A virtue of moderation

November 23, 2018 | 12 comments

“Enough is as good as a feast.”

~ English Proverb

12 thoughts on “A virtue of moderation”

  1. Thank you Evan for this absolute truth thought!
    This morning I reread your so loving SpiritView of yesterday and a l l the wonderfully inspiring comments and lovely spiritual thanksgivings – t h a t filled my thoughts and my heart with a spiritual “Turkey-feast” and that is enough – t h a t is a divine feast – thank you God, Evan and all of you dear commenter family!!! 🙂

  2. ..Yes, Thank you Evan for providing SpiritView for us. This is like a big family around
    a table….with a spiritual feast prepared by God and served up by Evan! Thank you
    thank you, thank you one and all for your comments. I especially appreciate your
    contributions Uta and look forward to them each day! Happy Thanksgiving Every Day!

  3. Be still
    and you will
    In silence
    Your imaginary
    self will disappear…
    and the Higher Mind,
    you Truly are,
    will be here…
    Containing all
    you could
    ever need,
    having found IT,
    Peace Profound
    is yours indeed…

  4. Love is the feast that fills us: the love from God that we can share with family, friends, anyone who comes into our experience. It feeds us amply and allows us to give to others. Love is infinite. As MBE says in her poem, “Fed by Thy love divine we live, For Love alone is Life.” That Love is “enough!”

  5. A feast of food satisfies but knowing when enough comes in saying less and listening more. I am so glad to be surrounded by Love, with an abundance of blessings.

  6. i’m finding this so helpful, even in a material way. Eating just enough is really materially better than overeating. Enough of anything material is really the best amount if you think about it. Spiritual blessings are more than enough though and are unlimited!!

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