Be faithful

July 26, 2011 | 4 comments

 “Never underestimate the ability of a small dedicated group of people to change the world.  Indeed, nothing else ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead

You may know when first Truth leads by the fewness and faithfulness of its followers.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy


4 thoughts on “Be faithful”

  1. I love your blog, Evan – and today’s citation is much needed. It seems the more resistance of “the powers of this world”, the higher one’s understanding and trust in God’s ALLNESS is needed in order to be faithful, ‘true to the facts’ that is.(etymology dictionary).
    Greetings to all.

  2. I agree with Gabriele that today’s citations are much needed. I’m so glad she pointed out the etymology of “faithful” — to be true to the facts.

    It’s encouraging to know that the spiritual facts are all that is real and true; anything contrary to or counterfeiting those facts must be false, darkness, which disappears in the light.

    The MBE quote reminds me of another one of her statements that implies faithfulness to truth: “In all moral revolutions, from a lower to a higher condition of thought and action, Truth is in the minority and error has the majority” (Rudimental Divine Science, p. 8).

    Thankfully, error is never allowed to keep the majority, because the Love who leads the moral revolutions eventually overpowers it.

  3. Hello again – I was pleased to see your response, ‘Without a name’ ,
    and grateful for your quote(-> Rudimental Divine Science, p. 8). — Today I felt quite a bit discouraged and I asked myself: when will I SEE the majority of good? There are too many bad news everywhere: horrible killing in Oslo, Norway – financial system crisis, hunger crisis in Somalia and so on. So I needed to get focused on spiritual fact and the thought came: you’ll see it when you side with good only, “both you cannot have” (S&H 360). The Scientific Statement of Being is always a wonderful way to cleanse one’s soul.

  4. Oh, my Gabriele, I’m glad I was impelled me to go back and read the comments here once more, because I love the answer given you: “You’ll see [the majority of good] when you side with good only.”

    Then I went to the “Both you cannot have” quote on p. 360 for its context: “Dear reader, which mind-picture or externalized thought shall be real to you, — the material or the spiritual? Both you cannot have. You are bringing out your own ideal. This ideal is either temporal or eternal. Either Spirit or matter is your model. If you try to have two models, then you practically have none. Like a pendulum in a clock, you will be thrown back and forth, striking the ribs of matter and swinging between the real and the unreal.”

    Yes, that pendulum swinging gets tiresome. Steadying one’s gaze on Truth, on good, sure is restful, and has the wonderful effect of helping calm, clarify and purify all the loved ones (or even enemies!) upon whom our thoughts rest (paraphrase of Miscellany 210 by the same author). We don’t have to observe these effects with our eyes or hear about them with our ears to know that good is at work, through the ages, throughout the universe.

    Thanks again, Evan and Gabriele.

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