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May 11, 2018 | 14 comments

“Right and wrong, truth and error, will be at strife in the minds of students, until victory rests on the side of invincible truth.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 453.

To succeed with healing prayer, it’s important to know the difference between truth and error.

Truth is good, God. It’s all the real and eternal.

Error is that which is unlike God. It’s all the unreal and temporal.

Truth is around forever.

Error is a fleeting experience of the human mortal mind. Disease, suffering, pain, want, despair, hate, and their kin, are error. They can be healed and dissolved.

When faced with disease, lack, or conflict, the human experience appears to be one of strife between truth and error. It feels like evil battling good, and one is trying to gain the upper hand.

To win on the side of good, we want to mentally side with all the good, with God’s presence, with God’s truth.

To side with God, we can’t be simultaneously agreeing with error. If we argue, “This disease is real,” for instance, it will be tough to feel the presence of health.

So, side with the good. Side with health, peace, harmony, and a knowledge of God in control.

Be honest with your thoughts. Are you agreeing with error or truth? Is your point of view solidly on the side of God’s omnipresence and omnipotence? If so, you’re standing on the winning side.

As you agree with spiritual reality and disagree with error, your experience will settle into more peace and comfort with God.

“Speak the truth to every form of error,” (Science and Health, p. 418), Eddy wrote. Just like you would speak the truth to a person telling a lie in front of you, speak the truth to any error trying to knock on the front door of your thought. Shut it down with truth and stay free.

Side with Truth, God’s truth, and win!

14 thoughts on “Side with truth”

  1. Really needed to hear this today, trying very hard to stay on the healings and truthful side in dealing with an issue with one of my kitties. Much love and thank you!

  2. Perfect reading. A real keeper.
    Recently, while performing on stage, a large man stepped on my right foot heavily and strongly. The pain was intense instantly and the thought went thru my mind that I didn’t know if I could end the scene or even walk off stage.
    I said out loud, softly, to myself, “I forgive you. I am perfect and whole.” The pain stopped instantly. Instantly. Only later did I realize I could have been filled with fears of having several bones broken. My foot, to this day, is perfect and continues to show no damage.

  3. Yea, there is what MBE puts in SH p. 223:14 : “The question: “what is Truth, ” convulses the world.” I think it does this, because the human mind thinks that with sickness you go to the doctor and he says what to do. That seems truth for the human mind. But this remedy
    wants to cure matter. And we know, you cannot cure matter as matter is without feeling and sensation. The cure is in our thinking, in our prayers thriving to understand God, divine Truth.

    So the truth which convulses the world is, that matter is nothing and Spirit is the only being and the only Life there is; and so, as Evan says “Truth is around forever”.

    And I`d like to pick one sentence out of Evan`s so inspiring SpiritView, I like very much: “So, let`s side with the good. Let`s side with health, peace, harmony, and a knowledge of God in control.”

    And another remarkable sentence by MBE from SH is, that “Truth is a revelation.” – something spiritual, something opening our spiritual vision and conciousness.

    Oh, dear Evan, you brought up a tremendous spiritual and vast topic today, which we cannot discuss enough here and today.

    But I thank you so very much for the inspired and helpful thoughts about Truth which you gave us so lovingly here and now! 😉

  4. Dear SpiritView friends,

    I have come to this late today – but so glad I finally got to share in this very useful reminder not to give in to error, mortal mind, but to mentally and firmly stay on the side of Truth. Just what I needed. I’m going to print it off now, to read again.

    Many thankyous, Evan, and thank you too, Uta for your helpful contribution.

  5. Thank you Evan. This is really helpful. It seems often I catch myself listening to the wrong voice. If I’m alert, I tell it “No” or “be quiet”, but I need to be more alert to follow that up with the truth. As you said, to have my point of view solidly on the side of truth. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

  6. A wonderful topic. Truth always uncovers error as it is omnipotent supreme ! Truth’s power is invincible 100%. Start and end with Truth!

  7. Wonderful, Evan, thank you! Puts me in mind of Hymn 86/87 in the Christian Science Hymnal, words by Frederick W. Faber:

    God’s glory is a wondrous thing,
    Most strange in all its ways,
    And of all things on earth, least like
    What men agree to praise.

    O blest is he to whom is given
    The instinct that can tell
    That God is on the field, although
    He seems invisible.

    And blest is he who can divine
    Where right doth really lie,
    And dares to side with what seems wrong
    To mortals’ blindfold eye.

    For right is right, since God is God;
    And right the day must win;
    To doubt would be disloyalty,
    To falter would be sin.

    Hymn 86:1-4 (to .)
    From Concord Express – A Christian Science Study Resource: The King James Version of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s published writings

    1. thank you g from arizona – love that song, like many many others in our precious Hymnal book. Most are so uplifting; yes they can also be healing. Am very grateful our Hymnals!

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