspired moment.

“Take my life, and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee.
Take my moments and my days,
Let them flow in ceaseless praise.”

Hymn 324, Christian Science Hymnal

14 thoughts on “Make the most of every moment”

  1. Hi SpiritView friends and fans, want to inform you, if you missed the SpiritView of yesterday, because it was not in your inbox, that there i s a very important SpiritView yesterday..

    The so good topic is “The purpose of Church”. Today is Wednesday and most of all, if not all, will go to the testimony meeting tonight. So it would be so suitable to read yeserday`s Blog of Evan.

    You can get it if go to the bottom of today`s SpiritView, and on the left side just above the 3 fotos you click on “Older”, and you will get to yesterday`s so inspired and inspiring SV. Love to all! 🙂

    Thank you Evan, I love that song 324 so very much, also the melody!
    Such a wonderful outlook for today and every day. Yes let`s enjoy the omnipresence of God`s goodness that envelopes us all and not look back to yesterday, if there was seemingly something not so good.
    Yesterday very late, it began to get dark, I burnt weed in my garden with a gaspipe. I did not wear protecting glasses, so smoke came into my eyes. This morning while reading the weekly lesson sermon a bit upcoming fear, that the smoke did something to my eyes, was washed away through the wonderful clear and healing truths in the lesson. I am so grateful for this wonderfully applicable Science of the Christ which shows us our spiritual being !

  2. Also from the CS Hymnal #6: “Today hath need of thee.” We not only have all of God’s blessings but we also have a purpose. I love Peter Henniker-Heaton’s poem “My Father Worketh Hitherto”
    “Finding our God-endowed identity,
    we lose alike self-love and self-ennui.
    New talents, new capacities unfold,
    as we upon the boundless basis build
    of the one Mind that gives to every hour
    purpose and zest and power.”
    Have a zestful day everyone!

  3. Oh, great poem! Great thought, this unstoppable good. One of the definitions of Serpent in S&H is, “the first lie of limitation.” If we’re tempted to limit any success, any abundance, any ability, any possibility, guess who’s talking?

    Just read this morning a delightful testimony (Wilfred Roberts, Jr. May 1959 issue of The Christian Science Journal ) about a musician who was required to play a fearfully difficult solo 4 times a day every single day for over a month. He was periodically challenged with weakness and dizziness, which was met with prayer. When he called the practitioner to again support him on the last day, the practitioner reminded him that he’d played it perfectly 136 times already, and might want to be grateful for that, then said, gently, “How much proof do you need?”

  4. Evan, that is so wonderful–and completely true! I have been endeavoring to live more “God-inspired” moments as I go through each day, even with a number of tasks that need to be completed (or may not need to be done that day). There has been so much more dominion, joy, and freedom as the days flow forth. Much gratitude for all your inspired messages!

  5. When I think of Love
    I think of God
    When I think of goodness
    I think of God
    When I see beauty
    I see God
    When I think with Mind
    I know God… directly
    Then I see you
    as you truly are….
    Magnificent, whole, Loved
    beyond measure, perfect
    and beauty manifest
    beyond compare…
    When I think of you
    I see God’s reflection…

    1. Thank you Maximo, very inspired and lovely. Will go to church now with this oneness with God and this beauty of God`s man in mind!

  6. Thanks. I especially appreciated the word “dither”, describing thoughts, concepts, that aren’t good or worth holding onto.

  7. Thanks, Evan for such good instructions for living, and for all who have commented. Now to listen to the service from The Mother Church.

  8. What a wonderful topic, and one that speaks directly to me! Thank you Evan, and thanks to all for your contributions of thoughts, hymns, and poetry. Special thanks to Uta for alerting us to yesterday’s blog. I had such a full day that I did not notice it hadn’t come into my inbox. I did as suggested and clicked on the “older” box at the bottom of this page, and was able to pull up “The purpose of Church.” A wonderful article – how thankful I am not to have missed it! And how thankful I am for all of the well-thought-out and very useful articles on Spiritview!

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