Celebrating Easter

April 7, 2023 | 28 comments


He is risen.

~ Matthew 28:6

Jesus Christ has risen! Three days after being crucified, Jesus walked out of a tomb alive, proving that death does not end life. Life continues forever with God, in Spirit.

May you be blessed by the Easter message! Life is Spirit. It is never lost or ended. It’s on-going, with God, in Spirit.

Harbor no fear of death. Rejoice and celebrate Life! That’s the happier, healthier way to live.

Happy Easter.

28 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter”

    1. Thank you for linking this article, Rubi. It beautifully explains that God is the only Life, as Jesus showed us.
      Thank you Evan and Easter blessings for all you share.

    2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful article. The Christ really spoke to me in . Thank you Evan for your inspiration daily!

    3. Hello, Rubi. Interestingly, the Sentinel article mentioned here was just recommended this Easter to me—–I found it to be one of the best of its kind! Blessings abounding! So glad you shared that info for all to enjoy.

  1. Thank you Rubi for pointing me again to this article – I haven’t read it for a long tie, and
    it is very helpful.

    I am treasuring all the wonderful Truths. including those in this week’s Bible Lesson,
    as yeast. We can let it do its work, trusting that it will, even as we do the yeast
    when we make bread.

    A thought came to me when reading this week’s Lesson, that Jesus didn’t
    roll away the stone from the tomb himself by some supernatural power given to him by
    God, but the angel of God did it. All the way through Jesus’ human life, it was God
    taking care of him, and working in him. He was certain of this, and trusted in God completely and utterly. He showed us without any doubt that matter is not the substance of our true and only
    being made in God’s likeness – How could it be? He demonstrated our true being
    as spiritual and complete and perfect as the only reality that we can ever have, and ever have
    had. All this I am regarding as yeast at work in us all, so that we rise with Christ and rejoice with him in our Father’s kingdom.

    A very happy and uplifting Easter to all.

    1. Maggie thanks for your good thoughts today. It brought to mind a testimony I once read about someone who was prayIng to see a situation healed and they felt they had to constantly be reading and studying. The practitioner told them that they had done the work and now they could relax and, “Let the truth, which you love so dearly, do its work.” Then the healing came, when the struggle and strain eased.

      I am very grateful to all of you for being here and for Evan’s constant love for us.

      1. Thank you Maggie for your insight. Rose, I loved the wonderful testimony. It brought to thought a couple of quotes by others:
        – “You attract MORE of what you keep thinking about. So…instead of focusing on the problem, practice thoughts and feelings you would have if it was resolved.”
        – “A false belief without a believer ceases to be even a belief.”

        Happy Easter everyone!

    2. Dear Maggie, your revelation that the “angel of God” did it, unlocked the hidden error, causing me suffering, so that with this phrase “the angel of God did it” has me taking steps, as “the angel of God did it” shows me the way to be free from a lie. Thank you for the Truth in this case. You’ve shown me the way, healing has become clearer.

      1. Dear Chilesands, I am so glad that has helped you. The angel of God surely does the
        healing work, and we can trust in that, as Jesus did. He said he could do nothing
        of himself – so neither can we – but God and his angels do it all – the angel of God
        rolls the stone of mortal belief away from our thought, and we can step
        back into the light of spiritual understanding. These angel thoughts have helped me too.
        love, Maggie.

  2. Thank you Maggy for your insights about Easter underlying message. My thoughts for today “He has risen”. Thank you all who contribute your thoughts to this wonderful site that Evan has provided. I am so sure that Evan was led to provide this site for us all which provides for our daily bread and continued upliftment.

  3. Thank you dear Evan, and I am very grateful indeed for your inspiring, uplifting and healing spiritual views you are giving us so lovingly each day as a valuable present with us on our daily journey with God! Also Tony Loble gives us in his DailyLift today the right spiritual understanding of the triumphant resurrection of Christ Jesus from the crucifiction and the tomb as a glorious proof that Life is God for the whole world in all times and eternity! Thank you God and Christ Jesus!

    Thank you dear Rubi for sharing the article about the implication of Easter by Susan Booth Mack Snipes. I printed it out so I can read this wonderful article several times during Easter.
    And thank you dear Maggie for your inspired words about Christ Jesus!

    Very happy and blessed and sunny Eastertime to all !!!

  4. Beautiful illustration of the light of the Risen Christ shining on us all!

    The King of Love my Shepherd is
    Whose goodness faileth never;
    I nothing lack, for I am His
    And He is mine forever.

    Where streams of living water flow
    My ransomed soul He leadeth,
    And where the verdant pastures grow,
    With food celestial feedeth.

    Perverse and foolish oft I strayed,
    But yet in love He sought me,
    And on His shoulder gently laid,
    And home, rejoicing, brought me.

    And so through all the length of days
    Thy goodness faileth never;
    Good Shepherd, may I sing Thy praise
    Within Thy house forever.

    This hymn just came to me this morning….Happy Easter ❣️

  5. What lovely Easter angel messages have arisen here this morning! Thank you Evan,
    for always being here for us with your inspiring blogs and vlogs. Thank you All
    for being here in comments, articles, thoughts of Truth, that are all so helpful in
    realizing the Spiritual viewpoint of things.
    Today’s artwork is beautiful and reminds me of the ascension to a higher plane
    of my Mom when she passed on to a realm we can not see with mortal eyes,
    but can feel with such Love and warmth. The room had saturated with such light
    like depicted in this painting. The Love of Christ has no limitations and is
    always with us, shining on us with the illumination of Spirit’s divine presence.
    May you all have a blessed Easter. Love to you all.

  6. Thank you Evan and all, for your contributions into making Spirit View lively and inspiring. Happy Easter to all, now and ever.

  7. Joyful Easter, Everyone! May reigning blessings abound in everyone’s experience. And thank you for all your wonderful posts, Evan.

  8. Thank you so much. Happiness for Easter celebrating to you too! It is a wonderful thing to learn the reality of spiritual living.
    Best, Rhondda H.

  9. I just wanted to share that last night, “Good Friday”, there was
    the most glorious sunset here ~ more special than I have ever
    seen. It gave the sky an awesome beauty that lit up the heavens
    with such a Spiritual presence. I am reminded of:
    “Looking ever to the radiance of his wondrous Easter-tide;
    Freed of fear, of pain, and sorrow, Giving God the honor due,
    Every day will be an Easter Filled with benedictions new.”
    (Hymn 171) … Easter gladness. Lovely!

  10. Thank you all This has been a wonderful Easter conversation
    Thanks to Evan for this forum and to all of you

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