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    1. Ty. This statement goes perfectly with today’s Daily Lift. Everyone deserves to be “Satisfied”. God guarantees it!

  1. Mrs. Eddy says, “Love is reflected in love.” We can be a supportive presence even when a situation appears to be charged with anxiety or other emotion unlike Love. If we detect something unGodlike, unloving, then we can know and declare why the seeming vacuum is filled with Love and light (illumined by Love as Mind). We can gently redirect conversations to peaceful channels of calm and understanding. We can declare Love’s Omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence knowing that there is no limitation such as time or distance to keep Love’s Child from this everpresent protection and comforting assurance of ‘All is well.’ We can especially know that the spiritual selfhood present as Man is enfolded in Love and is the only legitimate state of being. This conception is clearly defined by Christ Jesus and his works to glorify Love.

    Today, I awoke with an urgent call for assistance. For the first time ever, I was prompted by Love to take the Scientific Statement of Being and to claim the nothingness, the powerlessness and the unreality of material sense testimony. I could see clearer than before that personal sense alone imparts mersmerism and that this erroneous mindset has no source to it, no law to sustain it and no presence or substance to give the lie reality, legitimacy. Affirming God’s Nature to be the Only Being Man knows and expresses, I was confident that the lie is not knowable in Heaven, and therefore, not known on earth. Love is omnipotent supreme as in Heaven so on earth.

    A Sunday School teacher helped me to see that rumors of a life in matter are strictly that- a whispering at times, a clamoring, and an urgent demand for our attention they may be. But, nevertheless, what is knowable and true we can only find from within our innermost sanctuary of thought. Did God, divine Spirit, tell me of the ________(fill in the blank)?

    God as Spirit reveals that purity, holiness, peace, health, and joy are.permanently intact. As individual man begins to turn to God through gratitude or repentance, the light of Truth and Love shines on our thoughts. We begin to experience a sense of standing on something solid, a firm foundation. The firmament appears and we, like the dove in Noah’s time, find the dry land we are seeking in order to find our way to the Truth needed to annihilate the erroneous claim at hand.

    Thank you, Evan, and all who participate in these discussions.

    1. What lovely and powerful thoughts Emilie Anne! And so appropriate for me today after also dealing with a friend who needed a lot of help. I called a practitioner for extra “back up” and some thoughts as the day looked like becoming a bit out of control and
      over-emotional. We worked on the idea that there is ONE mind and that Mind is perfect oneness and controls the harmonious flow of the day . Also that there is only one influence…not human emotion or difficult situations and unco operative people..just the INFLUENCE of Divine Spirit and the only spirit is DIVINE (we also had an excessive alcohol situation to deal with) . However when I got to the friend he was calm and quiet and pleased to see us and not at all badly influenced . We had a successful day that ended up solving some long term legal probelms he hadnt dealt with and he was grateful for the progress. As time goes by I find more and more that by being calm and patient and knowing no other mind but the Divine and no other influence or power but what God does, everything seems to just “happen” perfectly and effortlessly…because WE are not MAKING it happen…we are LETTING God do the action…we only have to step aside out of God’s way!

  2. When we do as you post we are contributor to that which is good and true fulfilling God’s law of abundance and for that I am grateful.

    1. Yes. I love that aspect of the Christ-idea: Christ comes to fulfill the law, divine Principle, and to desrroy anything unlime Spirit, Truth, Love.

  3. Sometimes what people need more than anything is an absolute confidence that they are good, innocent, thoroughly loved and completely capable of rising above whatever circumstance is troubling them.
    Once I walked in on a friend who was in despair about how to help a dear one sunk in illness. The words just flew out of my mouth (without checking in with me) that she was the very PRESENCE of God! All despair collapsed in that assurance of her oneness with God, and she said it really really helped. But why not? it was true!

    1. You are being a transparency for Love!
      I am grateful for this bearimg witness to how the activity in Truth dispels darkness!

  4. This conversation has been an inspiration to me today. I’d been feeling left out …not wanting to join fellow club members to sing at a large “farm day” event tomorrow. (Inconvenient, tiring, etc. etc.) But now I feel like God has picked me up and said “go… joy and fellowship are yours”!

  5. I taught my chuld from a young age “there is no LIST in matter” Life Intelligence Substance nor Truth.. as I felt this was an easy way for her to learn this vital Truth. Im sure it has stood her in good stead, as it has nlme. So grateful!

  6. As usual, Evan’s Inspirationally fed SpiritView has brought forth a beautiful flow of expanding thoughts. I am so deeply grateful, and now everything has shifted & my thought lifted!!!

  7. I am feeling so abundantly blessed by the verse from Ephesians and all inspired and inspiring comments! Will take these thoughts with me to our county jail today for our weekly CS Bible study, where so many are amazed at learning of their God-given purity and innocence, and true satisfaction, as children of our all-loving, caring Father-Mother God. As I see it, this sharing is CHURCH, and I am most grateful.

  8. What a wonderful support Emilie Anne . Thanks all.
    My son has just visited me and what a help in so many ways.
    Very grateful for family …especially church friends and your
    Helpful encouragement Evan and all.

  9. I have no idea
    who I am..
    And it’s a
    good place
    to be….
    Because of what
    comes next…
    Truth and Clarity
    the Love of
    immense Glory….

  10. My experience today in Truth of God’s Presence “I am with You always” beautifully blend into this Divine Theme of this Day.
    I was shopping groceries and had need to withdraw cash from the auto-checkout at a self serve counter. The standby customer service girl had to help me several times and apologied profusely for the machine not behaving properly, However I was unfuzzed by the incident, instead noted her charming nature in handling that situation. After paying, I forgotten to remove my cash that spit out of the slot at the base of the machine and walked off happily continuing shopping till much later I had to pay for something else and noticed I had no money in my wallet. I was a long way from the supermarket and was tired too, thinking to give up and go home. Yet I felt impelled like my legs took me back to reclaim my cash. All the way, I claimed God is all Presence and I can find honesty here and everywhere because I am Truth (God) and I reflect honesty (Man). So it is, I got my cash back at the service desk as that money was handled in by someone and I have the required receipt to prove my actions were good. The service desk lady told me, I was lucky I had the printed receipt as well as someone honest to hand in the cash. I thank her for her perfect service. Of course, Truth is complete in manifestation including all the requisites for its own proof of Presence. I felt so loved and cared for all the way home.

  11. thanks Maximo, that you are there again and we can enjoy your lovely poems!
    Thank you Evan, for the wonderful and important advice of the Apostel Paul to the Ephesians.
    I just remember a short prayer from the Bible: “God, bless me that I am a blessing to others”. And another part also from the Bible is the answer: .”.. and you shall ne a blessing”.
    I had a little experience. I got a Letter from a friend, complaining something about me and trying to correct it with some truth. First I wanted to ignorieren it and then I was quite sad and tried to write excuse. After reading the weekly Bible Lesson I got calm and more peaceful. And knowing,that the thoughts are always going out from God to his idea man, what Mrs. Eddy stated in Science and Health, I wrote my friend an explain SMS mail in a kind and loving scientific manner. That was so helpful as she gave a short kind reply. After that I was very happy today.
    Thank you very much dear Evan for your so helpful and healing SpiritView !
    And thank you all very much for your lovely comments!

  12. What a wonderful comprehensive SpiritView!!!
    Recently I learned how to wholeheartedly forgive, Uta and all.
    I was angry at a man who hurt me on purpose and though I prayed for him to grow in compassion, I could not find it in my heart to forgive him, only prayed for the Holy Spirit to
    help me to forgive him. But when I embraced LOVE – be love Mrs. Eddy says – I could think
    thoughts of true forgiveness: ” May you be happy. May you be at peace. May all
    things work together for good for you, dear man. May you find true love. May you find
    the true love of God. ” And I prayed this for myself: ” May I be happy. . . ” and then for all mankind: “May we all be happy. . .” It is amazing how good I felt. What a weight I have
    carried for years when I am not normally one who hates or even holds a grudge. Now any
    sign of resentment I quickly dissolve by praying this quick forgiveness prayer. It has changed my perception of others for good! No error festers in thought. Purity in thought reigns supreme.

  13. You are being a transparency for Love!
    I am grateful for this bearimg witness to how the activity in Truth dispels darkness!

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