It’s all complete in Mind

July 27, 2011 | 4 comments

I was awed while watching Jean-Pierre Blanchard paint Roger Federer’s image on a large canvas in four minutes.


As I watched Jean-Pierre begin painting with a few obtuse strokes of his brush, followed by more strokes until an identifiable image began to take shape, I realized that the image we saw only partly on canvas was complete in his mind.  It was taking time for us to see outwardly what he already saw in crystal clear detail within.


Then I thought about the Mind of God and how divine plans unfold over time in our everyday lives.  At first, what God is doing through us may not be apparent at all.  We may even wonder, “What the heck is God doing?”  But with patience, more of the divine plan becomes apparent over the days and months, just like more of the artist’s vision becomes apparent over time as he completes his painting.


So, if you’re worried about what God is doing in your life today, don’t be.  The divine Mind sees the complete picture before anything even begins.  It’s the human sense of things that grasps it in degrees and over time.  With patience, the divine plan becomes increasingly visible until there is a full-fledged manifestation of some type of goodness tailored just right for you.  And what God saw all along, you finally see in its full glory too.




4 thoughts on “It’s all complete in Mind”

  1. A reminder that not enough of us declare that we are part of creative Mind and we can express
    creativity. Such a powerful image and I am so grateful that you found this and shared it. Awesome! Vicki

  2. I used to follow professional tennis closely, even going so far as to race home from church during the French Open and Wimbledon.

    Then my interests veered into other areas, so I lost track of the players, and didn’t know what Roger Federer looked like (though I have heard his name plenty).

    So…. I admit that I was not totally on board when I started watching this. But, then, voila, the joyful way the artist applied his colors and caressed the canvas with bold yet tender strokes of the brush “got” to me, and made me cry in wonder.

    I really could envision God creating His loved ideas in the exact same way — with master strokes, with delight, with precise details, with a grand flourish, and with a final bow (though there never really IS “finality” to His creation, only “infinity” and “eternity.”

    And that’s how long Jean-Pierre’s painting will last — forever — because it has always been in the same Mind that made it, revealed in 2011 compliments of Mind’s reflection J-P B!

    Makes want to break out in singing the Hallelujah Chorus!

  3. Thank you, Evan, for this wonderful message! I was lead recently to do something unselfishly, but then upon further investigation, it didn’t appear such a good idea, after all. That there may be adverse affects. I couldn’t help feeling puzzled by why I could be lead to do something if it wasn’t the right idea. BUT taking advice from your post, I will just pray and let God finish this idea/plan in just the perfect way. Brings comfort knowing God is leading the way! Just what I needed to hear this morning…..

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