A good reminder

April 26, 2016 | 16 comments

“Always be joyful.”

~ Apostle Paul, I Thess. 5:16, NLT

We are always being something, so why not be joyful?

Sometimes it feels like we have no choice but to be grumpy, bitter, resentful or depressed. And in these dark states of thought, it can seem like there is absolutely nothing to be joyful about. But we don’t have to stay there. The despondency of mortal mind is a type of mesmerism that would deny God’s goodness at work and make us think we’re not loved and cared for. And it’s a lie!

God is always present loving, sustaining and supporting us.

Like the earth supports our feet whether we are aware of its presence or not, God is always supporting our life, giving us what we need to continue, to go and to grow.

So, if anything, when times look depressed or discouraging, we can be assured that God is there working out valuable spiritual lessons that take us to a better place. That alone is a fact to be joyful about. The light always dawns after every night.

Your light is dawning. It’s inevitable. And a cause to rejoice.

16 thoughts on “A good reminder”

  1. Evan, thank you so very much. I needed this reminder, and have taken it on board with much gratitude. Mortal mind tries to make things heavy, while Spirit makes all things light! I have been praying to “evangelize thought”. That would mean hearing and knowing only angel thoughts, thoughts that come from God. They are our true thoughts. They fill us with love and joy, because they tell us the Truth about God and man, us.

  2. The smile on one’s face when greeting another opens your spiritual I.D. which demonstrates love and kindness in thought.

  3. Thank you for the good reminder, Evan. Sharing the assurance of our joy through the words of a poem:

    MY JOY

    I cannot be robbed, I cannot be cheated,
    My joy can never be obscured, diminished, depleted,
    In triumph, in trial, midst laughing or weeping,
    My joy is God’s gift, and safe in His keeping.


    C. S. Sentinel, November 14, 1977

  4. Thank you, Evan! Wonderful thoughts and ideas! A Word of Caution, tho’……I have often found in myself and in others, maybe especially C.Sers, that it’s easy to slip into what’s called, “A Spiritual Bypass” state of mind. This is when we truly are feeling sad, mad, or upset – and often for good reasons humanly- and we need to acknowledge our human feelings as they give us a marker on what’s truly happening in our life here on earth. We don’t want to just slap on some “good thoughts” to cover up what we need to identify in ourselves first. Otherwise we aren’t following what Mrs. Eddy counsels about “self-knowledge”. Often, it’s only After we have been honest with ourselves and acknowledged our human emotions and feelings, that we can then be open to letting the Truth of God’s Joy come in. Feel, Deal and Heal!! “Oh, make me glad for every scalding tear……”

  5. Thanks so much for this reminder, Evan! I’ve been feeling less than joyful the past couple of days. As I read your post and looked outside my window at the clear, blue sky, I was reminded about the glory and majesty of God’s kingdom. Through joy and love, I fully express the allness of God’s creation! Have a wonderful day!

  6. I read somewhere……….

    A Smile is a curve that sets things straight!

    He who laughs…..lasts!

    MBE once stated that she like to see her students smile……”breaks up mesmerism”

    Keep Smiling 🙂

  7. In response to Evans statement “The light always dawns after every night. Your light is dawning. It’s inevitable. And a cause to rejoice. “I love this from the New Living Translation of the Bible “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”

    And Bill, love your reference to our “spiritual ID”. That’s a keeper! (=

  8. Dear Evan, I am very, very grateful for your reminder to be joyful no matter what the present situation is, because God is with us helping, supporting, sustaining and, most important, loving us! I think I experienced this today during a special situation – am grateful for Gods loving omnipresence!

  9. What an encouraging message Evan. When God is always there for us, there is no reason to be concerned or sad. “God is the great I AM, the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise and all-loving.” When He is all in all, forever near, we can be exceedingly glad. This takes me to the lecture. “Wonderful things are Happening” where its mentioned that being exceedingly happy removes every trouble, every disease and makes our life beautiful and smooth sailing all the way.
    Thanks for the lovely reminder Evan. Yes …God is always present loving, sustaining and supporting us. He gives us what we need to continue and grow. Even in trouble, God is working out spiritual lessons which take us to a better place.

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