You are shaped in God’s image

November 6, 2019 | 27 comments

There is immense moral, physical and spiritual freedom to be found in understanding that one is shaped in God’s image, and not per the outline of mortal mind.

To be God’s image, as the Bible tells us man was created (Gen 1:26), is to be shaped and formed by divine Mind, and never by mortal mind.

Divine Mind outlines beauty, intelligence, order, peace, harmony, love and health. Mind outlines only what is good and comely, desirable and commendable. Mind governs its image and keeps it in perfect shape, always causing it to reflect the divine nature in every way.

Mind’s image is not a temporal concept called a physical body that appears to be susceptible to disease, suffering and loss. The temporal concept is an error of mortal mind that is rife with trouble, lack of control and uncertainty.

God’s man is not a temporal concept of mortal mind. God’s man is an eternal being shaped and formed by divine Love, and forever beautiful, healthy, strong and well.

You are God’s man, God’s image!! You are not a temporal concept.

God’s image is not shaped by food, appetite, calories, fear, germs, genes, medical opinions, false beliefs, uncertainty, economic conditions, social standing, or fate. God’s image is shaped by Truth and Love, Soul and Principle, by God alone! And the effect is always good.

Claim your identity! Identify with God’s image. Disassociate with mortal mind’s inferior concept of man and live out the ideal.

As God’s image, you are shaped by Mind alone, and never by mortal mind. Mind made you perfect, fit, healthy and well. Enjoy being God’s image today.

27 thoughts on “You are shaped in God’s image”

  1. Thorough, comprehensive, comprehensible, energetic, emphatic…your statements are hard to ignore, happily !!! As the French say, Merci mille fois- (a thousand thanks) !

  2. “ food, appetite, calories, fear, germs, genes, medical opinions, false beliefs, uncertainty, economic conditions, social standing, or fate”……wow! That sure covers the gamut of worldly suggestions knocking at our door daily! Thank you Evan for the reminder these have no power to form or or identify our real being!

  3. Thank you. This is helpful in getting my thoughts in order before I go out into this day. mind would have me fearful, believing that I am about to face impossible challenges. Mind simply says “I got this.” I’m breathing a sigh of relief, into the only atmosphere, an atmosphere of Love divine where All, All is well.

  4. Ty. It’s as if my “Human mother” we’re still here on earth saying: You are God’s image & likeness as she always did. I’m grateful for all my blessing & Evan & vloggers U are among them!

  5. How helpful and lovely.
    Most products we buy come with an additional guarantee one can purchase, – whether cheap or expensive, they are always for a limited period and with conditions. They need careful filing too!
    But with God we have this perfect and very simple guarantee that costs nothing, lasts for ever, is unconditional, is ever at hand:
    “MADE BY GOD”.
    The most perfect guarantee we can ever have.
    It can never be lost and is fully backed and underwritten by I AM THAT I AM.

  6. Thanks, Evan, this ties in perfectly with today’s Daily Lift on pre-existing conditions. Our only pre-existing condition is being created in the image and likeness of God which is always absolutely perfect and completely spiritual, without a single material element, bodily pleasure or pain. How deeply grateful I am for Christian Science!

  7. this was great as it seems all around me the discussion of what and whom do you identify with is always being challenged. thanks

  8. We are shielded, protected from any outside influence that may say otherwise. Claim and hold on to the Truth and the Truth will make you free. Thanks for the wonderful treatment so much needed.

  9. Just saw God’s image in action when the judge dismissed a court case against a family member because the victim couldn’t be found. NO evil can be found when you’re fully, and totally made in God’s image and likeness. TY

  10. Thanks so much, Evan for today’s wonderful spiritual lesson. I love it very much; it is teaching us our real lovely self as God’s reflection, totally spiritual, so as this week’s Bible Lesson teaches us as well. Am grateful for your healing and inspiring SpiritView, dear Evan.
    Thank you all for your interesting comments. 🙂

  11. It’s late but I hope Charles O’Gorman you see my thanks for the reference MY 148:24-4. I looked it up and was glad for the reminder to “Go forward and do likewise.”

  12. What a wonderful Christian Science Treatment. Thank you, Evan, ever so much. Every statement is a reminder that we are created in the image and likeness of God and need to hold to that truth.

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