Change course when helpful

November 16, 2023 | 24 comments

This statement by Mary Baker Eddy is heartening:

“If you believe in and practice wrong knowingly, you can at once change your course and do right”
(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 253).

If we feel stuck in an unhealthy routine, we can change course. We do not need to continue doing something that is harmful. A change in thought leads to a change in action.

If we are grumpy, we can choose to be grateful.

If we speak harsh words to our co-workers, we can choose to be kind.

If we harbor resentment toward another, we can choose to forgive them and love instead.

Thought is fluid. It can be changed and improved.

“If you believe in and practice wrong knowingly…” you can choose to practice rightly.

Choose right and prosper!

24 thoughts on “Change course when helpful”

  1. We can feel trapped in certain unhelpful behaviours and it can be quite a revelation that we do have a choice!
    I held a certain facade of toughness because I thought it showed weakness to be otherwise. Someone told me I have a choice,I don’t have to behave this way….I changed (slowly at first). Now I can appreciate Mrs Eddys words,and they are so true! I feel free now and happier for that change.

  2. I feel I am shedding as I have not before. It takes a while to see these old thoughts in the back ground of our thinking. Recently I read in the journal how someone had to realize why a healing was never complete because they had not addressed the thought of what they saw as valuable and real that they kept bringing back. All in thought is an astounding concept.

  3. ‘Thought is fluid. It can be changed and improved’ Thank you Evan for this expansive explanation. Heartfelt thanks! To everyone.

  4. Many times we speak harsh words to our co-workers/ our helpers/ sometimes our kids/ n even to spouse as not liking their opinions or viewpoints or not happy feelings inside and we burst out on them but as Evan sir has shared Truth , we can choose to be kind. No doubt always we have a choice but we react to situations/ persons so instantly not even thinking the results and sometimes repent as well. Christian Science teachings always inspire us to spiritualise our thoughts and turning gaze from sense to Soul and helps to choose the right way . The way is narrow but results are awesome by sticking to Truth alone .Mastering our physical senses leads to victory.

    1. Thanks Monica let us be aware in practice if that concept works!
      I love Evan’statement : “Thought is fluid. It can be changed and improved.“ it has a feeling of harmony and Hope for myself, this wonderful SV group, and really thE ALL planet earth.

  5. This is very helpful. I find I have to watch internal dialogue and not complain or criticize mentally. Sometimes it will be tempting to feel said about a situation or for myself which is an unattractive habit. One antidote is gratitude and praise to God to keep my thought full so negative thoughts can’t find room. Another is stating the spiritual counter-fact. If someone seems ungenerous, for example, affirm man reflects God’s abundance and generosity and remember when they were generous. There is no stinginess in divine Mind, although we use wisdom. But changing course on a habit of thinking negatively has been helpful. Find new habit of thinking Truth all the time.

  6. I love the way Mrs. Eddy said, in the quote above, that we can AT ONCE change our course and do right. We have been taught through popular mortal belief that certain ways of our thinking or behaving are strongholds and take a long time to change. But she says so confidently that it can be instant, Makes me believe it. “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul.” (S&H p. 269). Great to be reminded that thought is fluid, free, not fixed.

    1. Love, love, LOVED your bringing out the quote, “AT ONCE change our course. . . . . NOT TO CHANGE another’s course, but to DO RIGHT.” my spouse, steeped in thinking a certain way, trained at home and at the Academy, to process thinking deeply, trips up allowing new thoughts to enter into the realm. I’ve learned to resolve the collision with the entrenched thought with believing in “Metaphysics”. This allows me to remain free to apply “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul.” (S&H p. 269), the revelation continues. Thanks much Rose.

      1. You’re very welcome Chilesands. Yes it is an ongoing journey to see more and more truth revealed, and put into practice. All the best to you.

  7. This morning’s shared inspiration brings to mind Mrs. Eddy’s two references about the mechanism of the human mind —see S&H 176:13, and Misc. Wr. 354:18. We can all be mechanics of the right sort and adjust thought.

    1. Barbara, I’ve just read your contribution, and realized I’ve always wanted to be a mechanic, but hadn’t applied the desire to being the “right sort” of mechanic, by adjusting thought. I’ve been adjusting thoughts for a very long time, just hadn’t owned the ‘doing’ about it. If I can adjust my thoughts now, and claim that what I am doing is of benefit to me and all, it’ll be an overall win !!! Staying on the right thought track sounds wonderful! Thanks Barabara

  8. Thank you very very much for your today`s SpiritView of changing immediately from wrong to right thinking and doing!
    In former times I bought into the thought from others that My sister is selfish, and my thoughts about her were not so good over a long time. But shortly I came to the knowing that she is as much loved by God than I myself, and that she is God`s expression as well! So I prayed that God may forgive me and also my sister. I felt better when I prayed for forgiveness. In God`s Kingdom there actually is nothing to forgive, as there everything is very good!

    I am very grateful for Christian Science, the Science of Love and Forgiveness.

    Thank you Rose and Barbara for the Passages in SH and Misc.Wr. you both mention.
    Rose, I love the passage SH p.269.

  9. This is a topic that inspires much reflection.. some remembrances of the “poor-me’s”,
    … some sadness, (both not really “real”), but Mostly Gratitude and Hope…. that God was
    and is with us the whole time, even though it may not appear that way, while going
    through these experiences.
    I have had many opportunities and challenges in my life to change direction and with each
    one, came growth in spiritual awareness and learning, that I didn’t realize while going
    through them, as often seems to be the case.
    There were times when the “rug was pulled out from under me”, so to speak and shock,
    but in looking back -they were the very best things that could have happened to help
    me grow in Spirit. Being forced to change direction, I became closer to God’s Love, rather
    than relying on other’s, whom I had trusted, but learned I could not depend on. I must
    admit, I Do rely very much now on the spiritual Truth and Love shared here as a very present support of Mind/Soul/Spirit of my and everyone’s Being.
    As day by day, the years seem to come and go – it can be a bit anxious in knowing what God
    has in store, especially with the way the world is today, but He has always been there through
    the tough times and Trust in His divine guidance and Love is utmost in thought these days..
    whatever His plan… …. being open to – not mine, but His.

  10. I loved the idea- thought is fluid. it can be changed & improved. Thanks Evan for this idea. Some times we are mesmerized by the situation so much that we are not able to lift our thoughts above that situation. Today’s post inspires us to jump immediately to right thinking . This is the only solution to break that mesmerism & to be free. Thanks Evan & other contributors

  11. Thank you Barbara for your reference to Mary Baker Eddy’s wonderful, encouraging statement in Misc. Writings, page 354, line 15. This motivating sentence is an inspired recipe for loosening the stronghold of mortal mind patterns of thought when we feel stuck. Mrs. Eddy lovingly makes it clear that it doesn’t need to be an arduous mental battle to rid oneself of erroneous tendencies. She describes the process as “a little” more grace, – “a few” truths tenderly told,- “a” motive made pure,- etc., by which to restore the “mental mechanism.” What a heartening admonition when we are feeling the weight of character flaws.
    Some of the Dictionary definitions of mechanism are instrument, operational power source, and engine. The fluent engine of divine Mind cannot be obstructed, obscured, or stuck. God is the infinite Source of all right ideas and right action, and it is natural for us to express and reflect our divine Source.

    1. The fluent engine of divine Mind cannot be obstructed,obscured or stuck- liked this idea too much.Divine Mind always imparts right thoughts. Thanks Lind for sharing beautiful thoughts.

    1. Like always, thank you very much dear “J” for this very helpful article how to shift the wrong thoughts to God`s healing thoughts!

  12. Thanks, J, for sharing that article which was very helpful. The
    thoughts shared can be used in a variety of situations.

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