Be ready for change

May 10, 2018 | 16 comments

“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.”

~ Harold Wilson

We should expect vast changes in the human experience as we gain deeper and broader understanding of Life with God.

The human experience is an experience of thought. As thought improves, the experience it produces improves. Change happens.

It’s healthy to welcome changes inspired by new and improved views of reality. When we embrace them and readily give up outdated and outmoded ways of thinking that stymie positive action, we are ready for progress. And it will come.

Change is necessary in the human experience to bring thought more into line with God.

Life is unchanging good with God, but there isn’t anything fixed about any material scenario. It must change until it yields to the realities of God in Spirit, where material sense is no longer part of the scenario.

Step by step, progress will happen over time, and lots of human, material and physical change will occur along the way until God’s realities are seen as the only realities.

Be ready for God-inspired change when it comes. It’s not scary. It’s okay.

16 thoughts on “Be ready for change”

  1. Yesterday’s thoughts and actions are fully utilized when today we find an abundant and everpresent more. Thine age shall be clearer than the noonday – no need to accumulate.

  2. “In heavenly Love abiding
    No change my heart shall fear.
    And safe is such confiding,
    For nothing changes here.”
    (Hymn148 by Anna L. Waring)

    I’m looking at this beloved hymn in a different way.

    Even if my feet are in shoes nailed to the floor, the revolving earth will ensure that the scene out the window changes with every hour. If I move forward, the scene unquestionably changes with every change in perspective or altitude. Nothing to fear in these changing scenes, for it is heavenly Love where we’re living, moving and have our being. Heavenly Love, which impels our movement forward with all its change of scenes, is the Soul, Mind and substance of our being and is infinitely loving forever, perfect forever, reflecting perfection forever. And those QUALITIES will never, ever change.

  3. Thank you, Dear Evan, for these thoughts that are so pertinent to what I am currently experiencing. My elderly neighbors who have been such good neighbors are putting their house on the market and I have been feeling some angst about who my new neighbors will be. Having had neighbors in the past that were less than ideal, your last thoughts, “Be ready for God-inspired change when it comes. It’s not scary. It’s okay” is just what I needed to read this morning and sums up your very helpful message. Thank you again. A great day to Everyone.

    1. What lovely progressive thoughts Diane WA! I feel like reading that comment of yours out at a testimony meeting. I think many people who are uncomfortable with change would respond well to those words. Diane in Vicoria

  4. Oh, diane w.a. your message which appeared just after I pushed Submit comment is another wonderful thought. I Love that hymn and always find it so comforting. Thank you, too, Fay, for your helpful thoughts.

  5. Trusting Truth all the way through and past any and all claims that there is Something Besides God, Good is an individual experience, for sure. Thus one cannot, must not, evaluate another individual’s unfoldment. God knows each of us and exactly how to take care of us….As the loving Mother She is.

    What a relief to recognize and accept this great fact!

  6. Thank you Evan! What an important idea- as I near retirement, the many changes at work, especially technology have been a challenge. This is a great reminder not to resist progress but grow with it. What a wonderful reminder also, that our human experience is MENTAL. The changes will be ever-unfolding progress, health, goodness, joy, supply, every good thing ,as we bring these spiritual ideas into our consciousness. Mrs. Eddy says that we have nothing to fear, but everything to enjoy in earth and heaven with Love at the helm!

  7. Thanks Evan. Here’s an almost embarrassing example of what you’ve posted today. I never thought that I fear change until my husband recently started changing many habits and routines related to health. Even though I’ve hoped for this change and he’s doing things I’ve asked him for years to do, I was afraid that now he is doing them because he’s attracted to and wants to please his personal trainer. My reaction to these changes belittled him, myself and this young woman, whom I liked even before my husband started training with her. What this fear revealed to me was that even though I call myself a spiritual thinker, in this regard what I was thinking about each of us was mortal, physical, sensual. I know that we are perfected in love and as I prayed to see what God sees and know what God knows, spiritual thoughts erased those irrational material thoughts. I know that there is no fear in love and that perfect love casts out fear. I thank God that fear didn’t last long or harm our relationships. I’m back to regarding all of us with the admiration, respect and love that each of us deserves. I am grateful that my thought improved and that we actually realize benefits and blessings as results of change.

  8. Thank you very much, dear Evan to show us the way to live a life in and with God, which makes us total healthy. This weeks lesson is helping us, too, understanding our real life in Spirit, God, instead in matter and how to get there.

    I love that passage in the second day of the lesson sermon of this week, i.e. in SH , marker 10 (p. 409:20) where it says : “The real man is spiritual and immortal, but the mortel and imperfect so-called “children of men” are counterfeits from the beginnng, to be laid aside for the pure reality. This mortal is put off and the new man or real man is put on, in proportion as mortals realize the Science of man and seek the true model”

    Isn`t that what Evan means, “to be ready for God-inspired change, when it comes.” And it will come if we are prepared for it, and I am sure we are all ready for it!

    Thank you all, dear commenters, very much for your so loving and inspired comments – Love to all!

  9. I always think of myself as someone who thrives on change but there are moments. When I remember who is in charge, I go with the flow, wherever it leads me. I guess mortal mind is always afraid and that is still where I begin. It is always satisfying when the change comes and i wonder aloud, how perfect! where did that come from? ha ha

  10. Thank you, Nadine for your comment – yes w e do know from Whom the spiritual changes come!

    In Germany today we celebrate the day of the ascension of Christ, that Christ Jesus rose above the material senses into heaven and the disciples did not see him anymore, as we know from the Bible. And it is a holyday here. But when I think so about that happening it is clear to me that we, too, rise higher mentally every morning, when we study the weekly lesson sermon of Christian Science. It i s uplifting and an excellent start into God`s day!

  11. Thanks, Evan, for all the helpful thoughts. Uta, the following is something I learned that, I think, is kind of cool and a way to explain the different states of thought. Adam = mortal man (the counterfeit bill); Jesus = the perfect human man which is redeemable (the dollar bill), and Christ = the perfect man, the image and likeness of God (the gold). I learned this when America was on the gold standard, meaning gold backed the dollar bill. I think it relates greatly to p. 115:19 on in Science and Health, “The Scientific Translation of Mortal Mind.” Adam (mortal man) = Unreality; Jesus (human) = Transitional Qualities; Christ (spiritual man) = Reality. I hope, Evan, that this is in line with what you teach. I’m grateful for all the wonderful ideas shared here. I think as we claim our Christly identity, the human corresponds with it, and we lose more of the counterfeit, mortal man. It’s all in thought.

  12. PEOPLE will change buy the wisdom they acquire in life experience sometimes it may be hard but GOD care alway guide de to the right way is tender love absorb all error for is good is everywhere

  13. I have question Evan why people don’t like to say sorry when they understand their mistakes, is it too hard to sorry relationship

    1. Hi Jerry,

      I know lots of people who are happy to say “I’m sorry,” when they make a mistake. I think that’s quite common. If a person is hesitant to apologize, when they should, that’s usually pride, ego and self-righteousness holding them back. But it is always in one’s best interest to admit a mistake and apologize.

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