Are you what you see in the mirror?

June 12, 2020 | 19 comments

Have you ever looked in a mirror and said to yourself, “That’s me?” If so, you were mistaken. You are so much more than a physical body.

For instance, if you were to send a snapshot of your physical image to a total stranger that knew nothing about you, would they be able to learn anything about you by studying that picture? Not hardly.

There may be some signs that give away your individuality, like a pleasant smile implying a pleasant demeanor, or an erect figure that commands respect. Or maybe they would see sadness in the picture, or distress that indicated suffering somewhere in your human experience. But the truth is they would learn little, if anything, about the real you by studying a physical image.

You are more than a physical body.

You have a spiritual individuality made in the likeness of God that is brilliant, stunning, beautifully formed, intelligent, composed and commanding. This individuality is not discerned through material sense. It is found in spiritual sense.

Jesus taught, “Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly” (John 7:24, NLT). The physical body is “the surface.” Spiritual individuality is the reality. To judge individuality correctly, we must look beyond the surface appearance to the underlying spiritual reality made in God’s image. Then we begin to find the real us.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, change it by improving your mental view of God’s man made in the divine likeness.

The physical body is temporal and changeable. It’s not the real you.

Find the real you in Spirit. Look into the mirror of Truth and behold what God made you to be. You’ll love what you see.

19 thoughts on “Are you what you see in the mirror?”

  1. Thank you for this uplifting message. It is a good reminder to look to God for what is true about ourselves.

  2. I have always loved the idea that we look like how we think . If we are truly happy we look happy and vice versa.
    So we close the cap between metaphysics ( which describes us as beautiful, whole and gracious) and the human experience ( which can be trying) by living the Truth of our being..
    We embrace the perspective “As a man thinkers in his heart so is he”.

  3. Thank you Evan! This is so important when seeking physical healing. To turn away from what the body is sometimes depicting in the mirror and look to our maker Truth and Love to know ourselves and others as God sees us! Our identity is not in matter. It’s in Spirit and it’s perfect, beautiful, healthy, and whole.

  4. I love the spiritual concept of reflection. Everything and everyone in the universe is a reflection. But unlike the material view of everything as a reflection radiating out from a primal source like a ray of light emitted from the sun, God’s spiritual reflection does not require the medium of a mirror to be seen. God is not somewhere and we are here. God, being infinite, all, is here wherever here is, and His reflection is indissolubly within Himself, always coexistent as His perfect image, never apart from God’s preserving influence. As such, one cannot know more nor less than the good God knows about one (or about anyone else). Spiritual man sees God face to face. We are engulfed in the arms of divine Love, the intelligence of divine Mind, and the reality of divine Truth, the health of divine Life, and the joy and sufficiency of divine Love.

  5. When I first started studying Christian Science, someone referred me to this little video for kids on the Mother Church website.,”Spiritual Reality Goggles.” My granddaughter and I put ours on and we found so much inspiration from seeing others more spiritually. I still enjoy this once in a while to remind me what ‘am I seeing.”

  6. Sometimes it isn’t easy but every thing, place or person ( including ourselves) we see or experience has a perfect reality bursting for us to acknowledge and experience. Perspective is a universal healer. Thank you Evan for today’s teaching to ‘look beneath the surface.’ ❣️

  7. This relates perfectly to what is happening today. Seeing only someone’s color or if they are male or female or LGBTQ is not the real picture of the person. We need to get to know them as a person as Jesus did.

  8. Beautiful, Truth! There is just God, Mind, being ALL
    …with Mind’s ideas expressing and reflecting this Allness!
    No “other” reality. How could there be?!


  9. I have also always loved the idea of reflection. We have to be the exact likeness of God if we are His image. A long time ago a Practitioner said to me that if you are looking at yourself in a mirror you will see your own perfect likeness. No-one can get behind you in that reflection and pin a rose on your lapel. I liked that thought. So no-one can add anything to, or take anything from my true being as God’s reflection. It is intact.

    If I am not feeling too good, I sometimes look in the mirror knowing that I am really what God is reflecting in me – I am His idea reflected back to Him. So as He is always joyful,, I must be reflecting that joy – so I literally smile and laugh, acknowledging His presence right there. It always lifts me up. (I just hope someone is not watching me!!!)

    1. I love that Maggie…it will change the way I check on myself in the mirror every day! ❣️

  10. Thank you very much dear Evan for this wonderfully metaphysical explanation how to look beneath the serface and see the spiritual reality of us and our neighbor.
    I remember that you posed a similar question in one of your former SpiritViews quite a time ago. That question was about “what do you see in the mirror, when you look into it?” That meant to see the spiritual “I”. From then on I smile at me, when I am looking into the mirror – haha. That is the expression of divine Love!
    Am thankful for Evan’s comforting and uplifting SpiritView!

  11. Will share with my grand daughters!
    Told one of them when she was supposed to appear in front of her classmates, which terrified her, that she should walk as one having authority. Shoulders back, head up, smiling. I told, “Feel as though you are perfect, because you are perfect”
    No more stress about appearing in front of anyone.
    Grateful for knowing our identity is spiritual, not physical.
    Thank you for all positive communications. And for this daily sharing.

  12. I am not a Christian Scientist but a Unitarian Universalist and am interested in why on this blog God is always identified as a “he”? I do believe in Spirit and prayer and in the collective consciousness that is very powerful, but I do not ever think of God or Spirit as a gender. Spirit is more than gender, more than all of us combined.
    I am on this site on the recommendation of a friend who thinks Evan can help my son who has been diagnosed with ALS at the age of 41 and with four young children. I do not know much about Christian Science, hence my question above, but am open to it. Thank you for listening. Klara

    1. Hi Klara,

      I agree with your understanding of God as Spirit. In my writing I try very hard not to use gender. Sometimes it slips into She or He but the Christian Science understanding of God is as you mention, of the infinite and eternal which defies gender. God is not a man. God is a power, Love, Mind.

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