Cancer and depression healed

August 30, 2006 | No comments yet

Leafing through my files I came across a short letter forwarded to me from a woman who attended a lecture I gave on the healing power of forgiveness three years ago.

She wrote that she had manic-depression and breast cancer. That she was very bitter from a divorce and battle for custody to her children which she lost. During my talk she was completely healed of the breast cancer, lost all possessiveness, hatred, and manic-depression, she said. She was deeply grateful for the freedom.

Isnt God good! People often struggle with disease like it’s a real thing they have to get rid of. Doing so can build it up even bigger, when the need is to tear it down spiritually into nothing.

Some truth in my lecture reached this woman and melted her inner strife. Once the inner chamber was cleansed, the outward vessel was purified too.

Divine Love is a powerful healer. It can wipe out any disease, inward or outward, and replace it with health and harmony.

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