Always a place to go

July 26, 2022 | 11 comments

If you’re looking for a new place to live, start by seeking in God’s house for that special room you seek!

God is All. God is Love. God’s “house” is divine Love. There is spacious room in divine Love for every child of God to find a place of safety, shelter, and security.

From a material point of view, there may seem to be a shortage of housing options, but from a spiritual point of view, there is the perfect option that Love has provided. Humble listening, discerning and following angel messages as they come, reveal to us where to go.

You always have a place to go, and the adventure starts by going straight to God with the first step forward. There is never a shortage of right places to go with God.

Jesus said to his followers, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. There is more than enough room in my Father’s home.” (John 14:1,2, NLT).

There’s room for you! There’s room for everyone.

11 thoughts on “Always a place to go”

  1. So comforting to know that our only Home is in the divine Mind where we companion with the truth about all in consciousness. This is our structure of Truth and Love. We can never be dispossessed of this Home neither can we be denied the full spectrum of Ideas that define or comprise our Home. So grateful we all dwell here. ❤️

  2. Thanks for the verse John 14:1, 2 – after Jesus said “There is enough room in my Father`s home, he said also “If it would not be so, I will go and prepared it (the room) for you”.
    With this I often prayed when I was looking for a new flat for me. And I always got a lovely flat for me in which city it would be – thanks a lot to our loving and caring God! Where God, Spirit and Love is there is our wonderful home! 🙂
    Am utmost grateful for your healing and comforting SpritView dear Evan!

  3. Thanks Evan, this is just what I needed this very moment in my SPIRItual home where there is always space for all God’s children.

  4. Wondering this am ‘why am I here now’? A clear sparkling answer appeared, I am here NOW to show love as I am loved, IN the AD period alas we are taught that THIS is our / my time to SHINE, to LOVE as Jesus Christ LOVES us, IN the AD period….. he’s taught and led us well, where we belong, WE ARE HERE TO LOVE AS HE LOVES US, Why do we appear now and not earlier or later, because NOW is the time.

  5. Thank you Evan it is wonderful how home unfolds. A home with everything needed without asking unfolded for my family. Powerful presence of God’s unfoldment. I praise His Holy name and joy in his word , joy and ever —presence.

      1. So happy -thanks.
        By the way I believe the author of this article is the same King Vidor that directed many movies around the ‘50s (seems he demonstrated this concept on many levels)

  6. When we moved to Arizona in 1964 I really missed water and green vegetation, and the idea came to me to possibly design a house having what I missed. One night I deeply reached out to God asking for an answer. The entire design of a house with a garden in the center came to me. I was able to draw to scale in the morning. We never needed an architect. Through the years it was featured in the local paper and in Better Home and Garden
    Over 60 years laterI am still living in and enjoying it! I am SO grateful.

  7. Oh how I love that post, Evan ! Thank you so much for this ❣️
    I have had prove of this throughout my life, and I love especially how you put this into words. The very first sentence is so beautiful “If you’re looking for a new place to live, start by seeking in God’s house for that special room you seek!” I love to look in God’s house for my home !

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