You can’t return to a place you’ve never been

June 24, 2016 | 25 comments

A visitor to my church shared a testimony the other night that brought out an absolute truth in a memorable way.

He related that as a teenager he was a very active athlete involved with numerous sports. One time, while ice skating, he injured one of his knees badly, but prayed with a Christian Science practitioner to heal the knee spiritually, and regained his freedom with no problem.

Then a year or two later, while competing in a heated match of water polo, he injured the knee again. A bit despondent, he called the practitioner he had prayed with earlier and said, “Here I go again. I injured that same knee.”

The practitioner replied, “Have you ever been to New York City?” The student, miffed by the question, and not seeing any relevance at all, replied, “No I’ve never been to New York City. I haven’t even been out of the county!” He lived on the west coast. The practitioner replied, “Well, then you can’t go back again.”

From everything the student had learned in his Christian Science Sunday school, he suddenly got the point. As a spiritual child of God, he had never injured his knee in the first place, and therefore could not injure it again. He could not return to a place he had never been.

Healing of the knee came quickly as he demonstrated that his being was just as whole and intact as ever. And he was grateful for the spiritual lesson.

25 thoughts on “You can’t return to a place you’ve never been”

  1. Dear Evan, thanks very much for this very clear SpiritView – it is also a wonderful lesson to me; and its really what I need today – thanks a lot!

  2. I jsut had a healing of my left eye reading this. I am up in the night knowing my perfect, rreflected concept of body and knowing that I reflect perfect vision, yet when I read this, I realized nothing can enter the space of the NOW..and nothing ever happened to m left eye in Truth, as nothing material ….as there is nothing material, can enter Spirit,. And my eye cleared . TThank you for sharing this. holy Truth and I shall not go backwards again , as I just moved and was and have neen longing for older days, mom and dad, our times in the past, when the now is glorious and I am nto embracing that Truth of unfoldment. Thank you, Evan..Much love Merri

  3. Absolutely perfect for me today….thanks so much!! Will be working with that idea to unsee an undesirable trait in a family member. There can be no history of instability, unkindness or confusion if they’ve never been there! Thanks again Evan!

  4. I love the Wednesday testimony meetings for this very reason. They are like live Sentinels and Journals. Keep sharing the love!

  5. Wonderful concept! Never there in the first place! Love what Fawn said about Wed testimony meetings being “like live Sentinels and Journals.” Amen! Blessings all!

  6. I really love the concept of this post. It reminds me of the saying, “You can’t get there from here,” as if we could be deluded by error from a Spiritual basis. Thank you Evan. just what I needed for my day.

  7. In reading this blog, I am reminded of a Bible verse that was in this weeks C/S LESSON; GALATIANS 3: 28 & 29 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond or free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Doesn’t this show that God never made color, religion, creed, nor ethnic but only himself as man? All the above creates hatred and depression, wars and annialation, which God never created. God only created goodness, kindness, and compassion, therefore how can we return to what never was in the first place?

  8. Now that is about the best thing I have ever heard about God’s man. What a wise practitioner to just go straight to the point…you can’t go back to some place you have never been. And how wonderful for someone to share that at a Wednesday testimony meeting. That is what is so great about these mid-week meetings you never know how what you say or someone else says will bless another. Thanks so much for sharing this, Evan.

  9. “We are hid in Christ forever, in the Father’s Holy plan”. Sense Testimony has no foundation, power, or history. Thanks for sharing the remarks. It helps bring out ideas.

  10. Good to have SpiritView back. Today’s message is so important. If something (an accident) never happened, we can’t suffer any effects (an injury) and there is nothing to be healed. We simply need to affirm and trust in the truth we know – the divine metaphysics that accidents are unreal since impossible in the kingdom of heaven where we exist at all times.

  11. Thanks for this message today! Also Kathie’s comment: no leftovers!

    I sometimes have twinges that claim to be from old problems returning. It’s so important to immediately deny those! Thanks for the great imagery to help!

  12. Oh, Dear Evan,
    thank you for such clarity in your daily gifts of inspiration.
    Today’s really rang a bell with me, but every day it’s a blessing to read your good, no, great thoughts.

  13. Thank you Evan for sharing this. I have heard this saying before but never explained so clearly. I have shared this with my sister and printed it. This is a keeper! (=

  14. Since I read this Friday morning I have probably used it ten times already! It is so helpful in a really concrete immediate way. Just can’t go back there! Thanks very much.

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