Turn to the light of Truth

November 15, 2023 | 26 comments

It’s interesting to watch plants adjust to the direction of light coming their way. The plant instinctively knows it needs light to grow, so it grows in such a way as to receive the most light it can through its leaves.

We should live as smart as a plant! Just as a plant needs light to grow, we need the light of Truth and Love to grow and prosper. The more we position our thought to receive inspired ideas coming from God, the better life goes. Ideas come when we need them. Solutions appear when problems demand them.

Be wise to not let material sense hide your thought in a dark closet of fear, doubt, and false belief. Break out of any dim mode of mortal thinking and stand in the light of Spirit. Pray, study spiritual truth, and position thought to receive the maximum amount of spiritual inspiration today. You’ll be glad you did!

26 thoughts on “Turn to the light of Truth”

  1. siempre me ha inspirado mucho el.mandato de Dios cuando creó el universo, Sea la luz y fue la luz, y más tarde San Juan en el.apocalipsis dice, que en la ciudad Santa donde moramos en Armonía, no habrá más noche, sino que la luz permanecerá para siempre. Que gratificante es saber que la Luz de la Verdad ilumina nuestro pensamiento y nos guía hacia la Armonía eterna
    .Gracias por el alimento diario tan inspirado .

    1. Albis’ comment in English:

      I have always been very inspired by the mandate of God when he created the universe, Let it be the light and it was the light, and later St. John in the apocalypse says, that in the Holy city where we dwell in Harmony, there will be no more night, but the light will remain forever. How gratifying it is to know that the Light of Truth illuminates our thinking and guides us towards eternal Harmony

      . Thank you for the daily food so inspired.

  2. “Be wise to not let material sense hide your thought in a dark closet of fear, doubt, and false belief.” If we were trapped in a closet, door shut, completely dark, how wonderful that when the door is opened, when we turn to God, the light that is everywhere else instantly shines through. It doesn’t matter how long the door has been shut, the darkness has not more or less power because of time for the light dispels the darkness with no effort. “God rests in action” and the omnipresence of His Love keeps every door open! There is no hiding! The omnipotence of His Truth gives absolute freedom, – there is nothing to fight back! The omniscience of God is All-in-all just shines and shines……wherever you turn.

    1. Thank you for that one. it doesn’t matter how long that door has been shut, it has no t more power …,

      i understand it as…t also has no power because of the being shut.

      thank you Father, for Your Ways Are Mighty!!!

  3. The more we position our thought to receive inspired ideas coming from God, the better life goes.
    Yes Evan sir thanks for sharing your inspiration. As we can’t serve two masters so either Spirit or matter. All or nothingness.
    Consistent Prayer alone can help us.

  4. Thanks Evan for, “The more we position our thought to receive inspired ideas coming from God, the better life goes. Ideas come when we need them. Solutions appear when problems demand them.”

    It is said we can be on a ‘need-to-know” basis with God. We don’t have to know everything, or worry about the future, or have our heads clogged up with unnecessary information – but just trustingly receive from God what we need to know moment by moment (like the daily manna the Israelites received). But yes we need to do our part by keeping thought uplifted, studying, applying, seeing with Spiritual Sense. Thank you!

  5. Thank you Evan. I love your analogy. It is very clear. Spirit can be taken as light. Stay in the Spirit,, there is great satisfaction being there. Thank you all.

  6. The beautifully delightful sunflower this morning is like a ray of sunshine, along
    with the warming message(s) of Truth and Love. Thank you all so much.
    Plants Are amazing in their natural ways of turning to the light for the sustenance
    that they need.. the nurturing and constant divine provisions that keeps them
    cared for. This Is So like, our being, also being provided for by our Father/Mother God,
    here and in our Mind-full thoughts of expression.
    Albert Einstein had written, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything
    better”. God’s Nature is heavenly in it’s purpose and design. For us to feel this Love
    like flowers feel the light and naturally turn to it. And like a sunflower, it, in turn, feeds
    the birds, the bees and other insects and also humans when it is evolving and mature…
    like we are in thought. It also needs the rain, the watering of beautiful thoughts, the
    soil of contentment, the strength to withstand the harsh winds of stormy thoughts. The
    inspired ideas of Truth and Love certainly do grow our spirit.

  7. What a wonderful start to my day! Thank you, Evan. I feel Spirit, Soul and divine Love just flooding into this post and these comments. What a blessing it is to gather here together in Spirit and in Truth.

  8. Thank you Evan, Ken, and everyone for your inspired and beautiful thoughts.

    We had some lovely flowering climbers – roses etc. in our garden, but we have so many
    shrubs and trees grown up over the years that they had seemingly disappeared. But
    a while ago our neighbour thanked us for all the lovely flowers that were blooming in
    their garden! The climbers had scrambled through the mass of dark foliage, and found
    the light they needed by emerging next door. I am thinking to myself, it was no good complaining
    and saying why have we lost our flowers to next door. The flowers couldn’t come to
    us into the darkness – if we wanted to enjoy them we would have to go next door to
    appreciate them, or remove all the dark foliage. I am glad at least that the neighbors
    are able to enjoy them..

    So when we feel shut up in the darkness of false fears etc., and longing to feel the
    beauty peace and harmony of God’s Creation, all we have to do is to prayerfully move
    into the light of Spirit, and we will find what we yearn for, just as our climbers did.
    It is comforting to know that the light is always shining for us.

  9. Hi Evan, I like where you say to “Break out of any mode of material thinking and stand in the light of Spirit”. I’ll keep that foremost in my thinking today. Thanks.

  10. Thank you Evan!

    Light, color, and healing by Frances Smart Engel:

    The beautiful flower reminded me of an article by Hilda Mabel Sayers, that has been posted before: “Flowers are symbols of beautiful, pure thoughts of the one Mind, God. They are reminders to acknowledge the one infinite Mind controlling all in perfect harmony. When we perceive beauty and purity even in a flower, we are perceiving something of the Christ.”
    “The Mind of Christ” by Hilda Mabel Sayers:

  11. As the flower unfolds from a bud to a blossom, so do we… powered by the light of divine intelligence, progressively express the pure nature, beauty, symmetry, and purpose of the One infinite Mind or Soul.
    So love and value every unique expression of divinity appearing on Spiritview. I cherish this inspired gathering of those who position thought to receive the Light. Thank you Evan and all.

  12. It’s late here in Germany – just midnight. However I found the following passage from SH p. 305 from this week’s lesson very suitable, which I like: “Man, in the likeness of his Maker, reflects the central light of being, the invisible God.”
    Dear Evan, I thank you very much for your SpiritView, special the last paragraph! You advise us so lovingly to pray and study spiritual Truth and position our thought for spiritual inspirations. That wipes away fear, doubt and false belief. I prayed and studied this Morning and 3 to 4 hours ago I joined a testimony meeting at my church with a wonderful reading, showing that the almighty, everpresent God sustaines, protects, supplies and heals every ailment through His Christ!

    Wow I am very grateful for Christian Science teaching us the allness and everpresence and omnipotence of our God, loving all His/Her children and all creatures!!

    Thank you all, and special “J” for the links to healing and inspiring articles with which you are always providing us with special divine food matching each today’s topic!
    Thanks dearly “J”!♡

  13. A few years ago a farm field near here had sunflowers growing on both sides of the road
    and it was like a never-ending carpet of beautiful yellow happy-faced suns all raising
    their heads to the heavens in reverence to the light … (the Sun – “the symbol of Soul
    governing [man] – of Truth, Life and Love” – Mrs. Eddy’s description in the Glossary of S&H)
    – shining upon them. There were no shadows of darkness behind them because they were
    so tightly together in this mass of delight. They just shone forth like little tall disciples of Love,
    ike the purveyors of Truth… here…highlighting God’s ever presence. Of course I had to stop and take photos of them to keep as a reminder of such an awesome sight and like Vincent van Gogh wrote, “I find comfort contemplating the sunflower”… I, too, find solace in reflecting on the marvels of God’s creativity for us all to appreciate. And like a bud of a rose can not be pried open, but
    takes time to blossom, we, too, “emerge gently from matter into Spirit” (S&H pg 485:14) and
    grow/glow in our understanding just as sunflowers grow/glow in their stature.

  14. Thanks Evan.
    Just as plants need the use of their leaves to receive the sun light energy, it seems, we need the use of our spiritual sense, to receive the light of Truth, and of spiritual understanding.

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