Are you looking for a job?

May 28, 2019 | 16 comments

If you are on a job search, turn it into a job-find.

The right job for you has already been designated by divine Providence, and through the inspiration of Mind present in your consciousness, you can see where you belong.

You can find what Mind sees.

16 thoughts on “Are you looking for a job?”

  1. Just love this thought. This can be applied to finding a life partner, home, etc. Everything we need is already there. Thank you Evan for your wonderful, clear sharing of inspiring ideas

    1. Irene, yes, this is a wonderful idea to employ regardless of the specific thing we are looking for! Great point!

    2. Thanks for this message, it will certainly help with my house sale and finding a new place to live.

  2. As an employer looking to hire, this is a wonderful truth to consider. Perfect timing, as I have a few interviews lined up today. Thank you, Evan!

  3. Thank You Evan,
    Psalms 90- 16 and 17
    This verse says it all !

    Thank you for the daily reminder

  4. Oh Ho! Just the greeting I need to start this day, a welcome to the team, giving me a perspective that helps me reframed how I start this day as a singleton, retiree whose car is in the shop for repair (and has been over the past 5 days), who has popsicle toes from the unseasonably chilly weather. . .well, y’all see I want to be on your (!) team today!!
    writing from Bend, OR in the backyard of Mt. Bachelor still snow-covered.’

  5. Thank you Evan and all! I find the prayer, “Father-Mother God, show me where I can do the most good” is always answered by just the right job or place, blessing all, as well as meeting my needs perfectly. Also praying, “I don’t know, but I know You know, and that’s all I need to know. Thank You!” is always answered.

  6. Evan, I’m so grateful for this morning’s post. It’s perfect and so meaningful for me, even down to the colors in the picture. As one looking for a job and having a couple interviews lately, my thinking has improved regarding chance and competition for work. I have been telling myself, “If God intends me to have this job, it will be mine. And if God doesn’t intend for me to have this job it can’t be mine and I don’t really want it.”
    But I love how this post takes it so much further. There is an exact right job that is mine already! And receptiveness to God’s inspiration will lead me right to it. This is just the necessary inspiration that I needed this morning. I’m so excited!

  7. Thank you Evan. After 45 years in the work force I retired. Always felt I was going to work each day not only for a job but to express God’s qualities throughout the day. I knew he was guiding me on my way. After 21 years of retirement I still start the day off in the same manner. After I brush my teeth, wash my face and brush my hair I set aside the material picture, as best I can, and go to work for God (though not leaving my home) – from whom there is no retirement. I am so grateful for Christian Science.

  8. Thank you Evan for today’s reminder to be thankful that God lead me always to a good Job. And now I should say I am retired, but in God’s Kingdom in which we live and move and breathe, there is never retirement, as our real Job is to express God’s qualities in everything we do. And I fully agree and tune into what Lory says. And the Truth is, that God is our only employer. How wonderfully healing Christian Science is.

    1. Oh and this truth thought came to me just now, that an important Job is also to give thanks and praising God for His endless Goodness.
      Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

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