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What are you focused on accumulating today? Is it more hours at work, fortune, clothes, time on Facebook, fame…or…inspiration!

At the end of the day, inspiration is what helps most.

Inspiration comes from God. It’s composed of ideas and spiritual insights that liberate thought with truth and comfort with love.

You are free to seek and find inspiration at any time! Hopefully, it’s a priority in your day.

We have to pay the bills, dress properly and stay in touch with our good friends. But purpose withers if our mental fuel tank is not filled with inspiration.

With all you acquiring today, be sure to gain what is most important—spiritual inspiration!

Halt your busy schedule for a moment, settle thought into a quiet place with Truth, and listen for God’s voice. It’s there. And you can hear it.

Live inspired.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

14 thoughts on “Accumulation”

  1. My goodness what a lovely thing to accumulate – Inspiration from God. Truly Evan thats the most important thing we need each day. And if we get spiritual inspiration from God, what more does one need? God is the source of all good, so getting inspiration from God amounts to the accumulation of all good and in abundance. Much grateful to you Evan.

  2. Think there’s a typo here…shouldn’t it be: “purpose withers if our mental tank is NOT filled with inspiration.”
    or unless our mental tank is filled etc.

  3. Completely agreed! And most important everything else falls into place when we listen to God’s guidance, lessons, messages of encouragement, love, comfort and anything that we need at every moment of the day! What a blessing to be the beloved of divine Love and to know it! Thank you Evan for sharing this wonderful insight today!

  4. Thank you, Evan. I start my day with INSPIRATION from your lovely words. I also appreciate readers’ comments. Stopping and listening to God is the best advice ever.

  5. Loved your post and loved the comments! I cannot be reminded too often that inspiration from divine Love is my priority. Thank you.

  6. Yes, and unlike the others mentioned…money, clothes, etc….inspiration comes FRESH everyday…delivered daily to us from God. Thank you for your selfless blog! So INSPIRING!

  7. I like the idea we can also pay the inspiration forward by amplifying it in our lives- isn’t this what Evan is doing today? Thanks Evan, I feel it loud and clear:)

  8. A perfect thought for me today! I am remembering a story —true or not— about Mrs Eddy’s pincushion being in perfect order. The accumulation of “stuff” in my family room-office could be depressing. So I claim my dominion, my unassailable joy, and my listening ability and wade in—–rejoicing in the beauty, grandeur, and order that is mine to express.

  9. The new buzz word now for financial planners is “Decumulation”, which deals with how retiring baby boomers are to spend their savings in retirement. After years of accumulating, they don’t know how to decumulate. Jesus had some wise things to say about all this, as do you in in your post. Thanks Evan

  10. When your down, when you feel low and when all hope fails, there is one thing that’s a sure “Pick-Me-Up” and that’s my dear fellows is INSPIRATION. For there is nothing so powerful as a boost of God’s inspiration.

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