Watch out for that word “serious”

April 25, 2016 | 17 comments

It’s not uncommon for me to hear a person utter, with fear and worry in their voice, “It looks like I have what appears to be a serious health problem.” And I often respond with, “Oh, but God has some even more serious love for you!”

It’s important in spiritual healing to keep the truth about God’s might and power clear in thought. God is All. God is good, and evil is not power. There is no room, space nor place for disease to abide in God’s allness.

I agree, that evil often appears to have power and looks threatening, but the evidence it presents is temporal and can be overturned.

When it feels like a serious health problem is looming, that’s a sign to get thinking squared back away with reality, where a consciousness of Truth can dissolve any sense of disease.

Medical decrees, negative health verdicts, pains in the body, symptoms of disease, can be reversed and eliminated with spiritual truth.

What appears to be serious to the human mind, is not dangerous at all to the divine Mind, for divine Mind can master it and heal it.

Here’s a testimony from the fruitage chapter of “Science and Health,” that puts the word “serious” into a proper perspective.

I was a great sufferer from a serious form of rheumatic trouble, my hands being affected to such an extent that it was impossible for me even to dress without assistance. The trouble finally reached the knees, and I became very lame and had to be assisted in and out of bed. I went to the different health resorts for the benefit I hoped to derive from the baths and waters that were prescribed by physicians, but found no permanent relief. I was placed under an X-ray examination, and was told that the joints were becoming ossified. I then consulted a celebrated specialist, who after a thorough examination said my condition would continue to grow worse and that I would become completely helpless.

At that time a copy of “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mrs. Eddy was loaned me. I read it more from curiosity than with the thought of any physical benefit. As the truth was unfolded to me, I realized that the mental condition was what needed correcting, and that the Spirit of truth which inspired this book was my physician. My healing is complete, and the liberation in thought is manifest in a life of active usefulness rather than the bondage of helpless invalidism and suffering.” Science and Health, p. 600.

So, don’t consent to having a “serious” health problem. Consent to God’s omnipotent love and care, and let it heal you!

17 thoughts on “Watch out for that word “serious””

  1. Thanks, dear Evan, thats very exactly what I need today – it will be a blessed Gods day!

  2. I had to smile as I read this. Once when I told a practitioner (with a little bit of drama I might add) I was having a serious issue, he responded back: “God loves you seriously” and” Seriously, God loves you!” At first I thought he was being a little flippant (after all, I was having a SERIOUS issue) and then I realized how spiritually correct his comments were! Thank you, Evan for sharing this testimony. It’s wonderful isn’t it?

  3. Thank you for this, Evan! I know Everyone can relate! I have been reading Fruitage in Science and Health and it is so Healing!!! I keep getting over and over again that one of the main points of C.S. Healing is that mortal mind is a liar and that once we understand the Truth, that the Divine Mind heals, we’re on a firm foundation! Seriously!!

  4. Thanks so much Evan and everyone who has commented. This is just what I needed this morning. And, I’m looking forward to attending a lecture “HEALING LOVE – NEVER OUT OF REACH” by Jill Grimes on May 15th in Pasadena CA. Effective healing in Christian Science is so important and sometimes can seem beyond our reach. I am so grateful for all of the avenues we have to assist us in this demonstration.

  5. Seriously, God is so incredibly awesome! I can’t help smiling in gratitude for His tender care.
    Thank you, Evan, for your spot on reminders and inspiration – always.

  6. Seriously, there are probably more definitions, but this is a serious start…
    Thoughtful in character


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