Cast out apathy and live productively

April 6, 2021 | 22 comments

You have a productive life to live! You have worth and value to demonstrate, purpose to fulfill, lofty achievements to make, important places to go and deeper understandings to attain.

The good that God has outlined in Mind for you to express and experience is so huge and grand, there isn’t a moment to waste in not realizing it!

Apathy and indifference are enemies to progress. They would sap initiative, discourage effort, and excuse laziness. Have nothing to do with them! They are not your friends.

Wake up to spiritual reality and stay productively engaged.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Sleep and apathy are phases of the dream that life, substance, and intelligence are material” (Science and Health, p. 249). Dreaming the hours away in material sense is not productive. Actively engaging with spiritual sense and acting on inspired ideas from Mind that lead to progressive outcomes, is productive.

No more dreaming! Think, live, and stay productive.

The results that come from living a productive life bring happiness, health, and success. You are worthy of the best.

Cast out apathy, and live productively. You will be richly rewarded.

22 thoughts on “Cast out apathy and live productively”

  1. What is the balance between working to cast out apathy and live productively, versus yielding to Infinite Mind and my oneness with Divine Love?

    1. Hi Marge, the way I see it – When we yield we submit ourselves to Infinite Mind, in so doing we are practicing our oneness with Divine Love, in this state we are living productively. The infinite mind directs us – God, good, guards guides and governs. Being apathetic means that we hear the voice of Spirit or intuition and ignore it because we would rather sleep, eat or watch tv. Evan says “Actively engaging with spiritual sense and acting on inspired ideas from Mind that lead to progressive outcomes, is productive.” So there really isn’t a balance. When we yield to Infinite Mind and our oneness with Divine Love, we are living productively which is casting out apathy. I like it put this way for a change as for me it helps me recognise how we can fall into apathy when we are not remembering that we have worth and value.

    2. Well, as an example, I spent five days trying to get to my online bank account, to get information for my taxes. The site never accepted my pass code or my request for a change, phone call after phone call, visit after visit, the wheel icon just kept spinning and spinning, and my anger growing and growing. It’s the bank’s fault!! Why don’t they get their act together?
      In other words, I believed powers were at work to stall my progress, to force apathetic inaction. But progress is a law of God. “All-harmonious” means movement, ever-developing ideas revealing Mind’s ever-developing, ever applicable awareness of Love’s allness.

      I stilled my thought and focused on Love’s loving me and all, undisturbed and untouched by any blockage or resistance. I made one more phone call with expectancy. The dear one gave me a new pass code, then, on hearing of the spinning wheel. said, “Oh! you have to empty your cache!” My computer needed to expel all the history of past searches! I did that and was instantly back in my accounts, moving ahead.

      So “yielding to Infinite Mind and my oneness with Divine Love” erases the cache of past stagnating mortal illusions and we find ourselves instantly moving forward with Mind’s vision, seeing the way clearly, impelled by Love to bless all, knowing we CAN do (and love to do) whatever it is our duty to do.

      1. This is so helpful. Your experience mirrors mine and I appreciate the way you described your prayers. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Evan, for your wonderful pieces of inspiration each day. They are so helpful and inspiring.

    1. Angie,
      Answered prayer came from this article. I have been praying to awaken my son from a claim of sleeping sickness. Many months in this claim. This article is of great help. Thanks for digging this out from 1930! Right on the subject.

    2. This lovely article put me in touch with the mistake I am making in trying to “walk with ease” by reminding me of an instantaneous healing I had years ago when I simply prayed my gratitude for having spiritual feet [and legs]. So grateful for your time and care in sharing this article with us. It and you bless us all, Angie..

  3. This is particularly helpful for me today. We are in the process of re-designing an old house we will move into. At every turn the message we get is “Everything’s slow right now. Prepare for bad delays on all orders and with any contractors.” Yet we move forward steadfastly, knowing we can accomplish this task with love and hope, despite the negative messages that abound. Right now we’re working on the messages from Mrs. Eddy on sleep and allowing ourselves balance in this area. That is a task as well! Thanks for your ever-loving assurance we are, in fact, attempting to hear, see and know God’s message when we are “moving” toward a better mind.

    1. Christine, appreciate the comments and best of luck in your renovation project; your right and clear thinking lets you sail past any errorful suggestions of delay or lack.

      Could you share any of the references you’ve found on sleep. I need more balance in this area as well! Thanks.

  4. Trusting God to do the outlining and show me the way. People, situations and so-called world conditions cannot tell me a thing about myself or what I can or should be doing, or not doing. Same for all of us. The angel messages are always giving us “a spiritual idea that lights our path.” (Misc Writings P.306) — we can get quiet and listen.

    Thank you so much for deeply-inspired messages from the SpiritViewers today.

    Appreciate Marge, Dinah and Diane; your conversation revealed that yielding to Infinite Mind is equivalent to turning away from apathy and living productively, this was immensely helpful to me. I guess whenever we yield to divine Mind as being all, we are leaving in the dust any supposed disguise of error (including apathy/discouragement).

    Evan thanks for the reminder that we all have much worth and value to God who lovingly made us.

  5. so interesting to read what Mrs. Eddy says about sleep….the whole subject Evan is stirring me awake Evan…thank you!! lol

  6. So many wonderful thoughts, I feel I am well on my journey to leave apathy behind.
    Thank you Marge for the question and Dinah for your explanation very helpful. Also Angie for that great article you found. Thankful to all.

  7. Evan, This message is very meaningful and timely for me. Remembering one’s purpose and value is so important! Thank you for this, and to those who added comments. Love and blessings to all.

  8. Thank you so much for this. Grief can be a seeming cause of apathy and it is an ongoing challenge for me to understand that I can, must and do make a useful contribution. I often pray with Mrs Eddy’s line, ‘give us grace for today; feed the famished affections.” Each moment is an opportunity!

  9. I struggle with this daily as a result of a sustained brain injury in 2005. It is my biggest obstacle in living a productive life and I work diligently in knowing my true identity and my worth and value as Gods reflection.
    The words written and and the responses have been very helpful and I thank you all.

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