One universe, one song

November 5, 2019 | 27 comments

A reader shared this breakdown of the word “universe” that I found inspiring:

Uni = One
Verse = Song

The Universe is One Song—One glorious Song of God!

Enjoy singing and playing your part in God’s Song today. It’s one big beautiful piece of music.

27 thoughts on “One universe, one song”

  1. A lovely way to interpret the universe. I will identify with the music in the picture on the top system of music as far as the notes are constructed, but not on the second system as the notes are all printed back to front. A song sung backwards is not terribly inspiring to me, and a universe lived backward cannot be very helpful either. I will endeavour to sing my way to God looking in the right direction and in rhythm with the whole universe, and look to interpret it as “God’s glorious song”, in total harmony with all that He is manifesting. I will give more thought to this idea – I like it very much.

  2. Oh I love this!!! As a preschool and music teacher in a small private school,,part of my job was to open the school day with a morning song.
    This was the song I wrote that we sang for a whole year!
    There is one sky that reaches round the earth,
    One song and each of us a verse,
    One Life beckons the flower from the seed
    One sweet Love loving you and me!

    Thank you Evan !

    1. I love your sweet song Caroline❣️ I copied it into my prayer journal and plan on teaching it to my grandsons when I see them again. Wish I could hear you sing it with the melody.

    2. that is a beautiful song for the children (and any of us) to start the day!
      Thanks for sharing it.
      May it long be sung and remembered.
      It lifts the heart.

  3. Thanks Evan! The idea of being God’s song reminds me of hymn 565…
    ”Rise up and walk! God made you free, Born of His liberty. Carefree and strong, you are His song, Perfect for all to see. Mountains and seas, great rising trees, Echo the joyous song: Heaven is here, harmony’s bliss To everyone belongs.“

  4. What a beautiful and creative interpretation of “uni-verse” — “one song”. I love the analogy and the expression of the one Mind. Thank you to the dear reader who created it and to you, Evan, for sharing with us.

  5. What a beautiful graphic and message! It reminds me of the infinity of the universe, as well as the endless songs and instrumentals that have been written and shared over the years, but yet have no limits into the future. I like to think of universe as u (you) n (and) I verse. We… all together creating a chorus of harmonious music, like an orchestra of each unique expression combining as one, each playing our part in God’s universal family.

  6. So much inspiration from this single insight! I often ponder the wonder of music which is comprised of a finite number of notes expressed limitlessly! I love the idea of “one:verse” as well as “you&I singing!” And what a lovely song you’ve written for your students, Caroline. I’d love to hear the melody, too. SpiritView & our sharing inspires & uplifts me daily! Merci beaucoup

  7. Music is in our Wednesday Lesson tomorrow night! I love the “divine coincidence!”

    Thanks, Evan, and All!


  8. Very interesting and very nice to translate that word universe into “one song”. That is so lovely specially as Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health, that music is divine.
    Love what Evan stated in this SpiritView, that the Universe is one song – One glorious Song of God !
    So God’s Universe – the only one there is – can only be gloriously harmonious and peaceful!
    Thanks a lot for this great thought to you Evan and to that SpiritView reader.
    And thank you all for your interesting comments.:)

  9. What a lovely picture and message you gave to this life long pianist this AM. To me the message illustrated how beautiful music can be written and played, but in the midst of beauty sometimes error lurks out there and tries to beguile us to take an opposite/incorrect direction. Wh t a subtle way for erroneous thinking to creep in in disguise into our God oriented thinking.–something all colorful and dressed up, but not the right way to go. Dear Evan, this lovely subtle warning to be at full alert to follow God has motivated me to go to my piano and play some much loved hymns……to keep my thinking in harmony with God’s loving design for the day.

  10. Evan, what a beautiful harmonious message. Thanks to all for sharing your inspirations. What a great way to start the day!

  11. Thank you!! I have seen some books and articles that use Universe instead of the word God. God is All. God is Everywhere. Therefore God is not individual or separate but is all Universe.

  12. Opened Bible to Psalms 95 yesterday “Sing a new song”
    Further verses on singing praises . Caroline what a lovely way to start
    Your students day..Thank you for uplift Evan

  13. How beautiful! and how very kind of you to share this insight with us all! I love the picture! It is two-dimensional, but the universe is three-dimensional (or maybe even more, if seen spiritually…) It reminds me that we can be anywhere in the universe and see things from where we are upright and the right way. If we place ourselves in the back of the picture and look towards the front, we can see the notes rightly. It is always just a question of perspective. I LOVE it!
    Thank you so much, Evan. And thank you, everyone, for the lovely comments.

  14. Inspired by this beautiful session. How beautiful the opening vision of lines and notes seen from both sides against a banner of glorious color. Flowing as does melodious compositions played.

    That music inspires verse the wonderful teacher shared her contribution used to inspire her students.

    This verse, wrote this morning Extended in gratitude to a helpful man.

    We all learn by doing, if we’re doing.
    Every day something new to learn and say.
    Peace and Love come your way.’
    A gentle presence from above hovers over
    Whom He Loves.
    To Him we daily pray, keep
    Us in Your Holy way.
    Forever the Infinite we must reflect.
    As His law and kindness direct
    Forever and ever and once again.^
    Truth, Life and Love in our hearts remain.

  15. Thank you to everyone for these lovely thoughts today, for the poems and the songs. Love to all,, and many blessings on your way. Lala

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