Be a have, not a have not

July 24, 2014 | 13 comments

Do you see yourself as a “have” or a “have not?”

I hope you see yourself as a HAVE! Because as an heir to God, you have

An eternal life to live
Infinite love to receive and express
Boundless intelligence to reflect
Unlimited opportunity to mine
A constant companion to consult
The best Friend ever
Inexhaustible wealth to use
A place to go in all times of need
Solutions always at hand
And the best Life has to offer

When one values and appreciates what they have from God, they will never see themselves as a “have not.” For when you have God, you have all the wisdom, love and truth you need to navigate wisely through the human experience and leave the whole dream of life in matter behind for the grand prize of life in Spirit.

13 thoughts on “Be a have, not a have not”

  1. The “have” and “have not” thing always makes me smile. I have a nephew/godson whose band is named The Haves Have It.

  2. To “HAVE” is every thing that God gives to a person for a survival in this material world.

    To “HAVE NOT” is to miss the spiritual reality of scientific living and miss out of all solutions.

    1. Like digging in a gold mine that has an infinite amount of gold to mine. Divine Mind offers infinite opportunity to experience God’s goodness. You will go as far as you’re willing to let God take your thought.

  3. Thank you Evan! This is pure greatness! I will remember that I am a heiress to God, and that I have eternal life to live, infinite love to receive and express, boundless intelligence to reflect, unlimited opportunity to mine, a constant companion to consult, the best Friend ever… And the best Life has to offer. Wow… I will share with all my friends and family.

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