Don’t wait for healing

May 14, 2018 | 30 comments

Are you waiting for a healing to happen? If so, you’re likely to keep on waiting. You experience the state of your thought.

If you keep hoping healing will happen tomorrow, then when tomorrow arrives, you’re likely to transfer that hope to the next day, and the next day, and then it starts to feel like improvement may never happen.

The better course of action is to see your perfection and wholeness now. God made you perfect. You will not be more perfect tomorrow than you are today.

A healing prayer is waking to reality. It’s an awakening to spiritual perfection, to some degree, in the moment you are in. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow to wake to reality. You can be awake today!

The Bible tells us to “Wait on the Lord,” (Psalm 27:14), but this type of waiting does not include time. It is an attitude. For instance, you might ask, “What am I waiting on for healing? Am I waiting on God or on time to pass?”

If you’re waiting on God, then you know spiritual reality is real for you now. It is not anymore true tomorrow. Truth is as true in the moment you’re in as any other moment.

So, wait no longer. Or, perhaps, cease waiting on time, and wait on God.

God is here now. God’s truth is true now. You are a healthy and well child of Spirit now. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow to be what God created you to be now.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Citizens of the world, accept the ‘glorious liberty of the children of God,’ and be free! This is your divine right” (Science and Health, p. 227).

Wait no more. Claim your present spiritual reality and be free today!

30 thoughts on “Don’t wait for healing”

  1. There are times I’ve read “wait on God” and taken it to mean serve God, rather than standing still in anticipation. If you’re doing God’s work, you’re aligning yourself with harmony, power, and grace, meeting Love in the moment. Not sure that’s necessarily the way it was meant, but it has inspired me, nonetheless.

    1. A timeless message, Evan. Thank you and all for your thoughts. I just looked up the dictionary meanings and one does say “be watchful”, wherein I see that meaning to see our own Perfection in God’s Perfection, as in ‘standing porter at the door of thought’. It is interesting that meanings can vary than what they are sometimes interpreted as. Fear is another… when it is used to ‘fear God’ ~ can be interpreted as in Reverence and in Awe of God, rather than the usual meaning of being afraid of.

  2. Great point — don’t sit there for 30 years or even 30 seconds by the pool, “waiting for the moving of the water”! Take up thy bed and walk!

  3. I was doing my morning prayers (mainly listening) and it came to me that Divine Love was here, right this moment! Then the thought came that I was included in this Divine Love! I love the idea you shared today. No more waiting for me or the Universe. ” I know thy works: Behold I have set before thee an open door.” Rev. 3:8 Thank you Evan!

  4. And love the other definition of ‘wait’…. “to serve”, as in being a waiter. We wait on God, serve Him/Her.

  5. My understanding is that when one calls a C.S. Practitioner, it is the Practitioner’s job to see the Patient as Perfect Right Now – to see Him/Her as God sees Him/Her. If the Practitioner succeeds in Actually getting this Perfect perspective of the present Perfection of their Patient, the Patient should experience Healing. It does not necessarily depend on where the Patient’s thought is at the time. I know Mrs. Eddy and her Students were able to Heal in this way – no matter what level of belief or understanding their Patients had. It’s the Practitioner’s clear Knowing of the Truth in their own thought that heals the Patient.

  6. Thank you Evan for bringing these helpful and inspiring messages to us every morning. Today’s SPiritView is perfect and just what I need, as I realize that I have been waiting for the moving of the waters instead of claiming my present perfection.

  7. Years ago I used to say, Everything is Already All right. It was to keep me from being swallowed by fear, something I had learned form childhood had a place in reality which is not true.
    Now I need to hang onto,until fully understood, the idea that everything has always been right, and not touched or altered or interrupted for a moment. But the movement must be in thought, and the situation reduced to just a footnote.

  8. Thanks, Evan, and all contributors. I’m reminded of the Shunammite woman who answered Elisha with “It is well” when she was questioned. To mortal sense it was not well. She expected good, though, and her son was revived. Thank you so very much!

  9. DEAR Evan: As I read all the comments from the Spiritview readers I wonder if you r ealize how many,many people you reach with your perceptive understanding of what we all need.
    I am so grateful to you.
    I love MBE’s “liberty is our divine right.” Today, not tomorrow, we are free from whatever assails us. Thank you for the courage to go forward with such glorious God-given thoughts.

    1. Hi Pat,

      Oh thank you for your kind comments. Yes, it is a joy, and privilege, to be part of the worldwide community of active spiritual thinkers found on this blog. I find much inspiration from reading the comments people share so freely. Keep them coming!

  10. I’ve always liked the definition of “wait”: to depend on, i.e. “Depend on God”. Another related definition: To remain or rest in expectation. Expectation of good, of healing.

    Thank you Evan for keeping us on track. (=

  11. Right NOW each one of us is the image and likeness of God never separated from Him. A member of my church recently gave some lovely comments about now-ness one Wednesday evening and mentioned the Correlative Scripture from I John “Beloved NOW are we the sons (and daughters) of God”. Never mind about what seemed to have happened yesterday. Don’t worry about what you think may happen tomorrow. We live in the now! Great SV Evan. Thank you.

  12. So, so grateful, Evan, for this healing message and I endorse what Pat says. You are making a difference in this world, and it is wonderful to be partaking of it.

  13. Thank you for this treatment. Being grateful is a step in the nowness of now. No evidence before the material senses can close my eyes to the allness and the nowness of God.

  14. Thank you so.much. This was such an inspiring one today. I have read and reread it many times and my thought has been really uplifted.

  15. That was a wake up call. We have to claim our perfection now. I will reread this to make sure I totally get it. I won’t be more perfect tomorrow than I am

  16. Thank you very much dear Evan.

    I reread this SV – love that TRuth you wrote ”God is here now, God’s Truth is true now!”

    Thank you all for your inspiring comments!

  17. Thank you Evan, from the future! Just kidding. I didn’t see this until today, home from an out of town funeral and very much in need of this blog entry. You are a blessing in my life.

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