6 thoughts on “Children are God’s creation”

  1. It takes courage to go ‘out there’ with God, and Evan, I am in awe of that quality you have expressed and I liked your considered and gentle reply to the rather aggressive comment. I think we have to be out there
    and take whatever comes and not hide, but show the gentleness of God. Not to change what is out there
    or show we are right, but merely to be Godlike.

    1. Great job
      That was well-written by you Evan and good for the Herald to publish it
      Most excellent message!

  2. Kudos to you Evan, for getting that out there.

    I understand the previous comment about “courage”, just don’t like to think that’s true.

    Where’s “out there”? Does it not take love, if we’re expressing our own truths and understandings? Just sharing what we know or believe to be so, wanting others to know too. Why should be we afraid? Only perhaps if we don’t truly understand the allness of Love, God and that nothing can harm us coming from that place?

    Or maybe I’m naive.

    But thanks for putting it “out there”!!


  3. After reading such a sweet article, I was astonished (with a frown )at the remarks in the paper. Of course that’s what a.m. would want. But then I realized (with a smile)that for every negative comment, there were many more who took those lovely seeds of truth, and are presently nurturing them, perhaps still unaware of the great blessings they will bring.

  4. Yes, dear Evan, thank you for your courage and for your gentle response. Gentle courage is so much needed in the world today, and you have fearlessly put yourself on the front line of attack for everyone to witness your God-given gentle courage and to decide for themselves what is right and good and true and real. Thanks so much for provoking thought in the direction of the one Mind, God, Spirit.

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