Conquer evil by knowing your spiritual self

November 4, 2019 | 17 comments

“At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 571

The above admonition is so empowering! It reminds us that no matter what evil we face, we can conquer it by knowing our oneness with God.

God’s creation is not susceptible to evil. It cannot be diseased, pained, weakened, lost or stolen. It is immortal, eternal, forever healthy and strong. This spiritual individuality is the real you, made in God’s image! And it’s forever yours to experience and live out fully.

So, if ever tempted to believe evil is getting the better of you, refuse to indulge any building fear, and devote your mental energies to obeying the command, “Know thyself!” Know your spiritual self. Identify with your spiritual individuality. Know what you are in God’s image and refuse to let mortal mind convince you otherwise.

You are a spiritual being living a spiritual life, and evil has no place, space or room to occupy in this reality you have forever with God.

17 thoughts on “Conquer evil by knowing your spiritual self”

  1. This is a reminder for me to defend myself daily, to treat myself, see myself as a reflection of all that is good and strong and healthy before I offer prayers for others.
    Thank you.

  2. Every Spirit View is designated especially for my daily need. It’s God reflected by the author Evan and all those who comment.
    Thanks Evan so much! Thank all of you so very much.
    Have a glorious week.

      1. Thanks Brian. Some of my favorite passages are from this section of Science and Health. Especially the sentence just above this…”Take possession of your body, and govern its feeling and action.” So empowering to know we can do this!

  3. I love to be reminded that we are spiritual beings living a spiritual life. Thank you Evan for all the blogs and love you give to the world.

  4. My prayer some daily good to do to thine for Thee.An offering
    Pure of Love where to God leadeth me. You Evan are so helpful with these prayers. Much appreciated.

  5. Thank you Evan. Your SV and the comments told me exactly what to write in response to a friends’
    note to me this morning using the Gen.2 man. I was praying for the proper wording for our spiritual
    manhood of God’s creating us in His perfect image, not from the dust.

  6. Thank you deeply Evan for another great and healing SpiritView. These truth thoughts I needed so very much today!
    In a situation where I was worried about a silly utterance, though perhaps meant funny, I prayed for a freeing Christ thought. Then I received the truth of my oneness with my dear Father-Mother God from whom only loving and healing thoughts can come.
    Your SpiritView is so very comforting, freeing and uplifting.
    It is so good that Christian Science teaches us clearly that our real self is totally spiritual and not a tiny bit material.
    Thanks so very much dear Evan for every days spiritual food you give us – wonderful! !!

  7. As I read this late in the day, I found I had been working & praying with these very ideas throughout the day. I am so grateful to know that our true being is pure, innocent, perfect and reflects only the goodness of our Father-Mother God. So needed everyday!– to truly identify ourselves as hymn 482 tells us “God created us in His own image….He created us as His reflection.” Thank you for daily uplifting ideas that lead to enlightening our thoughts and prayers! I love everyone’s contributions in this line of light!

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