Answered prayer

August 31, 2009 | 2 comments

Last Wednesday night, an animal lover in the church I attend, shared a story that puts a chuckle in your belly and a smile on your face.

Years ago, she lived in Anchorage, Alaska. One morning, on her way to work, she was driving up the Seward highway, and in the median was a moose. She zipped by, as did hundreds of other cars, but felt instant compassion for the plight of the moose stranded between two busy lanes of traffic.

Her heart went out in compassion, and she prayed for the safety of the four-legged creature. She affirmed that it expressed an all-wise Mind that would act only in the best interests of safety, that it could intelligently discern a wise course of action, exercise patience, and be escorted safely out of the median into the hills beyond.

After a few minutes of prayer, she felt comfortable with the truth of being, but still really wanted to know if the moose was safe.

She prayed to God, “Please give me a sign that assures me the moose is safe.” All of a sudden, the radio announcer came on with “breaking news,” and announced that “I’m happy to tell you that the moose stranded in the median on the Seward highway has made its way safely up into the hills!”

“Thank you God,” my friend uttered. And that was the end of her moose story.

2 thoughts on “Answered prayer”

  1. Love that story !! Animals respond so quickly to the truth – our dog will come to my husband when he’s not feeling too great, make sure he has his full attention and look at him as if to say ‘I need your help’- over the years we’ve come to recognize this as his way of asking for help and so we respond. And he’s not satisfied with a silent treatment – my husband has to pray aloud with him ! And always he responds and quickly is his old self again !!
    Thanks, Evan for all the inspiration you share with us – so often it comes at a time of need …

  2. In the 30’s we had a doberman and he was not feeling well. There was a lecture on the radio that my dad was listening to. The dog crawled as close to the speaker that he could (the old console type) and just laid there obviously listening to what was being broadcast. At the end of the lecture, the dog was his old self again.

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