Cast out excuses for delay

April 27, 2016 | 26 comments

Have you put an important project on delay? Do you keep putting off tasks that should be done now? If so, it might be time to silence the mortal mind that keeps coming up with those empty excuses that create delay in your life, and get on with those worthwhile projects.

God is full of answers and solutions, and the one Mind is always present speaking to you, giving you the guidance you need to follow through with success.

The temptation to delay can be a lethargic state of mind that keeps coming up with reasons to not proceed. It’s a form of mesmerism that needs to be guarded against and cast out so that progress is possible.

Life is meant to be progressive. Life is about expressing more and more of God’s presence in profitable beneficial ways.

Life, as God has designed it to be lived, is never put on hold or put off until another day. Life is a here and now activity.

Life is now like God is now.

So, be sure to live now! You don’t have to put it off another day.

26 thoughts on “Cast out excuses for delay”

  1. Aha, thats so nice, and I am grateful for it, to notice that nearly every day your SpiritView is just made for me (and surely everybodyelse feels the same), because today again its just what I need to get on happily with my duties. Thank you so much, dear Evan – and I understand that it is the one Mind, devine Love who is giving the beneficiary ideas for every SpiritView-fan! Love to all ;-))

  2. Count me as “number three” who needed to hear that AND felt it was written just for me! Wow! How do you always know, Evan!? Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Oh that’s a lovely inspiration. Not to procrastinate… At times we put our happiness on hold…. After I am finished with this job, I will be happy or after my exams I will be happy or when I get the right partner I shall be happy. Well if we keep waiting and seeking excuses to be happy, we shall just keep postponing our happiness to an indefinite date and time. Its important we appreciate the good going on in our life NOW, be grateful and rejoice. If we observe closely, well there are so many things to be thankful for and this exercise of counting our blessings, brings an instant smile and opens up the way for more blessings and more happiness.
    Putting off the jobs to be finished today to a future date, just creates more work and stress. So its much easier to complete the jobs lined up for the day, though it may take a little extra effort and time. It surely saves much stress and longer hours of work later. Bringing God in the picture for support and strength will add the zing factor and joy to our project in question.
    So as Evan suggests lets all be exceedingly happy NOW in this moment, which God brings in our life with all His support, love, care and happiness.

  4. Great reminder Evan! Thanks!

    With all the numbers, in the comments above, it made me think of Mrs. Eddy’s words in Science and Health: “There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or Mind, governing all existence; man and woman unchanged forever in their individual characters, even as notes and numbers which never blend with each other, though they are governed by one Principle.” (Pg 588)

    Why try to wait to be as complete as the number….4!?

    We are perfect NOW!

    How great is that!!


  5. I recently read something that inspired me to try to complete 2 tasks a day that I really would prefer to just put off. I have been succeeding and it has really made me feel so much more happy and vibrant. It’s a good thing!

  6. There are more reasons given for giving in to the temptation for excuses than ever before to think that a pill can solve all problems. A Dog makes a mistake and learns by it. But a human makes the same mistake over and over and never learns. An interesting observation!

  7. Please count me in with all who are thanking you today, Evan.
    A little over a year ago you shared this with us:
    Procrastination is the fault most people put off correcting. 🙂
    I certainly needed the nudge and must get to work without any more dilly-dally.

  8. Thanks, Evan, for your reminder to not put off any longer something that needs to be done, and should be done now.

  9. So Great! Thanks, Evan! I have a question that I hope you can answer or maybe one of the Commenters…….”How do you pray in C.S. to get rid of bad memories of bad things that happened in childhood and that seem to have left deep scars (both physical and emotional) and that are impeding my ability to move forward and fulfill God’s purpose for me?” Thank You in Advance!

  10. Thank you to Evan and all those who have written in. Bevi, last week I read an article by Mark Swinney called “Beyond fearful images: a deeper dive to healing.” It really helped me with a similar problem. If you subscribe to JSHONLINE you can look it up. Also, there is an email button and I could send it if you want. Mark was working to get the image of a bad experience out of his head and the thought of God’s “still small voice” led him to think about how God speaks with complete authority (not needing to raise his voice). Nothing can separate us from God’s love. Mark says, “I saw then that I could allow the power of God to confront and quell the images of giant waves that were running through my head. And that’s exactly what happened. I yielded to God’s view of me as His undisturbed spiritual child, and I released everything else.” After praying like this, the fear and bad images left and he was also healed of physical injury. I hope this helps!

  11. Thank you so much, Chrissie! The biggest challenge for me right now is how to get rid of the belief of a bad mortal past. The belief that what happened to us in childhood has a lasting impact on us and effects our future ability to move forward. Thanks again for your imput! So much to learn and to overcome in Christian Science!!

  12. dear Bevy, I hope that I can help you a little more with these thoughts, that came to me when I read your comment.
    In reality you have never been a mortal, helpless man. Your God-given identity was always moving and living in God, Good, Spirit, never in matter, it was not even touched by mortality. And indeed you can never be somebody else than God made you, God knows you, namely purely spiritual, lovely and loving, because you are and only can be the exact image and likeness of God. You can not at all and never have had a mortal past or a bad childhood, because also at that time you were in reality inseparable from your Father-Mother-God (the only parents we have) – thats impossible. Perhaps these Truthideas help you to let go, simple let go that unreality of a bad past. But, you know, thats no person who heals you, its our immeasurable good God, Love!

  13. Thank you so much, Dear Uta! Those are Beautiful and Wonderful Truth Thoughts! I only hope I can accept them……There are so many painful feelings and emotions that are attached to the thoughts of my past and it’s the feelings I need to heal. My experience is that C.S. doesn’t deal with how to heal feelings, so I have to go off the C.S. path to find my deep emotional healing. Feel, Deal and Heal! God Bless You! Much Love!

  14. Dear Bevy,
    Christian Science teaches that wrong or hurt feelings do not at all belong to Gods creation, who are you and me and all other Gods children!
    Gods creation, which is the only creation, is entirely good and loving so as God himself is only good. You can really believe it, because the truth I told you before and here is proven manytimes by Christ Jesus and of course Mary Baker Eddy and many people in our times as well which you can read in countless testimonies in our Journal, Sentinel and Herold.
    All healing is mental and is happening in our thoughts, so it is only natural that at least your wrong feelings from the past, as you say, can be totally healed, also because in reality they never existed because God is the only Mind and the only giver or thoughts and ideas!
    Here in Germany it is 2.30 hrs in the night and I say for the moment a good nightand to you a good evening!

  15. Thank you so much, Uta! I think I still have a lot of resentment over what happened to me as a child, growing up in a C.S. family. Sometimes, part of the Healing, is allowing myself to feel angry at the perpetrator, as it helps me realize it wasn’t my fault and that I truly am a Good and Deserving Woman! I Love You, Uta, for all your good thoughts and prayers! God Bless You!

    1. I’d like to jump into this conversation a bit. Bev, CS does have answers for those hurt feelings from the past. The cool thing about learning Truth is that you can revise the past and improve your experience with it. Jesus certainly had some horrible things happen to him, and he did not deserve them. He was a really really good person. But he was still treated maliciously and evilly by others who did not understand him or care for him. But he also triumphed over it all through love and forgiveness. He did not allow resentment, bitterness or anger to take up residence in his thinking. He went higher, to his spiritual selfhood at-one with God that he knew could never be touched by any evil thing that ever happens in this world. And that’s why he could forgive them, because he could see past the harm and the hurt to his spiritual selfhood that was ever safe with God.

      You too are going to leave this whole worldly experience behind someday and all the bad in it will be as nothing to you. You don’t need to suffer emotionally in the meantime. You can find your freedom from the human mind ego that wants to hold resentments and anger toward others, and let all that negative stuff go. And find love in its place.

      With your family past, your family members acted according to their understanding. It may have been poor, but that’s what they did. We all act out to our highest understanding of right in the moment we’re in. Even when our understanding might be poor, that’s what we do. It’s not an excuse, just a reality of the human experience. So, to live together peacefully with our neighbor we learn to forgive. We learn to see all the good that exists in our fellow family member, and then put the rest, the bad, into the hands of God and know that they will inevitably get that worked out with God. And also, that we don’t need to suffer for their sins. That there is healing for us too that we can find and leave the ugly part of our past behind to something much better ahead. Forgiveness opens up thought to what that healing path can be.

      I realize there are many other angles to look at this, but this is a start anyway!

      Much love to you all for your willingness to discuss these important issues.

  16. Evan you have explained it all so well to Bevi and I am sure this will bring a sure healing to the hurt feelings. You are always so kind Evan. God bless.

  17. Thank you, Evan, and thank you to all the contributors. Bless you, Bevi. You will come to see that you have always been at one with God, protected and loved, in spite of what the mortal senses are claiming. All the comments in support of you have been very helpful to me, too. I have worked to overcome negative feelings after having been wronged as a young adult, and have for the most part succeeded, but every now and then I have to remind myself of the Truth of the situation, and peace and harmony are mine again.

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