Always room to grow and improve

September 21, 2015 | 5 comments

“The largest room is room for improvement.”

~ Unknown

No matter how cramped you feel, stifled, held back, imprisoned, confined, or restricted, there are always places you can go in thought. There is always room to improve your point of view, which could very well lead to the solution that improves your physical condition.

There are no limits on the Mind of God you are spiritually designed to express.

5 thoughts on “Always room to grow and improve”

  1. This is so Perfect! Thanks, Evan! As I’m deepening my understanding of Christian Science, I’m discovering more and more that all I ever have to be willing to Let Go of is………my own limited point of view and to “….look deep into realism….” – into the One Infinite Mind, God, and find unlimited Answers!

  2. This reminds me of the book “Left to Tell” by Immaculee Ilibagiza, set during the Rawanda genocide, where she tells her story of survival. She was cramped in a tiny space for weeks but as she prays to God she is taken “elsewhere” in her thinking, sometimes 18 hours will have gone by before she is again aware of her surroundings.

    It’s wonderful to know that God is a “very present help in trouble”.

  3. Today I went to the ER of the hospital that I always go to to remove an old Foley for a new one. I have been having severe stomach aches for the past month since this old Foley has been put in. My care giver reeked with medical theories has been wanting me to take tests as to why the stomach problem. I have been praying about this as taught in C/S and the answer came that it was the constant changing of the Foley and no other tests has to be given. I was right or I should say God was right.

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