Caring for the body

May 11, 2022 | 13 comments


Do you ever wonder how to best care for the body?

Learn how to feel the “pure and exalting influence of the divine Mind,” at work through prayer on the body to bring the best effect.

I explain how in this vlog that was filmed at Lava Lake in the Gallatin National Forest in southern Montana, when my wife and I visited in August 2021.

13 thoughts on “Caring for the body”

  1. So inspiring Evan…thank you so much !

    Somewhere in Prose Works Mrs Eddy says…’know then yet that you possess sovereign power
    to act and think rightly, and that nothing can dispossess you of this heritage and trespass on Love ‘’
    ( sorry I didn’t note exact location of this quote…)

    In casual conversation in the U.K. we often say…’mind how you go ..’ to someone as a parting greeting.
    Needs a capital M I think! Happy day all.❣️

  2. Thank you EVAN,A good start for the day.Taking good care of the body is just like watching my thought,We are spiritual so we place our self in GOD we are already made perfect.

  3. I love the statement in Science and Health where Mrs. Eddy says: “Take possession of your body, and govern its feelings and action.” S&H 393:10-11.
    For me this translate into “Take possession of your life.” Stay single minded, don’t be distracted by worldly worry, and live an unselfed life..

    1. Wow thank you Sharon for the link to that wonderful and so helpful article on true Health by Ivimy Gwalter. It should be read by everybody. Will send it to a friend.

  4. What a wonderful start I had to my day with today’s Spirit View, which connected me to yesterday’s “view “: How to build confidence in prayer. Thank you, Evan, for encouraging us to “put on the parachute [of Truth], which is there to land you on your feet”. I spent the next hour following that breadcrumb after reading Barbara from the U. K.’s comment! She mentioned the Brit phrase “mind how you go”. It took me instantly in thought to the British detective series “Endeavor”, now running on KPBS in the US. That phrase pops up often, and I realized how wonderfully the series is titled by the last name of the lead character. It epitomizes his method for solving each case: he always sees beyond the first impression of evidence to the truth of what happened, just as Mary Baker Eddy encourages us to do throughout her writings.
    This realization took me to quotes on page 323 of Science and Health
    (paraphrased as follows): “Take possession of your [life/thought]…until conception unconfined is winged to reach the [truth about God and man].”. This is what detective Endeavor does in the series: he looks beyond material evidence to see the truth of the situation. Further reading on pages 323 and 262-264 brought more related inspiration. I’m so grateful to know that, in Mrs. Eddy’s words: “Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of define goodness and love.” (P. 66).

  5. P. S. from Vicki: I see that I made a typo in my entry: “define” should read “divine”. In the final quote.

  6. Evan thank you for this treatment, it is powerful, clear and true. “Let divine Mind take care of the body.” Yes. And I love Mrs. Eddy’s use of the word ‘exalting,” it makes me feel like I’m being lifted higher with God.

    I also want to acknowledge and thank Jane and Pat W who took the time to give me loving support on yesterday’s SV after I commented that I was having some seeming body and emotional challenges. Pat W, I’m grateful that you have found many of my comments inspiring, and because of that you thought it was unusual that I was being challenged. I think we are all often challenged in various ways. I try to keep the comments on a high spiritual note regardless of what erroneous thoughts/lies are tossed my way. But yesterday I felt led to share that I was struggling. It was wonderful to feel the care of you both and possibly others that did not comment. So grateful to know that SV is filled with loving souls. Feeling more uplifted. Much love to you and all!

    1. Dear Rose,
      I, too, would like to thank you for all of the uplifting comments you share and your mentioning
      that you seemed to be having some challenges gives those on Spirit View the opportunity to
      hold you in God’s loving care. Even though folks may not comment, I’m certain many or most
      would send spiritual thoughts your way. The love shared on this site is powerful and compassionate and the blessings are truly felt in so many ways.

  7. Thank you very much, Evan for your very inspiring Vlog today! It is freeing!
    Yes, let God take care of our body, let`s listen to God`s healing thoughts as you advised us lovingly in yesterday`s SpiritView!

  8. I love this beautiful and simple clarification, Evan. It can be so tempting to allow our attention to be focused in the wrong direction.

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