Be grateful for what you receive

January 21, 2020 | 18 comments

Have you ever gotten upset because you didn’t get what you wanted?

Here’s a short video that reminds us to be humble about the gifts we receive, and to drop preconceived notions about what we think we should receive.

The gift in hand may be far more than we ever expected!

Thanks to a reader for sending me this link.

“A lesson on being thankful”

18 thoughts on “Be grateful for what you receive”

  1. I love this, Evan. Thank you.
    I’ve taught my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren that “Thank you” is one of the most important words we can utter during our day.
    It’s giving out love so freely and gives us all that warm feeling towards oneanother.

  2. I have read this and shared it. The video adds to the message.
    I have been thinking lately about, do I/we give
    thanks sincerely to our Father/Mother often enough.
    Our love gift of thanks, for Love’s/God’s gift of love
    to us.

  3. Wonderful! Gratitude is riches, no matter what our financial worldly status. I am so very grateful to have this in my inbox this morning. I am so very grateful for all that is shared here, both visually and mentally.
    Thank you All.

  4. A tearful reading and good lesson for all. Always know God, good has it all handled, better than we could ever arrange..if we only trust and listen! Thank you, Evan!

  5. It struck me today that while I can use words to declare I understand and accept “whatsoever things (which leaves nothing out!) you ask for, believe you have received (already) and you will (in manifested form)”, I have been expecting some things to come in certain ways, but my feelings of disappointment are the indicator I’m pushing against the very thing I want. And this message is part of what I want!

    It’s going to be a great day!

  6. It occurred to me that if he finally understood how loved he was by his father all that time, he changed his history from one of emptiness to one of fullness by knowing he was loved all those years by his father. He does not have to exchange ingratitude for remorse. To accept remorse is to assume his father never knew he loved him. He was just learning a very important lesson and when he learned it, he got the real reward. What a beautiful lesson!

  7. Thank you Evan, for this heartwarming video – at the end I also had some tears.
    Gratitude is a wonderful quality of God so as health etc. It is comforting for me to know that as God`s child I always can express Gratitude. Sometimes I sit quietly and am aware how wonderfully God lead me through all situations in life, and grateful I can be for all the good God gave me richly.
    Am also very grateful for this blessing and healing and inspiring SpiritView blog of Evan and for all the so interesting and lovely comments. 🙂

  8. It seems clear to me, that ingratitude, thinking we did not or will not get what is rightfully ours, hides ALL the reasons we should maintain a Grateful heart and attitude. This gratefulness , opens our thought and shows forth hidden blessings, unseen from within a clouded view. It is always True that God continuously loves us, protects and guides us and brings us to a place where we can see the over abundance of good he is constantly providing. He is pouring All He is, out to each one of us, His beloved child!! As it says in the Bible … “our cup runneth over” (Ps. 23:5) and from one of my Favorite hymns on pg. 3 of the Christian Science hymnal …

    “A grateful heart a garden is, Where there is always room For every lovely God like grace to come to perfect bloom.
    A grateful heart of fortress is, A stanch and rugged tower, Where God’s omnipotence, revealed, Girds man with mighty power.
    A grateful heart, a temple is, A shrine so pure and white, Where angels of His presence keep Calm watch by day or night.
    Grant then, dear Father-Mother, God, Whatever else befall, This largess of a grateful heart That loves and blesses all.

    I am so grateful for Christian Science and to Evan for SpiritView and to all daily commenters!!!! God is ONLY GOOD, what a true statement to put #1 on my grateful list!!!!
    Thank you, CayDee

  9. I have grown in appreciation through the years that my parents could give me very little materially as I grew to be an adult. It pushed me to find something else to rely on. All that I thought had ended too abruptly and made me grow up ‘too fast’, too fast was a priceless gift of love.

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